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In depth review of CardioMood, the medical-grade health and wellness tracker

CardioMood health tracker


CardioMood is the ultimate activity tracker for fitness fanatics and athletes alike. It helps you keep tabs on your heart rate, calorie output, and other health metrics in real-time as you work out. This medical-grade wearable is unrivaled in its accuracy and sets a new gold standard in health data.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, this water-resistant tracker boasts a long battery life and is easy to use. Accurate and reliable, CardioMood can provide that extra push needed to reach those fitness goals.

With it, you can track calories burned, monitor your performance level in sports, measure your heart rate during any activity and stay motivated with personalized reminders.

Whether you're just getting into shape or looking for an edge in competitive sports, CardioMood can help you get the most out of your workouts.

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What is CardioMood?  

CardioMood is more than a fitness wearable. A medical-grade wearable that monitors and provides detailed and highly reliable health metrics. The technology behind this wearable started with physicians and in a clinical setting.

It's unrivaled in its accuracy. Now, this technology is available to you, so you, too, can have precise metrics on your health available anytime and anywhere. 

What does CardioMood measure?

CardioMood monitors many different metrics related to your health. This is high quality and highly accurate measurements that have all been validated in peer-reviewed clinical trials. To name a few, CardioMood monitors:

  • Sleep
  • Activity
  • Heart rate variability (RR intervals)
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Temperature deviations

CardioMood is a fantastic activity tracker for fitness. It provides data, calls out trends, and gives you personalized insights based on your personal baseline data. CardioMood tracks your daily steps count and percentage toward your daily target. You can also see your distance and active calories. 

Let's get into some of the details on the data and information you can expect from CardioMood.

CardioMood monitors you sleep. It will automatically detect your sleep time. It will analyzie your sleep and break it out into categories and insights including light sleep, deep sleep, REM, performance, tranquility, consistency.

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CardioMood unboxing


  • Size: 25mm x 37mm x 9mm
  • IP66 water resistant
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 2 single-channel optical wave PPG sensors, up to 525 nm, 19 bits
  • 3-axis motion sensor, acquisition noise 1.3 mg RMS, range ±16 g full scale
  • 1-week span Battery Life

What's included

  • CardioMood smart band
  • Comprehensive manual
  • Full support and assistance
  • Black silicon strap
  • 1m / 39 in. USB charging cable
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Web platform access for viewing data on any computer

How to get started?

CardioMood band
  1. Secure the smart band around your wrist with the clasp, but not too tightly.
  2. Ensure the back of the device is in contact with your skin for continuous measurements.
  3. Slide the band up your wrist during exercise for more accurate measurements.
  4. Loosen the band after exercising and periodically take it off to let your skin breathe.
  5. Clean the band with a soap-free cleanser if it causes any discomfort or irritation.
  6. Check that the wrist setting in the CardioMood app matches the wrist on which you're wearing the device.

How Does the App Work?

The app analyzes data from wearable devices such as smartwatches and fitness trackers to perform its functions. It monitors your heart rate variability and alerts you to abnormal heart rhythms, allowing you to manage your cardiovascular health more effectively.

Unlike many other wearable like Garmin or Apple Watch, CardioMood takes key measurements every minute and all this data is available to you in the CardioMood app.

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Benefits of CardioMood by health category

CardioMood and the revolutionary app that allows users to monitor their heart, mental, respiratory and physical health. It provides real-time data on heart rate, stress levels, breathing rate and volume as well as physical activity.

With personalized feedback based on individual data and interactive exercises for managing stress levels and improving fitness progress, CardioMood helps users make informed decisions about their health so they can live healthier lives. Here are a few of the many ways CardioMood can be beneficial to your health:

Heart health:

  • CardioMood provides continuous heart rate monitoring, allowing users to track their heart rate in real-time.
  • Users can set custom heart rate zones and receive alerts when they exceed or fall below their target heart rate.

