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Allay Lamp review - best green light therapy for migraines.

Based on almost a decade of research and developed by neuroscientists, the narrow band of green light emitted from the Allay lamp can ease stress, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and provide relief to people with light sensitivity. 

What is an Allay Lamp? 

The Allay Lamp emits a unique band of green light that creates smaller electrical signals in the brains than everyday light. 

Regular light bulbs include blue light wavelengths and red light wavelengths. Both irritate the eyes and the brain.

Even green light bulbs emit a broad spectrum of colors, including the irritating red and blue light, even though they are not immediately noticeable. 

The Allay Lamp is different because it is the ONLY light that emits pure green wavelengths. 

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How does it work and the science behind the Allay Lamp?

The Allay Lamp is the result of years of migraine research by Harvard Prof. Rami Burstein. He made discovered the specific unique narrow band of green light. 

If you have ever had a migraine or headache, I'm sure you are very familiar with the discomfort and intensity of everyday light. 

When I have bad migraines, I have to lay down a band over my eyes with a blackout eye mask for relief. 

The green light emitted from the Allay Lamp lets you see without the discomfort of everyday light. 

The science behind the Allay Lamp is very simple. Studies show that everyday light is made up of all colors. The light causes specific electrical signals in the brain and eyes to active. This reaction can be painful to people that are sensitive to light. 

The particular and narrow band of green light that the Allay Lamp only emits is different. It only leads to minimal electric signals in the brain and eyes. Meaning that it does not irritate and hurt people that are sensitive to light. 

You can dig into the research and learn more about the science behind the Allay Lamp here. 

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Allay Lamp benefits

Allay green lamp light for Migraine prevention 

The Allay Lamp is more than just a light you use if you are suffering from a migraine.

Some people have even reported that the Allay Lamp has become a preventative treatment for their migraines.

I keep my Allay Desk Lamp right next to my computer and workstation. 

Migraine pain relief, anxiety, and sleep benefits

Green light for mood and nervous system.

Another discovery that came to light from research is the positive effect green light has on mood and the nervous system. 

People have also reported that green light helps them fall asleep faster at night. 

👉 Try the Allay Lamp risk-free for 40 days

Allay customer reviews and testimonials 

Customers have left raving reviews on who the Allay lamp has changed their lives and helped them feel better.

Many people who were diagnosed with migraines have finally found relief without drugs.

People say it helps with migraines, but many have also reported Allay helps with sleep and lowers anxiety.  

👉 Try the Allay Lamp risk-free for 40 days

Allay Desk Light Review

My experience 

I spend a great deal of my day at my desk working remotely. The Allay Desk Light uses the patented green light technology and directs it on a focused area. 

The Desk Light features simple touch controls and even includes a built-in wireless charger for my phone. 

The on-touch controls allow me to set the brightness and switch between the Allay green light mode and regular light. 

The battery life is incredible. It can last up to 32 hours and charges with a USB-C cable. 

The Allay Desk Light was better for my needs than the Allay Lamp because I didn't want to illuminate the entire room with green light. I primarily would need it while working, and it's perfectly portable and has become such a large part of my daily routine.

When I wake up early before sunrise, regular light would be so harsh. The Allay Desk Light is perfect and does not hurt my eyes at all. 

👉 Try the Allay Lamp risk-free for 40 days

Price and where to buy an Allay Lamp

The best place to buy your Allay Lamp is online through the secure official Allay Lamp website. When you purchase your Allay Lamp, you can try it for 40 days risk-free

The Allay Lamp originally cost $249, but at the time of this review it is $139.00.

The Allay Desk Light is originally $149.00, but at the time of this review, you can get it discounted for only $89.00 or pay as low as $31 per month with affirm. 

👉 Try the Allay Lamp risk-free for 40 days

What is the difference between the Allay Lamp and the Allay Desk light? 

To decide which Allay product is right for you, I'll go over the differences between the two and what lamp suits you. 

The Allay Lamp will light up an entire room. It's great for any activity that would require the whole room to be eliminated, including: 

  • socializing
  • Paying with kids
  • Cooking
  • Yoga 
  • Meditation 

The Allay Desk Light is better for only illuminated a focused area in front of you and is excellent for desk work, reading, writing, puzzles, homework, and games. 

Here is a quick feature comparison between the two lights: 

Image source:


The Allay Lamp is backed by science and has helped thousands of people find migraine relief.

With the 40-day risk-free opportunity to try the Allay Lamp, no excuse or reason is standing in your way! 

👉 Try the Allay Lamp risk-free for 40 days

Price: $89.00+
Where to Buy: Allay website
Discount Available:
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Allay.

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