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CBDistillery has an assortment of lab-tested CBD products, including CBD oils (tinctures), topicals, and capsules.

sample of cbd product line
These are just a few products from their extensive product line.


Their products come in a wide range of dosages that make them an excellent choice for CBD beginners and seasoned CBD customers.

Is CBDistillery a good company?

CBDistillery is founded in Colorado to offer high-quality CBD products at an affordable price.

They are very transparent about the ingredients and quality of the products they sell. Third-party lab testing results are available on the website.

CBDistillery Products

CBDistillery has a wide variety of products that are excellent options for those that are new to CBD and are curious to incorporate CBD into their daily wellness routine.

The CBDistillery has both Full Spectrum and CBD Isolate products.

Full Spectrum (<0.3% THC)

Full-spectrum products are created through a full hemp plant extraction.

Full-spectrum CBD products contain other beneficial and naturally occurring cannabinoids (including trace amounts of THC).

By federal law, THC levels must be less than 0.3%. Plant terpenes, vitamins, minerals, and plant protein of the plant will also be a part of the end product.

Full-spectrum CBD products are preferred by many for the "entourage effect."

A study conducted in 2015 found that full-spectrum CBD offers higher levels of anti-inflammatory relief compared to the same dose of a CBD isolate.

This observation was believed to have occurred because of the synergistic interaction of CBD with the other cannabinoids in the full-spectrum extract.  

CBD Isolate (0% THC)

CBD Isolate products are created by removing all other molecules to only leave CBD. The end result is pure CBD with zero THC.

Check out our Beginner's Guide to CBD for more information on types of CBD Oil.

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The CBDistillery products that are great options for beginners include:

CBDistillery Oil (CBD Tincture): CBD Oil options range from 250mg to 5,000mg. There are options for both THC-free oils and full-spectrum oils.

CBD Gummies: CBD Gummies are among the most popular options for beginners. They are a tasty and straightforward option for CBD.

CBD Pill and SoftGel Capsules: Taking CBD Capsules or Softgels is as easy as taking a daily multivitamin and available from CBDistillery in capsule and gelatin Softgel form.

CBD Topicals: (lotions, skin creams, etc.): External application of CBD lotion, skin cream, and even lip balm is all available from the CBDistillery topical product lineup.

They do carry additional CBD products like Vape oils, Isolates, and pet tinctures. You can easily visit their website to view and learn more about all the products they carry.

My Experience:

As someone new to the benefits of using CBD products, I was pleasantly surprised by the awesomeness of the company and products.

I love the transparency of the products, and the website had a ton of information, products, how to use them, and recommendations for specific health benefits.

CBD Oil and Gummies

So far, members of my family and friends and I have used:

  • CBDol Relief Stick
  • Vegan CBD Gummies
  • Nighttime Gummies
  • CBD Oil Full Spectrum

My favorite product is the night time CBD gummies with melatonin. First of all, they are delicious. As a beginner exploring the benefits of CBD products, CBD gummies are my favorite. The gummies from CBDistillery are fantastic and delicious. I love that they are vegan.

A really cool way to see quality testing of the product sent to you is to scan the QR code on the side of the packaging!

The transparency and quality of CBDistillery products make me confident in recommending this brand to you.

CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture Review

There are several CBD Tincture products in several different strengths and sizes.

There are two options for oil to choose from: Full-Spectrum CBD Oil or THC Free Pure CBD Oil Tincture.

CBD Oil 1000mg bottle
One of the most popular CBD oil tinctures is the Full spectrum 1000mg.


This is an excellent choice for customers looking to incorporate CBD into their daily wellness routine. It is simple to use and quality with ingredients.

How to use CBDistillery oil tinctures

There is very clear instruction on the box, suggested use recommends shaking before using.

Take 1 serving orally by using the dropper to drop the oil under your young and hold it there for 15-20 seconds before swallowing.

There are other ways to take it like adding it to your drinks or food.  

They say the recommended dosage of CBD is 30-60mg daily.

For best results, it is recommended that you start with 5-10 mg of CBD, wait 3-4 hours, and increase as necessary to achieve desired effects.

Which CBDistillery oil is right for you?

