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In-depth review of the Achedaway Cupper - one of the best cupping and red light therapy massage devices

Whether you are an exercise fanatic or a biohacker, the one thing that we can all agree on is that recovery is critical. Resting and caring for your body is essential for moving beyond your limits and achieving your goals.

Whether those goals are cosmetic, health-focused, or fitness-related, recovery and rest are essential. 

If you have been looking for a great way to take your recovery regime to the next level, both cupping and red light therapy (RLT) are fantastic massage and recovery tools.

The Achedaway cupping device provides both of these therapeutic benefits at once. This RLT massage therapy cupper is quickly becoming one of the most popular recovery tools around! 

First, I will walk you through the benefits of cupping, red light therapy and then go over everything that the Achedaway smart cupping device can do for you. 

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Exactly What Is Cupping and How Does it Work?

Cupping is a type of therapy that draws fluid to the surface of your skin and promotes healing. Cupping has been a popular therapeutic practice in Chinese, Egyptian, and Middle Eastern cultures, dating back thousands of years. 

Recently, increasing numbers of individuals worldwide have been adopting this therapeutic practice for its many promising benefits. Now, cupping is being practiced regularly in the West, and many easy-to-use cupping therapy devices have recently hit the market.

The Achedaway cupping machine is one such device, although this particular device also implements red light therapy. More on that in a moment. 

Cupping reportedly promotes healing for extensively sore muscles.

It can also aid with acne, hives, migraines, arthritis, high cholesterol, and enhance immune function. This non-invasive and straightforward therapeutic practice seems to offer a lot of potential benefits (1). 

Here is a great informational video going over what cupping is and how to use the Achedaway for self cupping therapy at home: 

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Weighing The Benefits and Risks Of Cupping

One of the first things you are probably asking yourself about cupping therapy is whether or not it is safe. Currently, the potential benefits of cupping seem to outweigh any risks (2).

Mainly, the biggest downside is temporary skin discoloration.

If you are worried, you can always consult your doctor or dermatologist before starting this type of therapy. 

Cupping Helps With:

  • Hives
  • Acne
  • Sore Muscles
  • Circulation
  • High Cholesterol
  • Immune Function 
  • Migraines
  • And More

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What is Red Light Therapy, Does it Work, and is it Safe? 

The Achedaway cupping therapy machine also implements a form of red light therapy.

Red light therapy is also often known as RLT and can be used for various cosmetic and health applications.

Multiple gyms, day spas, and tanning salons offer RLT treatments. There are also many FDA-approved RLT devices currently on the market, including the Achedaway cupping device. 

Red light therapy works by producing biochemical effects within the cells of your body to strengthen your mitochondria.

The mitochondria are what power your cells and are where cell energy is created. By helping to increase the function of your mitochondria using red light therapy, cells can rejuvenate themselves and repair damages. By drawing blood to the surface and using red light therapy, there are many benefits to RLT cupping. 

As far as risks go, there is a slight risk of burns if you fall asleep with one of these devices on. Generally, this type of therapy shows promising results. It is considered safe in most scientific and massage therapy circles. 

RLT Can Help With:

  • Depression
  • Detoxing
  • Immune function 
  • Cell regeneration
  • Neck and back pain
  • Muscle soreness
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Acne
  • & more 

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Reviewing The Achedaway Smart Cupping Device

Now that you have a better understanding of cupping and red light therapy let's talk about one of the most impressive smart cupping devices on the market. We are talking, of course, about the Achedaway Smart Cupping Machine.

Unlike most other cuppers on the market, this rechargeable device simultaneously creates rhythmic suction with the option of red light therapy. When you implement the red light therapy, you will get the added benefit of RLT and the pain and therapeutic relief benefits of cupping.

Not only does this cupping device have five different selection modes, but it also is extremely easy to use. Controllable via the buttons on top or an integrated app on your smartphone, it's versatile. 

This cupping device is especially helpful if you use it to heal and relieve pain in hard-to-reach places like your back, neck, or shoulders.

3 cup sizes

Even when set to the lowest setting, this cupper provides strong suction. It is a wonderful option for those looking for serious benefits.

This professional cupping device is perfect for those looking for an all-in-one therapeutic device that is powerful, rechargeable, versatile, and easy to use. 

My experience with self cupping therapy at home using Achedaway smart cupping therapy

Neck pain and back pain are the two of the most common pain and areas of discomfort that I experience. The cause of the pain varies from stress to an awkward sleeping position.

With the app and different modes/ settings it was easy to start using the Achedaway cupping device.

I watched the 2 minute video above where a licensed therapist quickly goes over the settings you can use for knee, back, and neck pain:

Neck Pain:
Use the Medium Cup, position it on the pain area for 12 minutes on setting 2
Lower Back Pain:
 Use the larger cup, position it on the pain for 12 minutes on setting 3
Knee Pain:
Use the small cup, position it on the pain for 12 minutes on setting 4

I was impressed with how easy the smart cupping device was to use and how well it worked! It's safe and it's a therapy that I can do myself at home any time!

