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The Move It Speed is a smart freestanding punching bag that links to your phone, giving you a fun and interactive workout with performance tracking and workout game modes to challenge your friends.

Harda Group first introduced the “Move It Gym,” total home gym, on Indiegogo back in 2017. The captain was a  tremendous success, reaching more than 300% of their initial target goal. Move It Gym went as far as to be awarded the Red Dot Award for product design June of 2017!

This June Harda Group is launching “Move It Speed,” a new smart fitness product that brings the fun of having an interactive workout into a smart freestanding punching bag.

Costing $89 for early bird backers, Move it Speed is a new smart workout product that brings a fun and interactive to the smart workout product and is available for pre-order via crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.  

You can directly order the Move It Speed smart freestanding punching bag on the Indiegogo platform, and every contributor who leaves a comment in the first 3 days will get a pair of free MMA gloves.

How does it work?

Move It Speed brings you a playful and interactive boxing experience right to your living room.

The intelligent performance tracking capabilities are made possible through the 6-axis gyroscope sensor. This sensor detects and calculates the direction and intensity of each punch.


The intelligent technology will track the direction of each strike, tempo, accuracy, total punches, and average strike speed.

On top of all those features, you can get immediate visual feedback on your performance with the four LED light indicators. The LED lights also serve to guide you in workout games and coaching exercises.


From casual fun to professional coaching

Move It Speed connects to your smartphone via the free Move It app available for iSO and Android devices.  This smart freestanding punching bag can teach you the fundamentals of punching and footwork exercises with certified coaching programs.

In addition to being a fun way to get a workout, you can learn the fundamentals or boxing with training courses through the Movie It Fitness App. These workout exercises have been proven to improve coordination and reaction speed.

The growing library of mini interactive mini-games makes Move It Speed the ultimate fun new way to challenge your friends and get a workout along the way. The adjustable height and rebound speed make Move It Speed usable for fitting for all ages.

I am always excited to see innovative technology that fuses fun and fitness together in a way that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Ever have those moments when you just wish you could punch something to release your frustration? Now you can blow off some steam after a long day at work and take out your frustration with this interactive freestanding punching bag!

Train, play and challenge your friends

The Move It App has a social feature that might be the most exciting aspect of Move It Speed. With the Move It app, you can train and challenge your friends, participate in community events and track your progress on leader board rankings.

You can pre-order the Move It Speed smart freestanding punching bag throughout the crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

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