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For the last few weeks, I have been trying out the AURA Strap 2, an Apple Watch band that helps you track your body health and takes your fitness analytics to a whole new level.

What is an AURA Device?

Aura Strap 2

The AURA Strap 2 is an innovative accessory that works seamlessly with your Apple Watch. With this smart strap, you can keep a close eye on your body's composition, hydration levels, and so much more. 

It helps you track essential metrics like body fat, muscle mass, water levels, and more, providing valuable insights to help you achieve your fitness goals.

A few highlights:

  • 95% measurement accuracy
  • Syncs with Apple Healthkit
  • Stretchable loop that fits any size wrist + 4 Loop sizes in the box
  • Battery life is 6 months it has a replaceable battery
  • Water resistance: it will not be affected by high moisture or immersion in water up to 50 cm / 20 inches. swimming or using the device in the shower is not recommended


The Technology Driving AURA Devices

AURA Devices, a pioneer in wearable technology since 2016, prioritizes innovation. Their in-house scientific research and engineering are the cornerstones of their work. Intellectual property is meticulously protected, leading to the inclusion of their innovations in numerous patents, extensive research findings, and featured contributions to scientific literature.

How to use AURA Strap 2

The AURA Strap 2 will give you personalized data and uses clinically proven bioimpedance technology to measure your body composition. It is very easy to use. After you replace your Apple watch strap with the AURA Strap 2, you need to open the AURA app on your Apple watch.

Next, touch the flat electrodes on the strap to the area under the thumb of your free hand.

Hold this position until your Apple watch shines to let you know the measurement is done.

You can view the body composition data on your Apple Watch and see even more data in the App dashboards.

Data from AURA Strap 2

Benefits and Features

Body Composition Analysis: AURA Devices provide comprehensive insights into your body composition, including metrics like body fat percentage, muscle mass, and water levels. This information helps you better understand your physical health.

Real-time Tracking: You can get real-time monitoring, allowing you to track changes in your body composition over time. This is great to have when you are working toward fitness goals or keeping an eye on your weight.

Integration with Wearables: AURA Devices seamlessly integrates with the Apple Watch, making it convenient to access your health data without having to wear additional devices.

Personalized Insights: The data collected is used to provide personalized recommendations and insights, helping you make informed decisions about your fitness and nutrition routines.

Scientifically Validated: AURA Devices are backed by in-house scientific research and engineering, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the data they provide.

User-friendly Interface: These devices are designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive apps and interfaces that make it easy to access and interpret your health data.

Goal Tracking: Set and monitor your health and fitness goals with the help of AURA Devices, keeping you motivated on your wellness journey.


My experience

The AURA Strap 2 has been an awesome addition to my fitness journey. I love that it simplifies the measurement process and I don't have to remember to step on a smart scale to get my weight and body composition data. I also really like that the app is not focused on weight. It gives you a whole-body view of your body composition and helps you understand what the metrics mean and how you are trending.


Price and Where to buy It 

You can easily purchase Aura Devices directly from their official website. Be sure to use the exclusive coupon code ÔÇťTHEFITNESSJUNKIEBLOGÔÇŁ at checkout so you can get $10 off your order!

A few perks and things to know about your purchases:

  • Free shipping:┬áShipping is free for orders in the US
  • 15 day returns
  • Secured payments with you make a purchase on their website (SSL encryption)
  • 1 year warranty

What's included?

  • AURA Strap 2
  • Infinite Loops
  • Coin Battery (CR1632)
  • Pick for Battery and Loop Replacement
  • Quickstart Guide


Does the AURA Strap 2 really work? Final Thoughts

Yes, the AURA Strap 2 measures your body composition and provides you with a composition report in the AURA app. The accuracty of AURA Strap 2 is upto 95% of a DEXA scan. A DEXA Scan is the gold standard for BIA measurements.

Whether you're starting your fitness journey or aiming to make more informed health choices, the AURA strap empowers you with the knowledge to understand how your body is tracking.

You get all the data of key body composition metrics like Body Fat, Muscle, Body Water, Visceral Fat, Protein, Lean Mass, Minerals, BMI and Weight.


Price: $159.00+
Where to Buy:
Discount Available: Get $10 off with coupon code THEFITNESSJUNKIEBLOG
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Aura Devices.

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