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Chilipad Temperature Control Mattress Topper

The quality of your sleep can be dependent on many factors ranging from your daily activities, to sleep disturbances. Sleep is an incredibly important expect of good health, but many people are dismissive of its importance.

Sleep is the time when your body and mind rest and recover. When you don’t get enough sleep or when the quality of your sleep is poor, you will feel the consequences the next day. This can range from fatigue, poor mental clarity and brain function, slow metabolism and food cravings, and even poor moods and mood swings.

A good nights rest supports memory, weight loss, healthy metabolism, and can reduce both mental and physical stress.

One thing that we can do to increase the chances to help us get quality in controlling your sleep environment. The right sleeping environment can help you fall asleep faster, and have an uninterrupted night of rest.

What is Chilipad?

ChiliTechnology was founded in 2007 by a husband and wife team with the mission of creating high-quality sleep products to help people get a better night’s sleep. The focus of their efforts was to develop a way for people to control and regulate your sleep temperate, a motor component to quality sleep.

This new sleep improvement system features a mattress pad with a built-in temperature regulation system that provides both heating and cooling.

Chllipad mattress pad
In this ChiliPad review, I will walk you through everything you need to know about this temperature control mattress pad, how to set it up, my own experience, and share some helpful tips along the way!



How does the Chilipad Work?

The technology behind Chilipad is the unique design of a series of micro-tubes that ate incorporated throughout the pad. The water that flows through these tubs helps control the temperature of the pad.

chilipad cube and wireless remote
This is the Chilipad Cube and Wireless Remote

The system comes with a pad (with tubs built in) and the Chilipad Cube. You are given full control of the temperature with the Cube. Based on the temperature you select, the code will hold and circulate heated or cooled water through the tubs in the pad.

The temperature is easy to control with a wireless remote, so you don’t have to get out of bed and make an adjustment on the code directly.

The Chilipad Cube is where the magic happens, and this is where the temperature is controlled and how the water is circulated through the tubing. Dual Zone Pads will come with 2 Cubes (1 Cube per zone). Single Zone pad will come with 1 cube.

The side of the Cubes has air vents for circulation during the heating and cooling process.


Features and Benefits

Pad Comfort: The pad is quite thin and soft. The topper has a series of micro, medical grade silicone tubing that is set throughout the pad. This allows the water to circulate through the tubing and the entire area of the pad. When I laid directly on the pad, I did not feel the tubing at all. The pad has a larger tube that attaches to the Cube. They are very flexible and durable.

Material: The pad is a 150 thread count poly-cotton bend. It allows from breathability and is soft to the touch. The elastic straps at each corner help to hold it in place.

Sizes: Sizes available include” single, twin, twin XL, full. Queen, king, Cal king. You can get the Single size to cover 1/2 a Queen mattress if your spouse does not wish to sleep on the pad.

Low Sound: When the Cube is on it has a faint low fan sound. I’m very sensitive to noise while I sleep and I found the sound not very noticeable. After a while, I became ultimately used to it and hardly noticed.

Wireless Remote: The wireless remote makes it easy to control the temperature without having to leave the bed.


Chilipad Sizes: Dual Zone vs. Single Zone

The Single Zone ChiliPad is for only one zone temperature control. The sizes are Twin, Full, Single, Twin XL, and Split Cal King.

The Twin and Full are intended for Twin beds and Full-size mattress where one person is sleeping. The other three sizes are for Queen and King size matter aces where you can have two people sleeping, but only one person wants the temperature control pad.

Single Size: This size will cover half of a queen mattress
Twin XL: this size covered half of a King mattress
Split Cal King: This covers half of a California King mattress.

Single Zone ChiliPads will have 1 cube and one temperature control for the entire pad.

Dual Zone: Dual Zone pads offer two zones of temperature control. This is intended for couples to be able to set different temperatures on their side of the matters. Sizes available for dual zones include Queen, King, and California King,.

With the Duel Zone Pads, there will be two Codes, one for each zone of the pad.

1. Secure the matters pad to the mattress: The Pad should go on top of your bed and underneath a fitted sheet. The pad has elastic corner straps that fit around the edges of the matters.

2. Connect the mattress pad to the cube: The microtubes can be placed at the foot or head of the bed. Connect the tube to the cube.

3. Cube Placement: Where to put the cube? The side of the cube has air vents that are required for the heating and cooling process. They recommend placing the cube on a flat surface and in an area that has at least 24 inches of clearance on all sides of the cube (including the top).

What this means is not to place your cube under the bed. It needs to be in a spot where it will have plenty of open air space so it can get proper air circulation.

4. Add Water to the Cube:  After you find the proper placement for the Cube, the next step is to add the right amount of water. (Down the road, If there is a time when you turn the Cube on and it does not have enough water, a blue water drop icon will show up on display.)

Type of Water: It is recommended that you use distilled water. Otherwise, you will have to do a complete cleanup of the system often to remove any hard water buildups and/or bacterial growth. Distilled water is very inexpensive, and you can buy a couple gallons at your local grocery store. Since this is a closed system, evaporation of the water will be very minimal.

To add the water, pour the water through the opening located on the top of the Cube. Turn the device on, and it will start to feed the water through the tubes. The water level will quickly, and the water icon will light up on display. When this happens, add more water and repeat the process until the water light does not come on.When I did this, I went through the cycles about three times before the system was completely filled. In the end, only 1/3 of a gallon of distilled water was used for filling my Cube.

