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Crossrope Jump Rope Review

Did you know that jumping rope is one of the best workouts for calorie burning? One hour of jumping rope can burn as many as 1,000 calories! 

Crossrope has the jump rope to give you a fun and whole body workout.

Crossrope has brought the joy back into jump ropes and makes me feel like a kid again! 

In this in-depth Crossrope review, I'll give you the rundown on everything you need to know before trying Crossrope, plus I'll share my own experience and tips for beginners. 

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What is Crossrope? 

Crossrope offers a new way to experience a whole-body workout that is fun and super effective. The weighted ropes give you control of the workout intensity to help you achieve your fitness goals. 

What are the benefits of jumping rope? 

Jumping rope is among the most effective workout for burning calories. It burns calories faster than other typical cardio exercises like running, walking, swimming, and even cycling. 

The benefits of jumping rope extend to more than just calorie burning. There are many additional benefits of jumping rope: 

  • Strengthens your joints
  • Strengthens your bones
  • reduces the risk of injury (
  • Adds HIIT workout to your fitness routine
  • improves coordination and balance (
  • reduces stress and improves emotional well-being
  • Burns belly fat (
  • Improves cardiovascular and heart health
  • Get fit and jump rope anywhere, you don't need a gym membership, and it's a great outdoor workout.

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Crossrope Jump Ropes

These are amazing benefits to physical and mental health. But how are Crossrope jump ropes any better than other jump ropes? 

Crossrope jump ropes feature a "fast clip connection" on the handles. This feature allows you to change the ropes out during your workout quickly. 


  • Crossrope has jump rope sets and based on your overall fitness goals. (there are kits for getting lean, getting fit, and getting strong)
  • Tangle Free!!
  • Range of heavy and light ropes with interchangeable handles
  • They have a free (and optional membership) app with fun challenges, workouts, tracking, videos, tutorials, and more!
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee 
  • Amazing reviews from customers
  • Great customer service 
  • Free shipping


  • Higher price but also higher quality and better for beginners and experienced jump ropers

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How to get started? 

If you are starting, the Crossropes website has excellent resources on proper rope jumping techniques. 

Regardless of your fitness level, getting started with Crossropes is super easy and straightforward: 

  1. get your ropes from their website
  2. Download the App
  3. Enjoy and fun workout!

Crossrope Workout App

You can start workout out with Cross rope anytime, and the FREE workout app gives you tons of fun workouts and fitness challenges right from your smartphone. 

Through the Crossrope app, you can also track your workouts.

Is Crossrope good for beginners? 

Crossrope jump ropes are perfect for beginners. The free app has tutorials specifically for beginners. It will show you the proper technique and how to jump rope the right way. 

In fact, weighted ropes are particularly great for a beginner because they give you a better awareness of timing. 

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Crossrope price, bundles, and what's included

There are several options for the types of rope or ropes you can buy from the Crossrope website.

Crossrope is also available on Amazon. If you are an Amazon Prime member and have fast shipping available to you, it might make sense to buy it there.

However, to get fantastic customer support and the whole Crossrope experience, it's always better to buy it directly from the Crossrope website. Plus when you purchase from the official Crossrope website you get an easy 60 day return policy and a lifetime handle warranty.

The best value and most popular Crossrope bundle is the Get Fit Bundle. 

Crossrope Get Lean Set
Crossrope Get Strong Set

Crossrope Get Fit Bundle includes (Get Lean + Get Strong sets):

  • Slim and Power Handles
  • 1/4 LB and 1/2 LB Ropes
  • 1 LB and 2 LB Heavy Ropes
  • Free access to the Crossrope App

Crossrope Get Lean Bundle 

The Crossrope Get Lean weighted rope set is perfect for fat burning and fitness goals around getting lean. 

This set is designed for your weight loss goals. You don't need a gym, and you can do the workouts anywhere you want. 

I love how efficient it is to work out with these weighted jump ropes. Jumping rope is one of the best ways to get an effective whole body workout. 

The Get Lean Crossrope set comes with:

  • Slim handles - these jump rope handles are slim, comfortable to hold, and feature an ergonomic grip
  • 1/4 LB Rope: this lighter rope is light and durable. It's perfect for high-intensity and cardio workouts. 
  • 1/2 LB Rope: This is a heavier rope that offers more challenging cardio and fat-burning whole body workout

Crossrope jump ropes all have a "fast clip system" that makes it very fast and easy to switch out jump ropes and adjust the intensity of your workouts. 

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What Crossrope should you get?

The Crossrope that is right for you will depend on your fitness goals. However, if you are not sure, you can always take the Crossrope Quiz. The Crossrope Quiz will help you fin the perfect Crossrope set for you in less than 60 seconds!

When you are ordering your Crossrope, be sure to choose the correct rope length. The length you should get depending on how tall you are. 

Crossrope sizing:

Small - 8'0" (for people between 4'9" to 5'4")

Medium - 8'6" (for people between 5'4.5" to 5'9")

Large- 9'0" (if your height is between 5'9.5" to 6'1.5")

Extra Large - 9'6" (if your height is between 6'2" to 6'9")

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Crossrope reviews and customer testimonials 

Crossrope offers a unique and high-quality product that is loved and enjoyed by thousands. I don't typically see fitness products with reviews as high as Crossrope has! The Crossrope Get Lean jump rope set has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars with almost 3,000 reviews! 


The Crossrope jump ropes are the best option available for weighted jump ropes that are high-quality, durable, and offer the best jumping experience. 

I'm very confident in recommending these ropes for anyone looking for a fun and effective whole body workout! 

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Common FAQs

Is Crossrope a good workout?

Crossrope is an impressive and great whole-body workout for any fitness level. The Crossrope app has workout videos and challenges that will help you get a good workout and give you an extra push.

Overall, Crossrope offer excellent exercise for any fitness level. 

Does Crossrope count your jumps? 

Crossrope has a free app with hundreds of workouts, tutorials, and challenges. They do have a Crossrope Count feature that is available with the Premium Membership.

This feature will track your jumps using sound. So every time that the rope hits the ground, the sound gets picked up by the app.

This is how the app keeps a record of your jumps. 

Do I need a jump rope mat? 

There are several reasons why you should be a jump rope mat. 

First, a jump rope mat will extend the life of your rope. Crossrope ropes are already very durable and extremely high quality. Still, a jump rope mat will undoubtedly help keep the rope in the best possible shape. 

Jump rope mats are also great if you have sensitive joints.

I have very sensitive joints and was worried about the pain that jumping would cause. The Crossrope jump rope mat is the perfect surface for jumping. 

Is jumping rope bad for your knees? 

At first, I was worried that jumping rope would be bad for my knees. Especially since certain activities have made my knee joints inflamed in the past.

I was excited to learn that jump rope is not bad for your knees.

When you jump rope with the correct form, it can be a great way to increase the bone density in your legs and improve your posture. 

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Price:  $105.00+
Where to Buy: Crossrope
Discount Available: None
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Crossrope.

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