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It’s no secret that sitting for prolonged periods of time has a detrimental effect on your health.

With the rise of office wellness, many have turned to desk workout equipment and revamped their work stations with standing desks.

However, sitting is often necessary and unavoidable. What if the problem is not sitting, but instead, the way people sit.

ALL33 is a new approach to helping people sit better and ultimately, live better.


What is the ALL33 BackStrong Chair?

The ALL33 BackStrong Chair is an ergonomic office chair designed by a chiropractic doctor, Dr. Dennis Colonello.

After decades of practice, he made the realization that the problem might not be that people are spending too much time seated.

It was the way that people were sitting that was leading to problems.

The ALL33 BackStrong Chair is the result of five years of development and hundreds of prototypes.

After a successful Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns, the ALL33 is now available to the public.

What makes this chair so unique?

The breakthrough technology that allows the chair to react to your sitting position and instantly aligns your spine into a correct posture.

The goal of ALL33 is to improve health and reduce back and neck pain that is often attributed to a poor sitting posture.

How does it work?

The ALL33 BackStrong Chair uses Sit InMotion technology.

This unique feature allows the saddle seat to react to changes in sitting positions.

By reacting to movement gives you lower thoracic support and the ideal posture. Ultimately reducing neck and shoulder pain.

At the same time, the chair also softly cradles your lower back. This achieves two things.

First, it relieves crucial pressure points.

Second, it instantly improves your posture.

Design & Features

The ALL33 BackStrong chair is an extremely comfortable and ergonomic office chair that is also stylish. There are a few color and fabric options to choose from.

The chair comes in either fabric or vegan leather upholstery.

Vegan Leather Upholstery colors:

  • Black Frame wit black Leather Upholstery (Vegan Leather)
  • Black Fram with Red Vegan Leather
  • Black Frame with Tan Vegan Leather

The fabric upholstery options are:

  • Black Frame with Black Upholstery
  • Black Frame with Tan Upholstery

Weight Capacity: max weight capacity is 275 pounds

This is the only chair that allows the natural movement of the pelvis and back stimulating circulation.

It can improve flexibility and encourage the increase of respiration and oxygenation.

The functionality of the chair is impressive and has all the necessary adjustment capabilities.

  • Foldaway arms
  • American made
  • Quality material
  • Sleek and stylish look

It features a completely adjustable seat-height level and a 360-degree swivel. As well as smooth-rolling wheels.

Pros & Cons


Doctor recommenced: Doctor recommenced for anyone who eats throughout the day

Great Reviews: customers have been very pleased with the conforms, style, and design.

It’s slouch proof: the saddle technology reacts to your sitting position to give you support and the ideal posture

Relives pressure points: Cradles your lower back to relieve pressure points and can reduce neck and shoulder pain.


Maybe Price? While this is a chair that might be a little pricy for some budgets it's also not expensive compared to many other high-end office chairs that don't provide these health benefits. If the price is a concern, financing is available and you can get $50 off with coupon code: FJBLOG50

Reviews and Testimonials

ALL33 BackStrong Chair has reviewed great reviews from customers and support from many celebrities.

Customers have reported the chair to be a solution to their back and neck pain.

The chair is adjustable to different heights and comfortable for tall and short people.

Overall, the review suggests that this chair delivers on the promise of improved posture and reduce neck and back pain that is caused by poor posture and sitting positions in other chairs.

My Experience:

Details coming soon...stay tuned

Where to buy an ALL33 BackStrong Chair and price?

The best place to buy an ALL33 BackStrong Chair is online through the official All33 website. This is where you are guaranteed to get a genuine product and not a knockoff.

Plus other benefits are:

  • Free Shipping
  • Financing option
  • 60 Day Guarantee: try it for 60 days.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Prices start at $799 or $67/month

There are also savings if you are purchasing more than 1 chair or bulk orders for an office. For example, if you purchase 2 chairs the price drops to $650 for each.

ALL33 BackStrong Chair Coupon: FJBLOG50

As a Fitness Junkie, you get an exclusive limited-time discount of $50 off your ALL33 BackStrong Chair!

I hope that this helps relieve the burden of the cost but ultimately it is an investment in your health.

Use coupon code: FJBLOG50 at checkout for $50 off your chair.

Review Summary

The ALL33 BackStrong Chair is a “must-have” for anyone who spends their days sitting.

Standing desks are not always an option and they too can lead to poor posture, back, and neck pain.

ALL33 is an amazing solution to improving your posture and health. It can also be used alongside other office fitness equipment like the Cubii under-desk elliptical.

Upgrade your desk, Improve your posture and your health with an investment in the ALL33 BackStrong chair.

You can try it for yourself with their awesome 60-day money-back guarantee.

Plus save an extra $50 by using the coupon code: FJBLOG50.


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Price: $799.00
Where to Buy:
Discount Available: $50 off w/ code FJBLOG50

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