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The Beta Switch Review

When I first came across this program I had no idea what “Beta Switch” meant or what it had to do with weight loss. Don’t let the name of the program give you doubts, the Beta Switch weight loss program is worth looking into. Here is everything that you need to know about the program before deciding to get started.

What is The Beta Switch

​The Bate Switch is a complete 12 week weight loss and fitness program designed by fitness expert, Sue Heintze. You’ll finally learn why you keep storing fat around the butt, belly, thighs, and arms. She will revile the science behind this and what you can do to stop it all without giving up your favorite foods.

​Who is Sue Heintze?

​Sue Heintze is not only a Australiam fitness expert but is also a multiple-time bodybuilding champion. She shares her experience and struggles from compulsive eating disorders and negative body image. This lead her to crash dieting that never worked and I’m sure you can relate. Eventually she dug into the science and created the Beta Switch program that enabled her to win figure competitions at the age of 40!

Today Sue runs and operates a online fitness platform specifically for women. She has been featured on various media outlets such as Australian Oxygen Magazine, Australian Women’s Health & Fitness magazine and Shape Magazine.

How does The Beta Switch Work?

​The science behind the program is super technical so I will do my best to summarize and not bore you. The body has two types of receptors: Alpha Receptors and Beta receptors. Alpha Receptors. When these are activated they have different effects on a women’s body.

When Alpha receptors are activated your body gets signals to store fat, and when Beta receptors are activated you burn fat. Both men and women have these receptors but the main difference is that women have 9 times more Alpha receptors than men. This is a reason why men seem to lose weight much easier than women.

The Beta Switch program teaches you how to keep your Beta receptors switched on so that you can burn more fat and finally lose weight in all those stubborn areas. If you are interested in learning more details about Beta receptors and how they work in a women’s body you can get the details on The Beta Switch website.

​The Beta Switch Price and Whats Included

The Beta Switch program is a weight loss program that is actually based in science and it will give you all the tools you need to start losing weight. The complete system can be yours today for just $19.00. This is a real bargain and I’m not sure how long this low price will last, hopefully long enough for you to get your copy! Here is what is included in this price:

  • The Beta Switch Manual
  • The Beta Switch Workout Guide
  • 12 Week Exercise Program
  • Success Tracker
  • 6 Day Quick Start Guide
  • Supplement Guide
  • Diet Tracker
  • Bonus 1: The 5 Day Tummy Tuck - safest and most efficient way to rapidly shake off excess belly weight and slim down your tummy
  • Bonus 2: Boost Your Body Image Report eBook
  • Bonus 3: Mind Over Matter eBook
  • Bonus 4: 1 full month in the exclusive Tight n' Toned club - experience the support and wisdom of like-minded women, you'll also enjoy new recipes, diet tips, workouts, articles and videos that are being added to the site weekly
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee - try the program risk free!

Benefits of The Beta Switch

  • Credible Author - Sue is a fitness expert and provides you with a safe and healthy approach to weight loss
  • Not a extreme diet - the program advocates against crash diets and extreme dieting. You’ll still be able to eat your favorite foods while on the program.
  • Scientific backing - many weight loss programs do not provide any scientific support to the claims they make. This program is entirely backed my science
  • Low Price - $19.00 is a amazing value for all the tools and information you get
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee - you have the opportunity to try the program risk free and get your money back if you are not satisfied
  • Client testimonials - there are many women that have come forward with their stories about how they lost weight on The Beta Switch program

The Beta Switch Reviews and Testimonials

I always look for proof that a weight loss program works before trying it out. In this case The beta Switch has many satisfied clients that completed the program. Here are a few Beta Switch reviews:

"My 12 weeks have finished. I am now proclaiming to be 50 and Fabulous!I thoroughly enjoy the compliments from those known to me and from strangers. It's wonderful and empowering and this is the beginning of a new adventure.” - Penny

"After 30 days there was a significant reduction in cellulite on my thighs and rear. The more variations in my resistance the more sculpted my physique is, especially in my legs and tummy.” - Nic

"Do it for you - I wanted to fit into my honeymoon white capri pants-my ultimate goal!I had them hanging up in the lounge to keep me motivated to fit into them... like I did before my kids... and I did it! Thanks Sue!” - Monica

Final Verdict

Sue is a fitness specialist and weight loss transformation expert. She really has delivered a complete weight loss solution that actually works and doesn’t make crazy promises. This program is designed for women of all ages and fitness level.

If you are struggling to lose weight, especially around those trouble areas than give The Beta Switch a try. After all, the worst case senecio is that you don’t like it and get a refund so you have nothing to lose…expect fat! You can easily get started with this program by going to the official Beta Switch website and place your order for instant access.

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