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Agogie resistance pants make every activity a way to increase your fitness.

Wearing them to your regular workout can improve your results without boosting your workout time or exercise intensity. You can also wear them for regular activities and increase your calorie burn with each step.

This AGOGIE Resistance Pants Review can help you determine the best intensity to purchase for your daily use.

What do Agogie pants do?

Agogie pants are built to increase resistance in each movement of your day. Depending on the intensity you want, you can use +20 pants for regular wear and a low-intensity resistance. The latex bands inside the +20 pants are 1 millimeter thick and are made of natural rubber. 

The fabric is very soft and feels like silk.

The +40 pants offer more resistance and feature 2-millimeter bands inside the pants.

The outer fabric of these pants includes polyester and elastane. You can wear them like regular leggings and turn every movement into a workout!

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How do you use Agogie pants?

You can add Agogie pants to your daily wardrobe, especially if you wear leggings all day.

These are a great way to turn a regular walk into a workout!

If you have to dress up for work outside the home, you may wear these during your lounge time at home. You can also wear them during your workout to increase the intensity of your regular workouts.

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Which size is right for me?

When chosing your size, the length is the first factor you should consider!

TIP: Pay attention to the sizing chart on the website to make sure you are ordering the right size for your body type. A super important note to keep in mind is that length is the most important factor.

So if you are tall like I am and find yourself between multiple sizes on the chart - take length as the deciding factor.

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Can you wear resistance bands all day?

Absolutely! Not only can these turn your daily dog walk or even your walk down the stairs to the coffee pot a chance to burn calories, but wearing your resistance band pants all day is a great way to be encouraged to move more. We know that sitting isn't good for us.

The resistance band pants can make it easier to remember to stand, stretch and move.

You can also make life a little easier with two pairs. On the days you know a workout isn't going to happen, wear the +40s and burn those calories getting everything else done.

If you know, you're going to get to the gym, wear the +20s and increase the burn just a bit. The +20s can also be a very comfortable pair of loungers on a lazy day.

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The natural latex bands inside these pants should last for approximately two years if you don't get them too hot in the washing machine or subject them to the dryer. 

The drawstring waist of these pants means that you won't have to put up with droop or creep over time. For best effect, these pants fit down over your heel and fasten tight around your waist. The hook over the heel is critical; this anchor is what activates the band.

While the resistance bands add resistance, the pants themselves are quite comfortable and offer breathability. You can wear them out shopping or on the track and enjoy plenty of comforts. 


While these pants look sharp, they're a bit limited as to color. If you want more than black, you may have to wait. Pockets are another addition expected to improve these products. Again, keep an eye on their website for this upgrade.

The laundry restrictions are pretty strong. These pants need to air dry. Natural rubber degrades over time. Putting these pants in the dryer and adding heat will shorten their lives, so you may need two pairs.

These pants are sized for everyone from petite women to men up to 6'7 inches tall. If you have an inseam longer than 36 inches, these pants may not fit well in the groin because the heel hook may tug them down too far. Crotch droop may be a problem. 

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Price and where to buy?

Agogie resistance pants are not cheap but they are high quality and will last a very long time. However, you can get free shipping if you spend more than $99.00 domestically. PLUS if you use the cuoupon code FJBLOG at checkout you will get $15 off your order!

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Reviews from other users

The best way to find out precisely what your Agogie pants can do is to wear them on a light workout, such as a good long walk. If you experience muscle soreness the next day, keep wearing them for walking but don't add them to your regular workout routine just yet.

I like that the top can be tied for a better fit.

Because these pants add resistance in each movement, you may be better of simply wearing them to do your ordinary stuff. Laundry plus resistance equals clean clothes plus calorie burn. Take your kids to the park, but the dog on the leash or grocery shop in these pants to get used to the resistance before you pile on the pressure of a workout.

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Taking the Plunge

Recent world events have reminded us that staying strong and healthy is about much more than just looking great in your clothes or at the beach. Your ability to manage stress, get everything done, and care for your loved ones relies on being in decent shape. If you can't get to the gym, these pants can bring the gym home to you! Try them out and feel the difference!

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Price: $99+
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Discount Available: FJBLOG for $15 off
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