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Let's start with the basics, a slide board - as the name implies - is a board that you slide on for exercise, and it's a great way to shake up your workout routine. Not only are slide board workouts fun, but they are an excellent exercise tool that doesn't take up much space and can be used by anyone. 

What is the Brrrn board?

The Brrrn Board is a sideboard with a wooden stopper at each end. By wearing the over-the-shoe botties, you can slide on the board while following instructions from the Brrrn online workout streaming video. 


  • Lightweight
  • High-quality and durable 
  • Easy to store under the couch / bed.
  • Great variety of classes
  • Fun and a great workout
  • Low impact
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes everything you need to get started


  • Pricy 
  • workout subscription required in a 

Summary: The Brrrn board is a workout slide board with an online/ mobile app streaming service offering low-impact cardio workouts and strength training classes. 

How does it work? Who is it for?

Every purchase of the Brrrn bord comes with 30-day access to Brrrn's At-Home Subscription of workout videos and classes.

The Brrrn online workout video library has a nice variety of workouts. The classes range from 10 to 60 minutes and include cardio, pilates, strength training workouts to be done on the board.  The video library also has exercises for off-board practice, including HIIT, flexibility workouts, and even vinyasa.  

The Brrrn is the first time I ever heard of a slide board, and, honestly, I had no idea what to expect, but it sounded fun! 

At-home Brrrn workouts

All the accessories you need to get started is included with your Burrrn board. This also includes a 30 day access to the Brrrn At-Home workout video library. The workout library videos are created by world class instructors. You can choose the workout length to fit your schedule.

  • Workouts length options are: 10, 20,30,45 and 60 minutes

If this is your first time using a slide board, watch the "Intro To Slide" video from the video library. This video will cover all the basics so you can get started with your slide board workout. There is a great variety of workouts to choose from.

  • Ab and core focused excerises
  • Mobility and recover
  • Upper, lower and total body HIIT
  • Pilaties inspired
  • Sliding focused
  • Vinyasa yoga flows
  • Calming and breathing meditations
  • DIY daily challenges

Where to buy the Brrrn Board? 

You can purchase a Brrrrn board from the official Brrrn board website: You will get free shipping to the continental states. 

There are two Brrrn board sizes.

  • The 5-foot board is recommended for users 5 feet 5 inches and shorter. The price of the 5-foot board is $229. 
  • The 6-foot board adjustable and is recommended for those that are between 5'5" and 6'5". The cost of the 6-foot adjustable board is $299

While this board is pricey compared to the cheap glide boards available online, it does compensate with the high quality and solid built. The Brrrn board has wood bumpers on each side as a safety feature. These real-wood bumpers are there to help prevent you from sliding off. 

Another helpful design feature of the Brrrn board is the bottom. The bottom of the Brrrn board has a recycled rubber anti-slip surface. This feature will help keep the board in place as you are sliding and using it. 

Unboxing - what's included? 

With your Brrrn board purchase, you will get: 

  • Pair of Slide Mittens
  • Pair of Regular Slide Booties
  • One pack of board wipes (for cleaning up before/after your slide)
  • The Brrrn board

The Brrrn board may also be available from Amazon. However, be sure you are buying from the official BRRRN Store on Amazon and not a third party. 

Brrrn board alternatives

In my option, the Brrrn board is priced well. Often you get what you pay for, and while there are some cheap plastic slide boards under $100, there are also premium slide boards priced at almost $400. The Brrrn board is an excellent combination of a premium slide board at a reasonable price. 

There are some cheaper alternatives on Amazon. However, I can't comment on the value or quality since I did not try any of the alternatives myself. 

There are slide boards on Amazon that look similar but priced at $395. 

Ultimately The Brrrn Board is priced appropriately for the quality and features of the slide board. 

Reviews and testimonials

Slide boards have recently exploded in popularity. The Brrrn board has been featured in many popular media publications, including Good Morning America, GQ, Men's Health, and the New York Times. 

Brrrn board reviews left by customers are very positive. After reading hundreds of reviews, here are a few highlights of both positive and negative feedback. 


  • high quality and built to last
  • It comes with everything you need to get started
  • The at-home Brrrn workout videos are incredible 
  • Effective and challenging workouts
  • Fits nicely under the couch or bed


  • It was challenging to find negative feedback on the Brrrn board. The only thing that comes up was the price, but many people said even though it was a higher p[price, it was well worth the investment. 

My Experience

The Brrrn board arrived already assembled! I thought that was pretty neat; fitting it in my little car proved to be a workout itself, but we managed it!


The Brrrn board comes with all the accessories you need to slide right into your first slide board workout. The options of multiple Brrrn board sizes make it an excellent slide board for everyone in your household. 

Brrrn is a high-quality slide board that you can be confident of. 

I don't know of any other slide board on the market that offers this level of quality and excellent selection of follow-along workout videos. 

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