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Are you looking for a solution to your weight loss problem?

You’re not alone.

Ever feel like one day you just woke up and didn’t recognize the person in the mirror?

Weight creeps upon us. It’s hard to notice day-to-day. But over the years, it adds up. Until one day, you wonder how it all happened?

So what causes weight to pile on?

And why does weight gain happen to women more than men?

It’s true. Women gain weight, and it more often than not, it latches on to our waist and thighs.

How can you find the weight loss solution that will work for you?

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, a fad diet isn’t going to cut it. Be extra careful before starting a weight loss program. And it’s always best to talk to your doctor first.

These are the guidelines I use to quickly find out if a weight loss program is a scam or realistic.

Warning signs of a BAD weight loss program:

  • Does it encourage unhealthy habits?
  • Do you have to give up entire food groups?
  • Do you have to starve yourself with strict calorie limits?

If a program asks you to do any of those things - avoid it at all costs.

A good and healthy weight loss program will help you develop a healthy diet and lifestyle habits. It will also allow you to customize your roadmap to health and wellness. After all, no two people are the same.

The Cinderella Solution is a weight loss program that has gained popularity. When a new program like this comes up, I feel obligated to investigate.

I know the struggle of trying and failing to keep the weight off. It’s not your fault.

In this review of the Cinderella Solution, I will walk you through the program. We will uncover the truth. I’ll go over everything you need to know about this weight loss program.

And by the end, you will know if the Cinderella Solution is a program that will work for you.

What is The Cinderella Solution?

The Cinderella Solution is an online 28-day weight loss system designed for women over the age of 25.

The four-phase program is based on research that says a hormonal transition that women go through during puberty all the way up to menopause reduces the female metabolism and makes it nearly impossible to lose weight and maintain the slim and healthy figure.

The Cinderella Solution program can be accessed immediately on your laptop, tablet, and smartphone. The PDF is easy to download.

This weight loss system is designed for women. It has two phases that are key to getting sustainable results. Each stage is two weeks long and outlines a meal plan.

Meet Carly Donovan

Is the Cinderella Solution created by an individual with the right credentials and experience?

This whole system was created by Carly Donovan, a fitness instructor that used her own experience and struggled with weightless.

Carly had developed diabetes, which leads to her gaining almost 100 pounds.

The information she learned and applied to her own life. After seeing the fantastic results, Carly put together the information in a way that the average person could also easily follow and understand.

This system is now known as The Cinderella Solution.

This weight loss system does not call for cutting out entire food groups.

Instead, it teaches you how to add the right foods and food commendations for the best results.

This system does not ask you to spend hours on a treadmill. The workout guide is all about low-intensity workouts.

Most of the workouts will be focused on the hips, butt, and abdominal muscles.

Let’s be honest, those are the areas we all want to focus on!

This system gives you two paths to chose from.

If you are eager to get started, there is a 17-page Cinderella Solution Quick Start Guide. This is like the “cliff notes” version of the program. You can get tons of useful information on nutrition and get started immediately.

The other option is to go slower and learn more in-depth information.

Either option will give you an outline of what you need to do and when you will get the results from your actions.

How does The Cinderella Solution work?

I mentioned that The Cinderella Solution was designed by fo women.

This program is centered around ICE Dysfunction. ICE Dysfunction is the idea that hormone imbalance affects women’s metabolism and weight gain.

The imbalance of insulin hormones affects metabolism. The Cinderella Solution uses the science behind hormone imbalance. It teaches you how the three essential hormones regulate your metabolism, fat, and weight gain, and weight loss.

The principles and roadmap in The Cinderella Solution will guide you to eating the right combination of foods to stay on top of your weight.

In the guides, you will learn:

  • How targeted weight loss works
  • How the low-intensity exercise in the workout guide is better than cardio workouts
  • What food and drink combinations will help you get to your target weight
  • How to eat and drink to keep a healthy weight and toned figure

Overall, The Cinderella Solution is a perfect guide for women over the age of 25 and are looking to lose ten or more pounds of fat.

Unlike many unhealthy weight loss programs, this system is actually based on healthy nutritional habits.

The end result is a clear and healthy method to achieve a sustainable weight.


