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My first month with BioSteel hydration mix and review 

Whether you're into intense team sports or prefer to run or cycle as a solo athlete, staying hydrated is critical to staying strong, recovering effectively and working out again tomorrow.

Allowing yourself to become dehydrated can be hard on your kidneys, your heart and your cognitive abilities.

What is Biosteel?

BioSteel was developed by athletes for athletes.

The originators of this product looked at what products were being marketed to athletes and noticed a lot of products loaded with

  • stimulants, including caffeine and sugar
  • artificial colors and flavors
  • fillers and other unnecessary ingredients

The original BioSteel drink was pink.

As the product caught on with professional athletes and trainers helping athletes to build up their muscle mass and endurance, the message to #DrinkThePink™ grew.

As the Pink grew in popularity, new flavors and colors were added to the product line.

What Does BioSteel Hydration Mix Do?

 BioSteel adds quality nutrients into your bloodstream, including

  • electrolytes
  • Vitamin B
  • amino acids

It doesn't add sugar or caffeine. For team athletes and those who need a steady hand without the jitters that a sugar or caffeine boost can give, BioSteel can greatly increase your staying power on the field, green or track without the roller coaster energy experience caused by a sugary or caffeinated drink.

Why Hydration is Important and How BioSteel Helps

 Getting dehydrated in extreme heat or during an intense workout can lead, in the short-term, to

  • cramps
  • a loss of muscular efficiency
  • poor decisions

Because dehydration can be fatal, the ability to make really good decisions on a hot day can be the difference between life and death. 

Water can help protect you against the life-threatening risk of dehydration, but if you don't increase your electrolyte intake up, you can put a great deal of pressure on your kidneys and your heart.

Loading up on sugar can cause agitation and a rapid heart rate while a highly caffeinated beverage will actually increase your urinary output and increase your risk of dehydration!


I love the Rainbow Twist flavor! I took a picture of the powder before I ran out!

Is BioSteel Hydration Mix Healthy?

BioSteel is all about staying hydrated. It does contain many B Vitamins and electrolytes

If you like to work up a good sweat but sometimes struggle with exhaustion and cramps, this is your drink.

Plus, you don't have to deal with that nasty feeling of overloading on sugar or the caffeine rush that makes you mentally edgy when you're physically tired.

If you're tired of workout supplements that make you feel like you just pounded a high caffeine, sugar loaded soda, try the pink!


How Does BioSteel Hydration Mix Work?

BioSteel replaces lost electrolytes. The B Vitamin boost can replace what you lose through perspiration. Both electrolytes and B Vitamins are critical to healthy heart function. 

Many of us have spent a bit too much time on the couch, helped by recent world events.

If you're working hard to get back into the gym and struggling with exhaustion at the end of a workout, this supplement before and halfway through a good sweat can help you maintain your energy later in the day.

When Should You Take BioSteel?

While hydrating is always a healthy choice, BioSteel is a continuous energy release product.

Because there's no sugar and no caffeine, you won't feel a spike of energy followed by sleepiness.

The time to drink your BioSteel is at half-time, during a bench break, or halfway through a long and strenuous hike when you need to air out your shoes.

BioSteel won't create a radical energy bump, but it will help you maintain your intensity for a longer stretch of time and help you push harder and play longer.

If you're headed to the gym for a long, hard workout, take your first dosage 30 minutes before you start working out to start hydrated and stay nourished through your workout.

Once you drink your dosage, track your energy during your workout.

You may well find that you have more energy through that last rep, especially if you're working to the point of burn.


Pros and Cons


  • This is a supplement for athletes formulated by athletes. If your goal is fitness and cardiac health, BioSteel can help
  • This supplement can also protect your joints from dehydration, which can seriously impact the spring in your joints
  • You can buy BioSteel from the company and from other sources, including Amazon


  • This product is not specifically formulated for weight loss
  • If you're looking for protein, this is not your supplement
  • If you need a supplement to keep you going while you cut calories, the lack of caffeine may get in your way

However, you can get this supplement in several different flavors and the taste is quite light. There is a slight sweetness to this beverage, but nothing overpowering or cloying. BioSteel also offers whey-based protein supplements, which are a wonderful tool for fighting post workout soreness. 


What's your favorite!?

The two flavors I tried are the Rainbow Twist and Strawberry Kiwi.

Rainbow twist is my favorite but it's a tough call, both are super tasty and I'm excited to try some of the other flavors!

I really like the hydration mix powder because I have full control over the drink mix to water ratio.

You can order BioSteel in a premix or as a powder; like a lot of nutritional and sports supplements, this product is cheaper in the dry mix.

You can get this in Blue Raspberry, Peach Mango, Grape, Lemon Lime, and many other light, sweet flavors.

You can try 20 servings for just $24.99. A simple drink that can help you work out longer without dehydration and exhaustion?

Follow the path of many other athletes and #DrinkThePink™! 👉 TRY BIOSTEEL

Price: $16.99+
Where to Buy:
Discount Available: none
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Biosteel.

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