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Slender Blend and Slender Plan Review

Protein play a critical part in any healthy diet and it becomes even more vital when you are trying to lose weight. Getting protein in your diet can be tricky but protein and meal replacement shakes make the job much easier.

I’ve relied on protein based meal replacement shakes for years as part of the protein in my diet which is why I was excited to try Protein World’s Slender Blend meal replacement shack and other Slender products.

What is Slender Blend and the Slender Blend Plan?

The Slender Blend meal replacement shake is a high protein shake that will boost your metabolism, help you feel fuller for a longer period of time and overall will help you to lose weight.They also added a unique blend of green tea extract, raspberry ketones and multi vitamins to the mix, to curb those cravings and help you to become slimmer and healthier. This meal replacement shake is supposed to be used twice a day. This will help you control hunger and control your calorie intake.

​The Slender Blend 30 Day Challenge is a 30 day weight loss plan that is for those that are looking to lose weight fast. This plan includes a couple protein shakes and capsules to increase weight loss potential.

​Whats included in the Slender Plan?
  • Slender Blend - Meal replacement shake
  • Slender Porridge Vanilla - high in protein
  • Hunger Buster Capsules - all natural appetite suppressant capsules
  • Fat Metabolism Capsules - made with caffeine and green tea to boost your metabolism
  • Protein World Shaker bottle
  • 30 Day Challenge Workout Book - includes full body workouts and meal planner

I’ll get into the details and talk about each product in further detail below. But you get the idea, the Slender Plan basically includes everything that you would need to successfully lose weight fast.

The Slender Blend Ingredients

The Slender Blend is available in five flavors: vanilla, strawberry, banana, naked and chocolate. For protein it uses Whey protein. The other main ingredient is skimmed milk powder as well as the Protein World Vitamin & Mineral Blend. You can find out more about the ingredients used in the Slender Porridge and Capsules by clicking here.

Benefits of the Slender Plan
  • Raises your metabolism
  • Helps you body burn more fat
  • Encourages the growth of lean, toned muscle
  • Keeps you feeling fuller for longer
  • Helps you control your hunger

Slender Blend Protein Meal Replacement Shake

This meal replacement protein shake is one of the best selling shakes on the market and its not hard to see why. Out of all the good meal replacement shakes Ive tried this shake is the leader in the amount of protein per serving. One serving of Slender Blend includes a incredible 24 grams of protein!

But thats not all that’s impressive with this shake. Every serving also contains 25 vitamins and minerals and is less than 150 calories with no added sugar!

​Slender Blend Taste

​The taste is also something to be impressed with. Taste is super important to me when picking out a meal replacement shake. There is noting worse than dreading your shake and forcing the chalky taste down. The good news is thats not the case with Slender Blend. I’ve tried the flavors and its a tie between Vanilla and Chocolate for me. Both are really great and go well mixed either with water or milk. For the best results blend it for a few seconds in a blender with some ice. It tastes amazing!

Another great thing about the Slender Blend shake is that you can use it as a meal replacement shake or a “after-workout” protein shake. This means you can continue to use it even after you’ve reached your goal weight as a good source of protein after workouts.

The Slender Porridge

With they Slender 30 day plan you will get the Slender Porridge with is recommended to be a replacement for your daily breakfast. Each serving is under 200 calories and contains less than a gram of sugar so it’s healthy for you.Note only are the oats in the Slender Porridge a great source of sustainable energy but it also contains added chia and flaxseed.

Hunger Buster Capsules

There are two different capsules that are included in the Slender Plan and the first ones we will talk about are the Hunger Buster Capsules. These capsules are specially designed to help your burn more fat and suppress your appetite and hunger cravings.

Two of the main ingredients in the Hunger Buster capsules are a blend of Konjac glucomannan and garcinia cambogia, both of these can help to increase fat metabolism.

The Konjac glucomannan comes from the Konjac plant and it is a form of soluble fiber that has been shown to be helpful in weight loss. This capsule will help to make you less hungry and you will start to know when to stop eating sooner because you will feel more full.

Fat Metabolizer Capsules

The second callus included in the Slender Plan to help with your weight loss journey are the Fat Metabolizer Capsules. These are specifically designed to preform three basic and important functions:

  • reduce the amount of fat you digest
  • boost your metabolism
  • increase the rate that your body burns fat.

The two main ingredients in this capsule that give it it’s fat burning power include green tea and guarana extract. Since these do contain caffeine it would be best practice to take these in the morning. Boosted energy levels and increased mental clarity where reported by a number of users.

Slender Plan Workouts

The works included in the book that comes with the 30 day challenge require minimal equipment. This is great because you really can do them anywhere at any time. Each workout lasts about 30 minutes. They are high intensity workouts that will cause your body to increase its fat burning rate even higher! The guide is super easy to follow along and every workout is clearly illustrated.

Slender Blend and Slender Plan Pricing

All that I have mentioned above is included in the Slender Plan (30 day supply) and costs $108.00. If you subscribe to monthly delivery you can save 10% and get the Slender Plan for $97.20.

Each of the products that are included in the Slender Plan can also be bought separately. So if you are not sold on the 30 day challenge but would still like to lose weight with a Protein World product the prices are as follows:

  • The Slender Blend - $48.00
  • Slender Porridge - $8.50
  • Hunger Buster Capsules - $32.00
  • Fat Metabolism Capsules - $38.00
Best Place to buy Slender Products

The best place to buy Protein World products will be on the official Protein World website. This is were you will find the best deals and can take advantage of any deals and promotions that may be going on.

Another great reason to shop from the official website is because they are offering a 15% discount to students!​

Slender Blend and Slender Plan Reviews and Testimonials

When I was researching this product I came across a few sketchy sites that gave this product negative reviews only to go on and clearly try to sell you on a different product that they make a commission on. Stay away from those dishonest sites if you can.  Here are some of the reviews other customers of Slender Blend Left:

"I bought this a couple of weeks ago and it arrived two weeks ago. I was a little disappointed that I ordered strawberry flavor and instead got banana, and let me tell you I am not a fan of banana flavor drinks. I wanted to return it but didn't want to deal with the hassle of shipping things back so I decided to suck it and try, so I added strawberries to my blend, and it definitely made a difference for me. I have been drinking it for two weeks now and I totally see a difference, this blend is not meant to make you lose weight, you won't lose weight by just drinking this. The purpose is to make you feel fuller longer and I can probably go 3-4 hours without eating anything after drinking this blend. I also decided to try it without the strawberries that I always add, and I am blown away. I love the taste! I love this shake and I will definitely purchase it again." - Celina

​"Let me start by saying, The Slender Blend, is amazing! It tastes great and curbs my appetite to last me until I get home after work. I personally like to add to my shake. A go to is water with a splash of almond milk (accidently bought sweet vanilla and it can become too sweet) with banana and blueberries! One downside I will say, was SHIPPING. From reading the reviews, I was under the impression that shipping was fast and efficient. I experienced differently. Shipping took forever and the tracking system was not very helpful. My advice is, BUY THE SHAKE but make sure you are always placing your order in advance." - Jae

Final Verdict​ on Protein World's Slender Blend

Slender Blend is one of my favorite protein/ meal replacement shakes. It tastes much better than most of the other meal replacement shakes I've tried and it also has a lot more protein content than the typical meal replacement shake. I love that you can drink it as a meal replacement shake or as a protein shake after a workout.

The Slender Plan is a very complete program. Not only do they give you protein and capsules but they provide you with a meal plan and a workout guide. Overall if you are looking for a healthy way to lose weight I would recommend the Slender Plan. ​

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