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Bionic Gym Review

Ever dreaded how much mental effort and focus is takes just being in the gym, peddling on an exercise bike, just so you could burn calories? Well thanks to technology you can now burn those same calories at the comfort of your couch as you binge watch your favorite TV show, read a book or even while working? Sounds too good to be true? Let me introduce Bionic Gym, a revolutionary and futuristic way to burn calories with way less mental effort compared to hitting the gym.

What is Bionic Gym?

Bionic Gym utilizes one of nature’s way of burning calories by generating heat; shivering in your body. You’ve probably never noticed this but when you get cold your teeth chatter at the same pattern and rhythm as how your legs shiver. Yes, that’s actually a thing, next time you get cold make that observation. As you get colder you shiver even more intensely but at the same rate of 7-8Hz. This means that energy consumption is not related to force or tension generated rather by the shortening and lengthening of muscle fibers.

Bionic Gym has created a way to utilize this natural way of calorie burning by replicating the shivering pattern and targeting the largest muscle groups in the body: the legs. The Bionic Gym technology works by stimulating the motor neurons (nerves that connect to muscles) in the legs and gluteal muscles(the bum) to contract repeatedly causing the shortening and lengthening of muscles just like what happens when you shiver in the cold.

When muscles contract at this optimal rate, they require more oxygen, blood and energy, this is the Bionic Gym workout. This stimulation causes one to sweat, go out of breath and burn calories just as they would if they ran in a marathon. The founder of Bionic Gym Dr. Louis Cowie has tried and tested this theory and proved that it actually works. Through numerous collaborations and his personal research he has been able to prove that the stimulated shivering he applies to leg muscles replicates intense exercising. Here’s how:

  • Calories are burnt rapidly
  • Heart rate increases
  • Increase in aerobic fitness
  • It enables exercising without stressing the joints

Features of the Bionic Gym.

What is included in the Bionic Gym pack?

  1. A pair of Bionic wraps
  2. A control unit
  3. Gel pads
  4. A charger
  5. Extensions

And like most tech products these days, it also has an Android and iOS controller app.

The technology in this product is simple and straight forward. Once the control unit Is charged, you connect it to the app via Bluetooth and you are good to go. The pair of bionic wraps go around your legs, most preferably over your thighs. There are very clear and easy to follow instructions on how to set up the Bionic Gym before you begin training. what makes this product even more unique is that there are variety of workout programs to select from on the app, you can also monitor your progress and even use your phones volume buttons to regulate intensity of the workout. It’s like playing music for your legs.

**Tip:** It is pretty beneficial to use the Bionic Gym while standing as this incorporates more muscle groups into the workout. This results to an even more intense training session hence great results.

The quality of the Bionic gym is excellent. It is soft and comfortable when worn, it looks and feels well made giving you the confidence that it will last a long time. Talk of value for your money.

User Benefits

Bionic Gym is undoubtedly the future of health and fitness, I mean the idea that you could work out while at work or while watching TV was utterly unthinkable, but now, thanks to this excellent product, it is a possibility and a reality.

Using the Bionic Gym, you will experience minimal strain and stress on your joints that you would otherwise struggle with while at a regular gym. Some more benefits of the Bionic Gym are;

  • The ability to burn over 500 calories per hour with regular training
  • When paired with a proper diet, it is possible to significantly lose weight over time

The convenience of use is the benefit that stands out the most. You are free to have your trainings at low level for even hours while you’re working or engaging in other activities, or intentionally have an intense workout session giving yourself a true gym experience. Post using the Bionic Gym you feel energized like you would after an invigorating activity.

Bionic Gym is exactly what you need if you’re looking to get the results of exercising with very little mental focus and motivation.

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