They have a wide variety of options and serving sizes. The two varieties you can choose from are Full Spectrum or Isolate (0% THC) oil. The most significant difference between those in the fact that the Full Spectrum can include up to 0.3% THC. Isolate oil includes 0% THC.


Full Spectrum Oil and Isolate Oil
Another difference between the Full-spectrum and Isolate is the “Entourage Effect” one receives when taking Full Spectrum Oil.


The entourage effect refers to the interaction of CBD with the other components of the hemp plant extract including terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals. Together they interact synergistically and even magnify the benefits of when consumed.  

All of the oil products come in a convenient and portable 30mL tincture glass bottle, and they are abundant in Omega 3s, B vitamins, and all 20 essential amino acids.

Whether you choose the full spectrum or isolate route, the serving size options are the same:

250mg bottle = 8mg per serving

500mg bottle = 17mg per serving

1000mg bottle = 33mg per serving

2500mg bottle = 83mg per serving

5000mg bottle = 167mg per serving

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CBDistillery Vegan Gummies Review

CBD gummies
I love both the Regular and the Nighttime gummies. They both taste great.

Thes CBD gummies are derived from hemp grown with natural farming practices. They are a delicious CBD supplement that is vegan and contains 0% THC.

The main ingredient in both is CBD from hemp extract, and the nighttime also features 1.5mg of melatonin.

CBDistillery gummies are:

  • Gluten-free
  • Allergen-free
  • Vegan
  • Kosher

They taste great!

The fruity flavors include raspberry-lemon, raspberry, and strawberry.

I found the nighttime gummies to be very useful. They are perfect for me to take a couple 30 min before bed.

Each bottle contains 25 gummies, and each serving has 30mg of CBD Isolate.

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CBDol Relief Stick Review

CBDistillery has a line of topical products that are infused with CBD and are used by applying directly to the skin.

CBD topicals work by getting absorbed through the skin. Topical creams are a great way to target specific areas of the body.

CBD Topical
I love how it is portable, easy to use, and mess-free.

I tried the CBDistillery CBDol Relief Stick which contains 500mg of broad-spectrum CBD and menthol.

The menthol gives a cooling sensation to my skin and smells amazing!

I’m impressed with the ingredients. The first ingredient listed in Coconut OIl which has amazing health benefits and it is great for your skin.

Price & Where to buy CBDistillery products?

You can purchase all of the products mentioned in this review article by visiting the CBDistillery website.

CBDistillery aims to be affordable while not compromising on quality. The prices for their products are a competitive and overall fantastic value!

Prices for the tinctures depend on the serving size:

  • THC Free CBD Tinctures range from $19 (250mg) to $210 (5000mg)
  • Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures range from $20 (250mg) to $240 (5000mg)

The CBD Gummies are $55 per bottle (30mg each with 25 gummies in each bottle).  You can save a few dollars with the 2 pack for a total of $90.

The topical CBD products start as low as $6 for CBD Lip Balm and go up from there.

They have a secure payment processing platform to ensure your information is safe.

CBDistillery Box Delivery
Products will be shipped out within 48 hours. The shipment packaging was a nice surprise when I open the box. The design inside is so unique and beautiful!

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Founded in 2016, CBDistillery is a reputable company serving thousands of happy customers.

Quality: High-quality products with options that are vegan, kosher, THC free, and full-spectrum, isolate.

Products: Wide variety of CBD isolates and full-spectrum tincture. They have products that are THC free and beginner-friendly. The product line includes soft gels, topicals, gummies, oils, tinctures, and more.

Transparency: 3rd party lab testing is done and available for customers. The brand is a member of the National Hemp Association. We also operate a GMP-certified facility and it is ISO 9001:2005 certified ensuring product and manufacturing quality from seed to sale.

Price: The products are an excellent balance of price and quality. You can get an even better deal if you use coupon code FJBLOG at checkout for 15% off!

Customer Service: This brand started with the mission to make high-quality CBD products accessible to the public at an affordable price. They have shown they care about their customers' well-being and educating people on the potential of CBD benefits.

Check out their full product line at the CBDistillery website!

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Price: $6+
Where to Buy: CBDistillery
Discount Available: 15% OFF coupon: FJBLOG
Source: The samples for this review were provided by CBDistillery.

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