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Benefits of the Achedaway cupping device

This cupping device is multi-functional and dynamic in essentially every category. It combines suction, smart massaging, and red light therapy, all in one. This is an incredible recovery tool for myofascial release, pain management, and more (3). This powerful cupper is also perfect for professional or at-home use! 

The core advantage of Achedaway cupping is that users can get advanced cupping and RLT therapy on their own time, at home.

Better yet, this device is essentially hands-free.

With just the simple touch of your phone screen, you can totally customize your massage experience. All of this, without going to a physical clinic or massage store. 

It's like having a highly experienced massage therapist on tap at all times!

Better yet, it's like having a therapist who highly tailors each massage to your exact needs when you need it most. 

  • Powerful massage therapy
  • Easy to use
  • Boosts circulation
  • Integrated application control
  • Five smart massage settings
  • Multiple attachments included
  • Myofascial release capabilities
  • Dynamic cupping technology

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How does the cupping device work?

Here is a quick 1 minute into video to the cupping device:

Dynamic Cupping Technology

This cupping device outshines its competitors with rhythmic alteration of suction and release. These pulses boost blood circulation and speed up the recovery process significantly. Enjoy the benefits of pain relief and cupping massage anytime, anywhere, with included RLT. This portable dynamic RLT cupping device is a serious game-changer. 

Powerful Yet Easy to Use

Even though this therapeutic cupping device is powerful, it is also incredibly easy to use. With a simple touch of the control panel, you can adjust your settings. Or handle things from the mobile application. Either way, this portable and compact device is an excellent option for essentially any user. 

Portable, USB-C Rechargeable, and Compact

Take this device with you anywhere. With its portable design, this is a wonderful recovery tool for areas all over your body. These areas include the shoulders, hips, back, calves, hamstrings, and more. Toss it in your gym bag, use it in your salon, or have it at your desk. No matter when or where you need it, this compact RLT cupping device has your back. Best of all, this device is fully rechargeable with 3-hour battery life, and an included USB-C Charging Cable. 

Optional Red Light Therapy

With included red light therapy, you can bring down inflammation faster while also significantly reducing muscle pain. This is wonderful for both deep tissue and surface tissue healing. It also does an awesome job of enhancing your relaxation. Tanning salons, day spas, and gyms often offer the same type of red light therapy. Now, you can enjoy these benefits from the comfort of home. 

Enjoy Fully Integrated Application Control

With an integrated mobile application, you can easily customize your precise cupping times from one second to 12 minutes. This application can also control six cuppers at once. This is incredibly handy if you are using cupping RLT therapy on your whole body. 

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Choose from Five Smart Massage Settings

With five different suction settings and modes, this device serves as your own portable personal massage therapist. You can easily tailor each massage to meet your exact needs and decide how intense you want your experience to be. 

Multiple Attachments Included in the Box

This device also comes with three cupping attachments in sizes small, medium, and large. It takes just seconds to replace each attachment. You can effortlessly select the size you want to meet the specifications of an exact area on your body. These cupping attachments are also helpful for precision massage control. Plus, they are super easy to clean. 

Myofascial Release Capabilities

With effective myofascial release technology, you can access an innovative treatment combination that enables effective trigger point management. This kind of myofascial release can offer enormous physical health benefits. All of this while enhancing circulation, flexibility, mobility, and pain relief in mere minutes. 

What Achedaway Cupper users are Saying:

Many real-life users have enjoyed the benefits of the Achedaway cupping device. User ratings are generally high, ranging from three to five stars, with five stars being the average user rating. That's an impressive recommendation! 

 Here are a few real reviews: 

 "I was so impressed with the cupper so much that I immediately ordered a second one. I use it on all of my clients, and they love it." - Alee" P

 "When my wife showed me this product I was greatly intrigued. After pulling the unit out of the box, I was surprised to see how sturdy it is. It is easy to operate and works beautifully. The suction power is very impressive." - Tony "B.

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Best place to buy the smart red light cupping therapy massager?

The best place to buy the cupping massager is online through the retailer's official website with secure checkout:

This is where you get the best deals and and new discounts or promotional sales for the Achedaway cupping device.


On top of that you can also get $25 off your purchase by using the coupon code "FJBLOG" at checkout!

Putting it All Together

So there you have it! Now you know how cupping and red light therapy can help you achieve greater physical health benefits. Without a doubt, the Achedaway cupping device is an amazing option for those looking to access dynamic cupping results with integrated RLT and smart massage.

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Price: $169+
Where to Buy:
Discount Available: FJBLOG for $25 off
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Achedaway.

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