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My dad grew up on a farm, and as a part of his daily routine, chopping wood for the fireplace was a regular chore.

Any time someone complains about their neck, shoulder, or back pain, my dad jokes that spending a day chopping wood would build up our strength and solve all our pain problems!

Now, I'm rather clumsy.

I can't even begin to picture the disaster that would come out of chopping wood with a sharp ax.

You can imagine the excitement showing my dad my new fitness routine that features a unique piece of equipment: The Chopper.

Sophie holding the Chopper
In this review I will share my experience with ChopFit workouts using the Chopper! I hope you find this helpful and if you still have questions after reading this review, be sure to post your question in the comments below!

What are the Chopper and ChopFit?

ChopFit is a fitness program with workouts that include using the Chopper.

The Chopper is a weighted, axe shaped piece of handheld workout equipment.

The workouts have a particular focus on targeting a variety of stabilizers and prime mover muscles throughout the body.

A few of the benefits of ChopFit exercises with the Chopper are

  • Strengthening core muscles and improving core stability
  • Improving cardiovascular endurance
  • Building grip strength

How does the ChopFit program work?

The workouts in the ChopFit program are HIIT style workout sequences.

The high-intensity circuits have the ideal combination of cardio and strength training.

Each workout is less than 20 minutes.

The workouts all require the use of the Chopper.

The exercises can be done in the gym or at home.


I like that I can do the workout virtually anywhere I have room to move around. Still, my favorite place to exercise with ChopFit is outside!

ChopFit Workouts

Each ChopFit workout starts out with the option to do a dynamic warmup.

I always do the warmups to get my muscles and body ready for an intense workout session.

After the optional warmup, there are four trainer-designed circuits of six exercises.

ChopFit Workout App Screen
Example of a workout circuit from the ChopFit App

Each circuit has a rest session of one minute.

In total, I can complete the workout in less than 20 minutes.


Adjusting intensity and customizing workouts:

Before I start my workout, I pick the intensity level.

I do this by choosing if I want 10, 15, or 20 reps of each exercise in the workout circuits.

When I first started, I chose the lowest level. From there, I slowly progressed up in the number of reps per circuit.

Another method of adjusting the intensity of the circuit workouts is changing the position of your grip when you hold the Chopper.


Weight load

The actual weight of the Chopper is 4lbs. But the weight load ranges between 6 to 16lbs depending on where your grip is on the handle.

By changing where on the handle I hold the Chopper, I can adjust the weight load and intensity level of my workout.

I can hold the Chopper at the bottom of the handle for a higher weight load (feels like about 16 pounds of weight).

When I hold it at the top of the handle, the weight loads seemed to be around 6 pounds.

Low Hold: Other hands are together at the bottom of the handle. (Provides the highest functional weight level)

Split Hold: Hands split on the handle — one hand is up high on the handle, and the other hand in down low. (Provides a mid-range functional weight level)

High Hold: Hands are held together at the top of the handle. Provides the lightest functional weight level


ChopFit App

First, I download the ChopFit iOS app (Android will be available soon).

The ChopFit workouts are available within the ChopFit App.

The App gives me the freedom to take my ChopFit training anywhere.

Within the App, I can keep track of my progress and follow the guided instructions.

ChopFit App Start Guide Screens
ChopFit Start Guide in the App

I found the Start Guide in the App perfect when I first started. The Start Guide has all the basics on how to use the Chopper and how to perform the exercises.

The dashboard in the App tracks your workout history. You can see stats on progress.

Pros & Cons


Portable: The Chopper is easily transported. It is portable for on-the-go workouts. It fits in a gym bag. Its 20 1/4 inches in length and 6 3/4 inches in width.

Custom App: Download the ChopFit App for workout videos, guides, and workout tracking.

Cardio + Strength: The workout programs are a great combination of Cardio and Strength training. You can get a whole body workout and strengthen core muscles with the High-Intensity Training circuits.

Time Saver: ChopFit workouts can be done indoors, outdoors, at the gym, or anywhere you have room to move around. The HIT circuit workouts take less than 20 minutes.

Workout Levels: Every workout is customizable in intensity levels. Exercises can be customized by the number of reps and the grip placement on the Chopper handle.


Price: The cost of the Chopper might not fit in all budgets. The good news is that it is a one-time cost. There are no subscriptions required for the App!

Reviews and Testimonials

My Experience:

The ChopFit Chopper is the most unique workout program and fitness equipment that I have ever used.

High-intensity interval training has been a vital part of my fitness routine.

Using the Chopper and following the ChopFit workouts makes HIT workout days way more fun!

I love how I can track my workout sessions on the App.

I didn't have an easy way to keep track of my HIT workouts in the past. I would always forget to record what exercises I did.

For me, the Chopper and the ChopFit App are a fun and exciting way to workout.

Sophie doing a ChopFit Workout
My favorite part about the whole program is that it is so much fun to do outdoors!

I highly recommend going through the start guide video on the App - It is super important to remember that stance and control of your movement is critical to the workout.

Cat standing on a table with the Chopper
Per usual, Neo was curious about the Chopper too!


Where to get a Chopper and price

To get started with the ChopFit workout program, all you need is the Chopper and the ChopFit App.

You can order your Chopper from

By ordering directly from the manufacturer you get:

  • Free shipping on all domestic orders in the united states
  • 30-day risk-free guarantee
  • 1-year warranty

Included in the purchase are the Chopper and wrist strap. When it arrives delivered, download the App to get a workout started.

ChopFit Coupon/Promo Code

I was lucky enough to get my readers a special coupon code for $10.00 off your order!

Use Coupon Code: FJBLOG

Review Summary

The Chopper and the ChopFit App give you a one-of-a-kind intense HIT circuit workout!

Quality /Design: When I held the Chopper for the first time, I immediately noticed the quality. It's built to last.

Fitness Levels: The ChopFit workouts are customizable to different fitness levels. You control your workout. In the ChopFit App, you can choose the number of reps, workout sequences, warmup, and more. By adjusting your grip on the Chopper handle, you also control the weight load and intensity.

User Friendliness: Easy to use. Easy to set up. And easy to transport. The simplicity makes it fast to start and can take less than 20 minutes to complete!

App: Awesome App! It has simple and easy to navigate design. The quick start video guide helps get started.

Value: The price tag is reasonable for what you get. It's a one-time cost. You get the Chopper and access to the workout library and App for life. No subscription required!

Price: $145.00
Where to Buy: ChopFit
Discount Available: None
Source: The sample for this review was provided by ChopFit.

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