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GU Energy Gel Review

If you are looking at GU Energy Gels then you may be familiar with similar products that are on the market. GU Energy gels are for those who take fitness seriously and want to push their limits and up their fitness to the next level as well as for those simply looking for a convenient energy source. Mainly for endurance workouts, I think that GU Energy Gel does exactly what it advertises. My favorite endurance sport is running and GU Energy Gel gives me the boost I need to go the extra mile (pun intended).  

What is GU Energy Gel? ​

GU Energy Gel is gives you a easy and convenient way to absorb calories on-the-go. These calories are in healthy carbohydrate form that will deliver immediate and sustained energy without upsetting your stomach or leading to awful stomach cramps like those that would come from eating. ​GU has a regular Energy Gel and a Roctane Energy Gel. What's the difference? I'll talk about that next!

GU Energy Gel vs GU Roctane Energy Gel?

How it works is that the primary electrolyte lost during sweat is Sodium. Sodium aids in hydration and by helping maintain water balance. Branched-chain amino acids may reduce mental fatigue and decrease muscle damage.

Roctane Energy Gels provide more sodium and BCAAs than regular Energy Gel. This makes them a key tool for high-intensity or prolonged activity when nutrient depletion and muscle damage occurs rapidly.

Here is a quick graph comparing the two energy gels to each other as well as to some of the other known Energy Gel brands: ​

GU Roctane Energy Gel

The amino acids in this energy gel work in your favor. The amino acid taurine helps maintain heart contractility and improve cardiac output during long exercise sessions, while the amino acid beta-alanine helps promote formation of the intramuscular buffer carnosine.

These are 100 calorie packets and they use non-competing pathways to help maximize carbohydrate absorption and utilization while diminishing stomach distress

Benefits of Roctane Energy Gel

  • Amino Acids: can help reduce mental fatigue and help decrease muscle damage.
  • Electrolytes: Maintain water balance and aid in hydrations
  • Caffeine: increased performance by increasing focus and concentration, energy boost
  • Carbohydrates: delivers ready-to-use carbs so the body has easy energy supply
Ingredients and Nutrition

You can view the list of ingredients and the nutritional panel for each flavor of Roctane Energy gel on the GU Website so I'm not going to list them all out here. Long story short, they are all 100 calories and have between 19-21 grams of carbs (again depends on the flavor).


Here are the flavor options:

  • Blueberry Pomegranate
  • Vanilla Orange
  • Pineapple
  • Cherry Lime
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Lemonade
  • Chocolate Coconut
  • Sea Salt Chocolate
  • Vanilla Spice

GU Roctane Energy Gel Price

At the writing of this review, these products are on sale! This is also a reason why the best place to buy GU Gel is from the official website. You will always get the best prices and when they have sales you will be able to take advantage of it. Buying from the official website will also guarantee you quality product.

GU Gels come in boxes of 24, one flavor per box.

Original price is $60.00​ = $2.50 per Gel

Sale Price ​is $48.00 = $2.00 per Gel!

GU Roctane Energy Gel Reviews and Testimonials

There was a tone of reviews of this product online and from everything that I read, the general agreement is that Roctane Rocks! And i would have to agree! Roctane has been working great for me, gives me the energy I need to power through hard workouts! But, don't take my work for it, here are what some other people are saying...

​"I love the roctane gels. The amino acids really help me, so roctane is my go to gel. I love that there are caffeine and non-caffeine roctane gels, as sometimes i can overload on caffeine. And now there are more than the strawberry-kiwi flavor in caffeine free. It keeps me going steady through even the super crazy long training days and races."

"I've been using Gu for last three years. It's the best! Just started using some Roctane last race. It worked very well for me. I had a couple extra Roctane on my bike. I lost my hydration mix early and had to switch to water. I knew I was short calories, so I took the two Roctane as extra nutrition on the bike. It worked well. Impressed that it didn't upset my stomach. Good stuff. I will be adding it to my rotation."

"As a distance runner, I'm often out on the trails for several hours. I've come to discover that Roctane provides me with the proper nutrition to avoid hitting the wall. I can keep pushing through and get the quality out of my workouts. Strawberry Kiwi is a personal favorite."

GU Energy Gel Flavors

  • Gingerade
  • Caramel Macchiato
  • Salted Watermelon
  • Root Beer
  • Salted Caramel
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Peanut Butter
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Chocolate Outrage
  • Tri-Berry
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Jet Blackberry
  • Espresso Love
  • Mandarin Orange
  • Lemon Sublime
  • Cucumber Mint
  • Big Apple
  • Maple Bacon
  • Tastefully Nude

GU Energy Gel Price

The price of the regular CU gel is less than the Roctane. Regular price for a box of 24 is $36.00 which comes out to $1.50 per gel. Right now the sale price is $28.80 which comes out to $1.20 per gel! Great deal if you ask me!!​

GU Energy Gel FAQ's

When to use Roctane vs. regular gel? ​

​GU Roctane Energy Gel was designed to help provide nutritional support for prolonged exercise. Therefore, you will find Roctane Energy Gel especially beneficial during exercise which will require extra recovery time, and where you need help with preventing fatigue, increasing concentration, focus, and decreasing perceived effort. So when you are going big – use Roctane Energy Gel. During a more typical workout where you looking mainly for good tasting, easy to consume calories with added electrolytes – use original GU Energy Gel.

Why does Roctane Energy Gel cost more than the original GU Energy Gel?

Roctane Energy Gel provides nutritional support beyond the original GU Energy Gel to help maximize performance. In addition to what is in GU Energy Gel, Roctane Energy Gel contains more branched chain amino acids and a bit more caffeine – each of which increases the production costs.

How do you eat GU Energy Gel?

​Rip open the top and squeeze the entire packet into your mouth—don’t save half of it for later. GU Energy Gel's recipe of carbohydrates and amino acids was created to be taken in one shot to provide you with maximum benefits.

Can I use GU Energy Gel for a strength workout or even yoga?

Sure. While GU Energy Gel was designed for endurance sports, it can be used anytime you need energy to fuel a workout. It can also serve as a 100-calorie pick-me-up if you’re dragging or simply need a snack to carry you through until your next meal.

Final Verdict...

Personally, I love GU Roctane Energy Gel and have been using it for a while. It's really helped me get through long runs and workouts. All the other reviews I've read on the product seem to be positive as well. I would recommend you try this product if you are in the market, it's far better than most of the other similar products out on the market! Be sure to visit the official GU website for the best deals and discounts!

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