5. Connect Remote: The remote is wireless and to turn on the cube, hold the button for about 5 seconds. The display will blink “ 888 “. This will let you know that the wireless remote has synced up with the cube.I was surprised that the pads are washable in a front load washer only in cool water. I did not expect them to be machine washable at all because of the tubing inside the pad. Keep in mind that if you do wash it this way you will need to fold over and tie up the tubes to keep them from falling out.It is suggested that once a month you use a fourth of a cup of hydrogen peroxide within the system to help keep it clean. It also empties quickly enough once you have disconnected the tubing from the cube.Every three months a deep clean is suggested where you empty the cube and run the system on the highest heat setting with a half cup of hydrogen peroxide and new distilled water with the cap off.


Hot or Cold: This heating and cooling pad can be used year round and any climate. The temperature ranges from 55 to 110 degrees so it can cool you in the summer and heat you in the winter!

Energy Efficient: The device only uses about 170 watts of power. Since it allows you to heat or cool your matters, you could save money by not having to heat or cool your entire room or house as much.

Consistent: With the Chilipad, You can keep the temperature of the pad consistent throughout the whole night. Inconsistent temperatures with other heating or cooling pads can cause wakefulness and interrupt your sleep.

Single & Dual Zones: There are many size options, and options for a single zone temperature control or a dual zone pad for couples.

Easy to Use: It comes with a user manual for quick and easy setup. The wireless remote makes it easy to turn on and control without having the get up from the bed.

Easy to Set Up:  The 8 feet of tubing allows you to be flexible with the placement of the Cube and the wireless remote allows you to control the temperature without having to get out of bed!  


Placement: Find a place for the Cube(s) can be a challenge in some cases. They need to be on a flat surface with 24 inches of clearance on all sides (top included). So you can’t store them under the bed. Therefore the Cube placement can be awkward if you are dealing with limited space. You might need to do some rearranging of furniture depending on your bedroom size and set up.

Price: This device is a little pricy. While it is expensive, it is also an investment in your health. Improving your sleep and feeling refreshed, well rested and full of energy is worth the cost in my opinion.

Price: The price of the Kasina meditation system is a little high for some budgets. However, there are alternatives available on The MinPlace website that are more affordable.


White Noice: The cube does create light white noise as it runs. I typically like to turn on a fan for white noise while I sleep since I am sensitive to noises. I’m a light sleeper, and I did not find it very noticeable at all, but this might be an issue for others.

Where to buy ChiliPad and Price

The best place to buy the ChiliPad is directly from the manufacturer at

The price of a Chilipad will vary based on the size of the pad. After buying the initial system, you can purchase replacement pads if you ever need to. At the time of this review the prices for the Chilipad System are as follows:

  • Single $499
  • Twin XL $599
  • Full $699
  • Split Cal King $649
  • Queen $999
  • King $1,199
  • California King $1,199

When you buy if from here you will be given a 90-night sleep trial for the Chilipad Cube system. This gives you 90 nights to try the system, and if you are not satisfied, you can return the Chilipad at any point. This trial period is only offered to customer s who purchased the Chilipad directly from the website:

If you buy the Chilipad System from a third party, you are not eligible for this.

Another perk of buying ChiliPad from the manufacturer is the warranty. There is a 2-year limited warranty. Customers have reported that the customer service has been very responsive and helpful.

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Reviews and Testimonials

Chilipad technology is relatively new. Of those that have used it, many people have reported that it has helped them with their sleep quality. Especially for those that report being hot sleepers. People with joint pain have even said that the Chilipad was smoothing for joint pain relief.

My Experience:

Living in a tropical climate, it can get really hot at night, and I’m a hot sleeper. Before using the Chilipad, I would often wake up during the night from the heat and try to readjust to cool my body down.

On top of my mattress, I have a waterproof mattress cover, and I place the Chilipad on top of it. Then I have the fitted sheet over the chili pad. The pad is very soft and comfortable, I don’t feel the tubing at all.

I like the size of the cube. It’s small enough that even if I was limited in space, the 8 feet of tubing that connects the cube to the pad allows for flexibility and a wide range of motion.

Overall, I was really impressed with the comfort of the pad and their technology behind the system.

Chilipad single size on my queen bed
The Chilipad has been fantastic for making the bed a comfortable and cool temperature in such a hot climate.

I can't believe how much Chilipad has improved my sleep quality! The ChiliPad Cube system totally changed my sleep experience. I don’t wake up multiple times during the night anymore to readjust and try to cool down.

I feel more awake and energized in the mornings!


This product has made my sleep so much better! I don't wake up as much throughout the night and it makes hot nights actually comfortable!

Features: Chilipad can be adjusted in 1-degree increments from 55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ease of Use: This sleep temperature control system is very easy to set up, use, and maintain.  The wireless remote makes it convenient to adjust the temperature.

Design: While the overall design is great! The mattress pad is comfortable to sleep on and you cant feel the tubing at all. The pad can be machine washed.

Effectiveness: This system is great for controlling the temperature of your mattress,

Price/Value: This device is a little pricy but the price is reasonable with the features and quality of the product. Nearly 1/3 of our lives will be spent in bed! This should put it into perspective on why it’s essential to have high quality sleep environment, from your mattress to your pillows and sheets. Controlling your sleeping environment is an investment in your health. Chilipad can also save you money with your electric heating/cooling bills.

If you are a hot sleeper, have joint pain, or are just in need of a surface that will be a consistent, comfortable temperature the whole night, I recommend the Chilipad Cube system. Get your Chilipad, go to!

Price: $499+ (Price Varies by Size)

Where to Buy:ChiliPad

Discount Available: None

Source: The sample for this review was provided by ChiliPad*The Fitness Junkie’s primary source of revenue is affiliate links in articles like this one. This means I might receive a small commission on purchases at no cost to you. I was not paid to write this review and I only recommend products I feel are of high quality, worth the investment, and beneficial to my readers. Thank you for your continued support!

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