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8 Week Booty Review

Everyone has there own “trouble spots” that they have a hard time toning and for a lot of ladies that trouble spot is the butt. Having a firm and great looking butt is never out of style. We want a sexy butt when we are in our bikinis but we also want to look good in the cold season in our yoga pants. If you think that a nice shaped butt is out of reach for you, think again. The 8 Week Booty program might be just what you need to get your behind in shape!

What is the 8 Week Booty?

The 8 Week Booty is a new workout program that is designed to target and shape your butt into the butt of your dreams in just 8 weeks. The main goal behind the program isn’t just to help you get a nice booty but also to improve your self esteem so that you don’t have to feel self conscience wearing your favorite clothes. The 8 Week Booty guide is all digital. Let’s dive into what makes this program better than the rest.

Who is Paul Burgess?

The mastermind behind the 8 Week Booty program is Paul Burgess. Paul has been in fitness all his life since he first started weight training at the young age of 15. He continued to be active in the weight training industry until his early 30’s when he started training to be a MMA fighter. This respected fighter and instructor turning his attention to the fitness industry at age 35.

Today Paul is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer with diplomas in clinical nutrition and personal training. With his experience as a personal trainer, Paul had many clients that wanted to improve how they looked from behind. With his knowledge and dedication to helping others achieve their fitness goals Paul say a opportunity to help women all over the world and thus created the 8 Week Booty program!

How does the 8 Week Booty Training Program work?

This program is very easy and simple to follow along. Paul has created a “system” that span the 8 weeks and if you follow this, you will see amazing improvements in the way your booty looks and feels. There are four parts of this program:

  • Lesson in Gluten Training - This will give you insight into the different exercise that you will be doing throughout the program. Paul will explain how certain workouts are more effective than others and how to complete these workouts correctly
  • How to Use this Program - Here you will learn exactly how the program works and what you will need to do to become successful.
  • 8 Week Training Guide - This is the main part of the program and will outline all the workouts you will be doing throughout the program. You will be working out three times a week. You will know what workout you ned to do and how to do them by referencing the videos and pdfs. There is no guess work, everything is laid out for you and all you need to do is follow along.  
  • 8 Week Nutrition Plan - Get ready to learn everything about proper nutrition and how to eat the right foods. You will find information on what types of foods you should be eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as post and pre-workout snacks.

Does 8 Week Booty work?

The questions I hear most often about any fitness program is if it really will give you the results you are looking for. Keep in mind that everyone is different and our body’s have a different bone structure. I can’t guarantee you that you will have a butt that looks exactly like your favorite super model.

What I an say is that you will have a better and firmer butt than you do now. If you follow that program and complete the workouts as instructed you will get a firmer and sexier butt. In short, to see results you need to put in the effort! Paul is so sure that you will love the program and see results that he included a 30 day money back guarantee with each purchase of the program!

I’ve gone through the 8 Week Booty program and have noticed a huge different in how my yoga pants fit! I feel like I can wear yoga pants with confidence now and it feels amazing! Here are some of the before and after pictures that people have submitted:

Benefits of 8 Week Booty Program:

  • Digital - This program is great because it’s all digital. Once you go to the official 8 Week Booty website and make your purchase you will be able to download the program instantly. You can easily access the information across multiple devices and take it with you where ever you go! You can even take it with you if your traveling or if you want to do the workouts at the gym.
  • Nutrition Plan - Many fitness programs forget that nutrition is just as important as working out. This program comes with a complete nutrition plan! Knowing what to eat and when to eat can be one of the most challenging aspects about getting in shape. With 8 Week Booty you don’t need to spend time second guessing. What also great about this nutrition plan is that it’s not very restricting, its very easy to follow!
  • Videos - I think that any successful workout plan MUST have instructional videos that you can follow. With the instructional videos in the program you will know exactly how to do each workout. The videos make it great for all fitness levels, especially beginners.
  • Great Booty - The best part about this program is the great booty you’ll be left with after you complete it!
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - If you try the * Week Booty program and decide that it’s not for you, you can get your money back!

Where to buy 8 Week Booty and Price

The best place to get your 8 Week Booty program is through the official 8 Week Booty website at Here you will be able to download all there materials after you pay a small one-time fee of $37.00. As of today there aren’t any 8 Week Booty promo codes or coupons but as soon as they become available I will add them to this review. Here is a review of what will be included in your purchase:

  • The Principles of Body Training
  • Full Lists of Exercises and Explanations
  • A Full Nutritional Plan with Explanations
  • Full Library of Videos
  • Optional Supplement Guide
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

This program was designed so that women of all ages and fitness levels could participate. Regardless of your fitness level or body type, you too can have the booty of your dreams!

Try 8 Week Booty

Final Verdict

I LOVE this program and recommend it to any one who would like to shape up their booty! It has delivered amazing results for me and I’m sure that it will for you too if you just follow the program. The butt of your dreams could just be 8 Weeks away if you get started today and download your copy of the 8 Week Booty training program from!

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