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Weight loss is difficult regardless of how much weight you aim to lose. Tempations are everywhere and diet fads seem to pop-up around every corner. Some would even argue that the biggest challenge about weight loss is finding a solid weight loss plan that will actually work and make it possible to keep the weight off for good.

When I came across the 3 Week Diet by Brian Flatt I was skeptical and upon further research and testing out the diet myself, I have to say that I am impressed. Here is my experience with this weight loss program and everything you need to know before you try it yourself!

What is the 3 Week Diet?

So what is this crazy diet plan that is actually working and giving people real results? This is a weight loss program created by Brian Flatt which claims to give you the power to drop 12-23 pounds in just 21 days. The goal is to lose weight FAST and some people even repeat the program multiple times until they reach their ideal weight.

This is a good sign because one of the reasons that many people fail at weight loss is because it takes too much time to actually see results. You will see results quickly with 3 Week Diet and once you do, it will become addicting!

Not only is the program just 21 days but it also tell you what to do to maintain the weight you lost, so you won't be yo-yo dieting. The 3 Week Diet will help you lose weight, especially around the belly/mid section where it can be difficult to lose. The diet plan will tell you exactly what kind of foods you need to be eating and when you should be eating them! It's seriously a step-be-step complete guide to weight loss. ​

How does the 3 Week Diet work? ​

Part 1 Diet Introduction/ Science Behind the Program

The three week diet is actually divided into four parts, the first being the instruction manual. This will give you a great intro to the diet and you'll know the science behind it and why you will be doing things a certain way.

The manual will also talk about the specific nutrients the body needs for this diet to be ultra-successful and the science behind those nutrients. You'll learn how these nutrients will help you lose fat, increase metabolism and become much more healthy and energetic.

Part 2 the 3 Week Diet Manual

Next is the actual diet manual. This is the real guide that will lead you to weight loss. You will learn how to calculate body mass and the difference between body mass and your fat percentage. Now we know that everyone is unique and there isn't a "one size fits all" when it comes to dieting.

That's what makes this program so great - in the manual you will get a custom tailored diet that was created specifically for your body type! ​The diet manual will teach you two things: how to lose weight and how to keep it off for good.

Part 3 the 3 Week Diet Workout Guide

If you are serious about weight loss than you already know that just dieting right won't cut it. You will need to also workout but don't make the mistake of doing the wrong kinds of workouts. ​Next in the 3 week diet program is the workout manual.

The workouts outlines in this manual can double your results and it has workouts built around those people how don't have time to go to the gym and also has workouts for those that do. ​If you are dreading spending hours on the treadmill than you are in for a great surprise because that is not what you will be doing!

Instead you will be focusing on specific full body exercises that get every muscle in your body metabolically active. These will last about 20 minutes and you only have to do them 3-4 times a week so no excuses!

Part 4 Mindset and Motivation

The last part of the 3 Week diet is the mindset and motivation guide. I think the should be standard in every weight loss program because there will be times where you start to question yourself and doubt will creep up on you. The guide will give you the t​echniques to focus on your goals and remain motivated!

What I like about 3 Week Diet

  • Do It At Home: You can do this whole program without going to the gym.
  • Simple and Easy: the whole program is broken down for you in a clear and easy to follow format.
  • Results in a short period of time: the whole program is only 21 days, you will see results in a short period of time and this will only motivate you more!
  • Complete System: this is a complete program that covers everything from diet, and workout to mindset. You don't need anything else
  • Not time consuming: you don't have to commit a ton of time to this. Workouts are only 20minutes long and done 3 to 4 times a week.
  • It Actually Works: if you completely follow everything in the program you WILL lose weight, it's that simple.
  • Money back guarantee: if you don't lose weight, don't like the program you have a full 60 DAYS to get a FULL refund.

3 Week Diet "Cons"

  • No workout videos: there are no workout videos included but the images do provide you with enough information about the workout that you will be doing. It’s very clear and easy to understand
  • Extra equipment recommended: you don’t absolutely need extra equipment but it is highly recommended that you have a set of weights. You can get a set very cheaply if you search your local Craigslist, thrift shop, or through
  • Supplements: There are some supplements that are recommended but you don’t have to take them. I didn’t and the program worked great for me so taking supplements is totally up to you
Benefits of the 3 Week Diet

Here are some of the great benefits of doing the 3 Week Diet program:

  • Typical 12 to 23lb reduction in body fat
  • 2-3 drop in dress size
  • Decreased cellulite
  • Increase in energy and positive moods
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Faster metabolism
  • Healthier body, skin and hair

3 Week Diet Price and Best Place to Buy

The 3 Week Diet will only cost you a total of $47 and in that price you get:

  • 3 Week Diet Introduction Manual eBook
  • 3 Week Diet Manual eBook
  • 3 Week Diet Workout Manual eBook
  • 3 Week Diet Mindset and Motivation eBook
  • 60 Day money back guarantee!!!

All four ebooks are available for download after you complete your purchase. You can view them on any device: computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. The whole program is only $47 and you can buy it directly from the official 3 week diet website to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee!

Does the 3 Week Diet Work?

This program will only work for you if you follow it completely. You can’t expect to lose weight simply because you bought the program. You have to apply what you learn and work for weight loss. So in short, yes! The 3 Week Deit really does work and here are some results.

3 Week Diet Before and Afters:

Look at the difference the 3 Week Diet made for these people!!

3 Week Diet Reviews and Testimonials

Thousands of people have tried the 3 Week Diet and seen great results. And I’m one of them! Here are what some of the people are saying about this weight loss program:

"I don't normally write reviews about health/diet books but the ideas in this book have really worked much better than I expected. I started the diet about two months ago and I have dropped about 30 lbs. For anyone looking to cut weight this is the right book for you." - Kelly​

"​Worth the read! The most thorough diet & exercise guide I've ever read. It told me exactly what to do based on what I wanted to achieve. Debunked myths about eating and exercise AND everything was easy to read! Images and sketches were helpful with the exercise too" - Bea

"​This is a great program and totally worth the money I spent on it! I finally feel like I'm getting a program to follow as opposed to just hearing how I should "eat right and exercise more". Thanks for the info!!!" - Amy

Final Verdict…

Should you try the three week diet? Only if you are actually committed to losing weight and are serious about a healthier lifestyle. If you are a quitter, don’t bother, this will just be another fitness product that sits on the shelf. But if you are ready for weight loss than absolutely try the 3 Week Diet!

It promises weight loss in as little as 21 days and with the 60 day money back guarantee, you could do the program almost 3 times and still get a refund if you are satisfied! Click here to start your weight loss transformation!

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