The 4 Parts of The Cinderella Solution

That’s was an overview of the program and how it began. Now we will take a look at the details. The Cinderella Solution has a total of 4 parts. Here are each of the four parts and what they include. The main manual of the cinderella solution will walk you through four phases:

Part One: Cinderella Solution Basics

The first part includes the basic information of the program. It has tips on the best way to get started. Then there is an overview of the best food pairings and flavor profiles. Part one also goes over the best times to eat and how to eat for weight loss.

Part Two: Daily Nutritional Blueprint

The second part of the program includes 14-day calendars and daily meal prep plans. It outlines the best way to eat to get the most nutrition for your body. The recipes are unique and easy to follow. The best part is that they are created with weight loss in mind.

Other information about nutrition includes everything you need to know about Macronutrients. Including food pairing, and how to eat the right food group combinations for weight loss.

Part Three: DIY Meal Creator and Flavor Pairing

This information will help you create a meal that is rich in nutrition and low in calories. You get access to customer’s recipes. You will also learn about how to portion your meals and portion blocks.

Part Four: Top Flavor Pairs and weight loss combinations

This part of the program has information about the different food combinations that will boost your weight loss.


Pros & Cons


Designed for Women: This program is specially created to work for women. Women have a body composition and hormone function that needs a unique approach to weight loss.

Easy Workouts: Workout programs that require a lot of time to workout are hard to keep up. Going to the gym every day is something that not many people have time to do. The exercises in The Cinderella Solution are not time-consuming and are low intensity. The main focus of this program is in nutrition and eating the right food combinations. This makes the program great for women that are busy and short on available time.

Affordable: If you compare this price of the Cinderella Solution program to other weight loss programs, it is relatively inexpensive.

Easy to use: The information is easy to read and understand. The best part is that it is easy to apply the things you learn.

Money-Back Guarantee: When you buy this program, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can ask for a full refund.


Not a Nutritionist: The creator of the program is not a certified dietitian. She is a fitness instructor, and the information she shares is what had worked for her. Always be sure to talk to your doctor before starting a diet or workout program.

Patience: It will take some time to see results. If you are looking for super-fast results, this is not the program for you. This is also a good sign because programs that promise huge and fast weight loss in short periods. These are generally unhealthy and unsustainable. If you stick to the program and follow the plan, you will see results!

Soy/whey: the protein does come from a blend of soy and whey. If you are trying to stick to a soy-free diet, this is not the right choice.

Reviews and Testimonials

Most of the reviews on Aria protein are positive. Over 300 people have posted Aria protein reviews on amazon. At the time I wrote this review the average Amazon rating was 3.9 out of 5 stars

Common things people liked:

  • Low cost
  • Low calories
  • Excellent protein powder to use as an ingredient in smoothies and blended shake recipes
  • Great taste

Things people did not like or would like to see improved:

  • Some did not like the taste or texture
  • Could use more vanilla flavoring
  • It's a soy product

What’s included and best price

The complete Cinderella solution system is available for download as soon as you make the purchase. You can download the material, and you can also access everything online.

I would recommend that you download everything because then you will have access to it all the time, even if you are not connected to the internet.

I love that you can take the information with you if you are traveling.

When you decide to get started you will receive:

  • Main Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Recipe Playbook
  • Guilt-Free Dessert Guide
  • Video Exercise Guide ( all the workouts are included in video format)

Summary - Is this a long term weight loss solution?

This was a really long and in-depth review, but I hope that it helped shed some light on what to expect with this program. Here is a quick overview of how I would rate this program:


Nutrition: The main focus of this program is nutrition. You learn all the essential information on nutrition, what to eat, and wheat food combinations are the best for weight loss.

Exercise: These Low impact exercises that do not require much time. The main focus of the program is nutrition and eating habits.

Time: This program is designed in to change your lifestyle habits. Rather than lose a lot of weight upfront only to gain it back later. Instead, you will lose weight slowly but keep it off as you change your eating habits.  

Value: This program offers a ton of information. It is affordable. Compared to other similar programs, this is a great price. You can check discounts to get the best price here.


If you are still on the fence, just give it a shot.

The worst-case scenario is that you don’t like it and can get a refund. After all, they have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

So you really don’t have anything to lose!

Price: $
Where to Buy: Cinderella Solution
Discount Available:

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