Respiratory health:

  • CardioMood helps users monitor their breathing rate and volume, providing insights into their respiratory health.
  • Users can use the breathing exercises provided in the app to improve their respiratory health and manage stress levels.

Physical Health:

  • CardioMood allows users to track their physical activity, providing insights into their exercise habits.
  • With personalized feedback based on individual data, users can adjust their exercise routines to optimize their fitness progress.
  • During exercise, users can slide the band up their wrist to obtain more accurate measurements and ensure they are within their target heart rate zone.

Pricing and Availability

CardioMood is available for purchase today by going to the official CardioMood website: This wearable cost £199 which is about $213 (at the time of this article) and the value of the data, personalized feedback, and features make this a must-have wearable.

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My experience

I am very impressed with how accurate CardioMood is. It shouldn't be a surprise since all measurements of essential health metrics such as heart rate, sleep duration, respiration rate, and activity have all been independently validated to ensure accuracy and published in leading scientific journals.

My favorite feature is the Readiness Score and the personalized analysis and insight into performance and recovery.

I love that the data and metrics are explained rather than just shown.

This is such an exciting wearable with incredible potential - I'm excited to keep using CardioMood for my workouts and overall health improvements!
My Readiness Score (I went for a long run a couple days ago)
CardioMood health and wellness tracker

Who could benefit from using CardioMood?

  • Fitness enthusiasts: Individuals who are passionate about physical fitness and exercise can track their heart rate variability (HRV) and monitor their performance during workouts.
  • Athletes: Athletes can use CardioMood to track their heart rate and HRV during training and competition, allowing them to optimize their performance.
  • Individuals with heart conditions: People with heart conditions can use CardioMood to monitor their heart rate and detect any irregularities or changes that may indicate a problem with their heart health.
  • Individuals with sleep disorders: People with sleep disorders can use CardioMood to track their sleep patterns and monitor their heart rate and HRV during sleep to identify any issues that may be affecting their sleep quality.
  • Individuals with high-stress jobs: Individuals with high-stress jobs can benefit from CardioMood by monitoring their stress levels and taking proactive steps to manage stress and maintain good heart health.
  • Individuals with anxiety or depression: CardioMood is helpful for people with anxiety or depression as it allows them to track their HRV and stress levels and monitor the effectiveness of stress-management techniques.
  • Individuals interested in tracking their physical activity and fitness progress: Users can track their physical activity levels, monitor their heart rate during exercise, and monitor their progress toward fitness goals using CardioMood.
  • Individuals interested in improving their sleep hygiene: CardioMood enables users to gain insights into their sleep patterns and quality, empowering them to make lifestyle changes that can improve their sleep hygiene.
  • Individuals interested in monitoring their heart rate during exercise: Users can utilize CardioMood to monitor their heart rate and HRV during exercise, enabling them to optimize their workouts and avoid overexertion.

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CardioMood alternatives

There are tons of wearable options out there and choosing the right tracker can be a difficult process. Whoop, Garmin, Oura, and Fitbit are some of the more well-known health and wellness trackers. The first thing that makes CardioMood a better choice is the accuracy of the data.

CardioMood is the only one that has been validated in third-party trials and published in peer-reviewed journals. Healthcare professionals worldwide count on the accuracy of CardioMood.

It is also important to note that CaridoMood is a high quality wearable that is manufactured in Switzerland, NOT China like many other wearables.

Is it Worth It?

CardioMood is an innovative health and wellness tracker that can help users manage their stress, improve their sleep quality and optimize their fitness progress. With personalized feedback based on individual data, it provides insights into how to adjust exercise routines for better results.

CardioMood has been recognized by various publications and organizations as a great way to monitor overall cardiovascular health.

Whether you are looking to track your physical activity or reduce stress levels, CardioMood is worth trying out – its features have already helped countless people reach their goals!

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Price: £199
Where to Buy:
Discount Available: Get 10% off with coupon code fitnessjunkie
Source: The sample for this review was provided by CardioMood.

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