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In-Depth Blue Cube Ice Water Bath Review: A Guide to the Coolest Way to Improve Your Health

We have all seen cameos of athletes in locker rooms chilling out in ice water baths. Fitness enthusiasts and weekend warriors are also known for jumping into an ice bath after a long day of physical activity. 

So how does cold water immersion work, and is it worth a try? If so, how does one even access a bath like this? That is precisely what we are here to discuss. 

Below, we will give you an in-depth overview of the blue cube Hydro healer. We'll go over the benefits of this ice water bath, what real users are saying, and more! Let's dive in. 

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What is the Blue Cube Hydro Healer Ice Water Bath?

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The Blue Cube Hydro Healer is one of the most challenging and most versatile industrially produced ice water baths of all time. This is an excellent solution for those who appreciate or require cold water immersion therapy and want to access these healing benefits anytime. 

With a 10-year warranty and affordable payment plans, this is the easiest way to access professional-grade cold water immersion therapy from the comfort of home. 

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What's the Science Behind This and How Does it Work?

The science behind ice water bass is simple. By reducing inflammation, easing muscle pain, and breathing deeply, you can improve the health of your nervous system, including your vagus nerve. 

Simultaneously, you will be controlling inflammation levels throughout your entire body while also relieving the aches and pains in your muscles and joints.

This can improve your overall health, provide a range of beneficial therapeutic Solutions holistically, and prevent specific health issues. 

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Why Blue Cube Hydro Healer? Difficulty Finding or Making At-Home Ice Water Baths

Ice water baths can be extraordinarily beneficial to your health. However, finding an ice water bath to use after you have just worked out or have had a strenuous day of activity can be difficult. 

Very few gyms have ice water baths at the ready for members. Going to an expensive Day Spa can be inconvenient and downright pricey. Alternatively, DIY ice water baths can be messy, unsafe, and downright frustrating to set up every time. 

Also, at home, DIY ice water baths can be somewhat dangerous. This is because it is very difficult to get your water to the ideal temperature. After all, you have to strike the perfect balance between cold water relief and user safety. 

Plus, ice water baths are most beneficial right after a long workout before your muscles begin to get inflamed. As such, preparing the perfect ice water bath takes time and energy. The only way to have one ready is to get it ready before you workout. 

However, this can mess with your workout timing schedule.

Imagine having to stop when you're in the middle of a hot streak to run and add a bag of ice to your ice water bath.

Additionally, fluctuations in the temperature of the air and humidity levels can be challenging to control.

When the ice melts and the temperature starts rising, your bath can be ineffective. 

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The Best Ice Water Bath to Buy: The Blue Cube Hydro Healer

So what is the solution? How can you access therapeutic ice water bathing from home quickly?

The answer is the Blue Cube Hydro Healer. This is one of the toughest and most durable ice water baths for home use. Plus, this bath is easy to install, affordable, and highly efficient.

Not only does it have easy-to-use temperature controls, but it comes with a 10-year warranty.

If you preorder, you can even get this warranty at no additional charge. Really, if you have been looking for a great ice water bath, the Blue Cube Hydro Healer is the perfect solution. 

Indeed, this is the perfect at-home ice water bath for biohackers, athletes, bodybuilders, overachievers, executives, yogis, mental health professionals, the elderly, those in rehabilitation, and anyone looking to improve their physical and mental health. 

Price and Coupon Code/ Discount

The Hydro Healer is a premium self-contained ice water bath that is designed to be used frequently. No ice is needed - the energy efficient technology maintain temperature as low as 36 degrees!

Zero set up time and use it as many times a day as you like! It comes fully assembled and 100% American built.

The energy efficient/ energy usage can be compared to that of a small refrigerator.

The regular price is $17,900 but at the time of this review its only $11,999! PLUS you can use the coupon code: FJBLOG for 25% off that price.

BUT you can get the Hydro Healer starting at $450/mo with affirm. Check out the product page for more information.


  • 10 year warranty
  • 30 day money back guarantee (10% restocking and return shipping not included.)
  • 25% Coupon Code

You can get 25% OFF your order by using the promo code: FJBLOG!

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How the Blue Cube Hydro Healer Works

The Hydro Healer is an efficient and easy-to-use at-home ice water bath. In less than three weeks, this ice water bath comes shipped directly to your home. It comes preassembled, so all you have to do is fill it with water. 

You don't even have to worry about constant filtration or cleaning!

