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DYLN Living Water Bottle Review

Water bottles come in many different shapes and sizes and chances are you have a cabinet drawer somewhere with random water bottles you’ve acquired over the years. So what is so special about the DYLN Living Water Bottle?Well “What is an Alkaline water bottle” was my first question when I heard about a DYLN. It turns out these water bottles have a feature that makes them unique: the ability to increase the pH level of the water to make it more alkaline.In this review, I will walk you through what you need to know about the DYLN Living Water Bottle and helpful tips -  Let’s get started!

What is Alkaline Water?

Regular tap water has a pH level of around 7. The DYLN water bottle claims to increase the pH level to about 9. But why does this matter? There has been some controversy on the topic of alkaline water health benefits.Health Benefits of Alkaline WaterIt is believed that alkaline water can make the body less acidic and this can ultimately lead to various benefits:

  • Slowing Aging
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Improve blood circulation and boost the immune system
  • Hydrates you faster because it is absorbed more quickly into your cells
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight
  • Can combat acid reflux and high blood pressure when drinking enough

Because of the health benefits, people have started buying pre-packaged alkaline water. However, this is expensive and leads to a lot of waste. The DYLN Alkaline Water Bottle aims to provide a better option to by allowing you to make your own alkaline water and save money and lead to less waste that is typically associated with pre-bottled water.The DYLN Living Water Bottle can increase the pH level of water by up to 9+ within 25 minutes and is made of very durable stainless steel material.

Chart Comparing pH Levels

Here is a chart that compares the pH levels. Image Source:


Original DYLN Bottle: This premium water bottle is made out of high-quality food-grade stainless steel, and it is BPA and liner free. There is a removable silicone wrap around the bottle that makes it more comfortable to hold and comes in several different color options.

DYLN Bottle Design

Here is an example of one of the color options you can choose when you are customizing your bottle. Image Source:

Capacity: 25.4 oz (750ml)Hot/Cold: Do not put hot water in or freeze the bottle

Care: Dishwasher SafeLid: I love the design of the cap for this water bottle! It is a screw-on lid that will stay, so you don’t have to worry about your lid leaking when your water bottle is in your bag. The bamboo top looks attractive, and the handle makes it easy to pick up, carry, or attach to a backpack.

DYLN Insulated Bottle Design: As of this review, you can pre-order the new insulated bottle that alkalizes your water within minutes and can keep it cold for up to 24hours. This bottle holds more water than the original with a capacity of 32oz (950mL).

DYLN Insulated Water Bottle

The new insulated water bottle can keep your water cold for up to 24 hours. The cap is also flexible and a sports cap and silicon bottom are available as accessories. Image Source:


  • Double-Walled Vacuum Insulated to keep your water cold for up to 24 hours
  • Wide-Mouth Opening is designed for easy drinking, easier to clean and to add ice cubes
  • Inside is made from 316 Stainless Steel which is surgical-grade
  • More durable exterior is made from 304 stainless steel
  • Replaceable VitaBead Diffuser creates alkaline antioxidant water that lasts up to 325 refills
  • The insulated bottle features a flexible handle rather than a metal handle that the regular DYLN bottle has.


How does the DYLN Alkaline Process work?

How the DYLN bottle increases the pH level of water has to do with the removable diffuser inside the container which can be removed with the diffuser removal tool that’s included.Remember to remove the diffuser before washing the bottle. The VitaBead Diffuser can last about 315 refills. Then you can purchase a new filter from the website. You can also register your bottle to track your usage and get a reminder when its time to replace the diffuser.

VitaBeard Diffuser

VitaBreads that are in the replaceable diffuser. Image Source:

How does the DYLN Alkaline Water Bottle increase the pH level of water?The VitaBead Diffuser is a blend of tourmaline, zinc, magnesium, and silica that is heated to 700 degrees Celsius. Water reacts with the diffuser inside the bottle, and in 15 to 20 minutes it creates alkaline, antioxidant water. You will notice a difference in the flavor of the water. It can be described as a light mineral like taste.

Where to buy a DYLN Alkaline Water Bottle

The DYLN Water Bottle is available on the official website at for $52.00. The site allows you access to various promotions and discounts that change throughout the year.

Original DYLN BottlePrice: $52.00

Includes: Bottle, Cap, Diffuser. diffuser removal tool

Finish: option between Matte and Chrome.

Colors: Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Red, Purple, and PinkDYLN Water Bottles on Amazon: the bottle used to also be available on Amazon. It is not currently, but you can get the bottle through the official DYLN Website.

Insulated DYLN Bottle

Includes bottle, cap, diffuser, and diffuser removal tool. A sports cap and silicone bottom guards are available as accessories.Color Options: DYLN Blue, Charcoal, Royal Purple, Black, Bumble Yellow, and Rose QuartzYou can Pre Order the insulated bottle, it is scheduled to ship April 2019

VitaBead DiffusersThe Extra Diffusers for the Original DYLN Bottle can last up to 400 refills. Buying options are as follows:1 Diffuser - $10.003 Diffusers - $26.009 Diffusers - $72.00Diffuser removal Tool - $8.00

Reviews and Testimonials

There are varying reviews on the DYLN water bottle and the greatest discrepancy in the pH level of the water. One frequent complaint is that the diffuser does not filter the water but hopefully, we will see this feature added in future products! There are many positive reviews and they do outweigh the negative reviews. Here are a few reviews that I would helpful while I was doing research into the product:"I love this bottle. I got this last week and I’m impressed on the quality of this water. Alkaline gives it such a clean, high quality flavor. Definitely better than a hydroflask " - Verified BUyer"Hubby & I are really happy and pleased with our dyln bottles, the only negative is that Im unable to use the usage tracker for our diffuser and I have contacted dyln about it and they didn’t solve my issue... they said that they would get back to me, and they haven’t. " - Verified Buyer"Very surprised! Checked water after 20 minutes and it was at ph of 9 as promised! Using it all the time to supplement my at home alkaline machine. Well done!" - Joel S., Verified Buyer"I love my water bottle. I even bought one for each of my family members. I find myself drinking a lot more water with the water bottle. Great investment for the price." - Tiffany M., Verified Buyer

Pros & Cons


BPA Free - High Quality and Durable Stainless Steel

Easy to use


The diffuser is not a filter. Since it does not filter the water, they recommend using filtered or purified water.

You have to remember to remove the diffuser before washing the bottle.

Final Thoughts

If you are already buying alkalized water that is pre-bottled, the DYLN water bottle can be a worthwhile investment and save you money in the long run. It’s a high-quality bottle that will last you years.While it is a little pricier than the average water bottle, it does have features that you won’t find in a typical water bottle. Even if you decide to stop drinking alkaline water, you can still continue to use the water bottle without the diffuser.

Design: easy to use, you can customize the appearance of the bottle by choosing your own colors.

Features: The unique VitaBead Diffuser allows you to make your own alkaline water.Quality: It's made of quality materials and made to last with durable stainless steel material.

Value: Price of the bottle and filter it less than what it would cost you to keep buying bottled alkaline water.Even if you decide to stop drinking alkaline water, you can still continue to use the water bottle without the diffuser. This bottle is made to last and the new insulated DYLN bottle will keep your water cold and refreshing!

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