After you initially fill it, you don't have to refill it until you're ready. If you want to drain it, it has a quick drain system and a foot-operated lever inside the tub that rapidly drains all of the water. However, the same water can be used in this bath for a very long time. 

This preassembled ice water bath can be placed inside or outside of your home.

Better yet, the Hydro Healer plugs into a standard 120-volt outlet. It only uses 10 amps of regular power.

So, keeping this energy-efficient ice water bath at the ideal temperature is easy! 

Pros of the Hydro Healer

 • Comes fully assembled

 • Easy to install indoors or outdoors

 • Effortless to clean and drain 

 • Includes filtration system 

 • Energy efficient and uses the same amperage as a refrigerator 

 • Customer service and maintenance included anywhere in the US

 • Bumper to bumper 10-year parts, frame, cooling system, stainless steel tub, and filtration system warranty included

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Reviews & testimonials: Is the Hydro Healer Really a Good Option?

Before making any investment, it is good to find out what other real-life users have to say.

Luckily, the hydro healer has fantastic user reviews!

Biohackers from all across America have been enjoying the benefits of this efficient and effective at-home ice water bath. 

As Jennifer Lee, Yoga Instructor, Stated:

"For maintaining my body, making my skin look radiant, and eliminating depression, ice water bathing has been a game-changer for me. The Blue Cube Hydro Healer is a beautiful addition to my home. I recommend it to all my clients."

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Now you know! Ice water baths can be highly beneficial for your mental, physical, and neurological help. However, accessing the benefits of a cold water bath like this at home can be difficult. 

The Blue Cube Hydro Healer is an excellent solution for biohackers looking for CWI from home! This is an effective at-home ice water bath that can be set up inside or outside. It ships preassembled and is very easy to use. It also has excellent maintenance, a 10-year warranty, and glowing customer reviews. 

All in all, if you have been looking to access the benefits of cold water immersion therapy from home, this is a fantastic option to look into!

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Frequently asked questions

What are the Health Benefits Of Ice Water Baths and Why Use Them?

Ice water baths have been known to relieve sore muscles for decades. In fact, in some countries, bathing in frigid water has been practiced for centuries. However, recent scientific studies have shown that cold water immersion therapy may have even more benefits. 

Sometimes referred to as CWI, this type of cold hydrotherapy involves a 15-minute dip in water ranging between 50 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Benefits range from easing soreness to improving the function of your central nervous system! 

Health Benefits

 • Eases the soreness of aching muscles

 • Improve central nervous system functionality

 • Slow or limit inflammatory responses

 • Decrease heat and humidity sensitivity

 • Train and refine vagus nerve function

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Reducing Muscle Soreness

Aching muscles are never any fun. After a vigorous workout or a long day of physical activity, reducing muscle soreness is a critical part of carrying on with your day-to-day activities. Moreover, relieving the soreness of your muscles can help to ensure your next workout will be as effective as the one before it. 

Muscle soreness relief is one of the greatest and most widely known benefits of ice water baths. These baths simply make the body feel good all over! After working out intensely, this form of cold water immersion therapy can quickly relieve those sore and burning feelings in your muscle tissue. 

Enhancing Your Nervous System Responses

Your central nervous system is surprisingly sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Ice baths can help your central nervous system by assisting in sleep regulation and reducing fatigue. This can also help you improve your response and reaction times. 

The Reduction Of Inflammation

In every illness, one of the most common symptoms is inflammation. Although inflammation is a critical response that allows the body to heal, unbalanced inflammation levels can cause serious issues. 

When left unchecked, inflammation can lead to a range of cartilage and nerve issues. In theory, decreasing the temperature after exercise will limit the influence of the inflammatory response on muscles and other tissue. 

This will then reduce the amount of overall inflammation you have and help you recover faster. In fact, preventing or keeping inflammation in check is one of the best ways to prevent long-term injuries and certain types of nerve damage. 

 Inflammation damage can cause or worsen problems like tarsal tunnel syndrome, carpal tunnel, and many different irregularities in your deep and soft tissues. As such, reducing inflammation or controlling it can be a highly effective form of healing. 

Vagus Nerve Responses

Your vagus nerve is responsible for a range of bodily systems. It is one of the longest and most complex cranial nerves in your entire body. This nerve works through two sides to transmit information from the surface of your brain to various organs throughout your whole body. 

Organs affected by the vagus nerve include your heart and lungs. One of the main ways to stimulate the healthy function of your vagus nerve is through slow belly breathing in an ice water bath. The health benefits of this have been studied for decades! 

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