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Cubii Pro Under-Desk Elliptical Review

It this under-desk elliptical worth the high-end price tag?

If you have a desk job, chances are you regularly spend 8 hours a day sitting (if not more).

It's common knowledge that sitting for long periods is horrible for your health.

As new office fitness gadgets are becoming more and more popular, I'm sure you have heard of under-desk workout equipment, standing desks, among others.

There are many ways to get some exercise while you work.


Cubii made tech news by offering a convenient way for the average desk worker to improve their health while working.

Before you shell out $350, I bet you would like to know if this under-desk elliptical is worth the money and if it will live up to your expectations.

Well, you've come to the right place.

Cubii Pro Under a Desk
Here is my Cubii Pro under my current workstation. One of the perks of working from home is I have furry coworkers! Here is my dog (Link) for scale!

This review is about one of the most popular and talked about desk exercise equipment: the Cubii Pro.

Now, this isn't the only elliptical, and many other ellipticals are cheaper...

So, my biggest question is, "What makes this so much better than similar products on the market for half the cost?"


TLTR: The Cubii Pro is totally worth the price. No other product has these features. The Cubii is the ultimate choice for a quiet elliptical that fits perfectly under a desk. The ergonomic design requires minimal leg movement. You won't bump your knees. It's small and looks great. Check for discounts on Amazon


The overall design is ergonomic, and it minimizes the amount of leg movement needed.

This means you don't have to deal with your knees hitting the top of your desk. Even if your desk has a keyboard tray.

Small and Quiet: The Cubii Pro is small and fits under a desk easily. It is also super quiet, so it shouldn't bother your coworkers, even if they are in a neighboring cubicle.


Noise Level

The goal of all under-desk workout equipment is to be effective and easy to use while not interrupting your workflow.

However, not all elliptical trainers live up to this expectation.

Cubii is one of the few that delivers on this promise.

The Cubii is not loud. The noise level is very quiet. I would decide it as a low hum, comparable to a small fan. Other people might not even notice it, and if they do, it is not distracting.

The problem with other ellipticals is that they can start to squeaking. This doesn't happen with Cubii. So bottom line: I believe that it is quiet enough to not disturb your coworkers



The Cubii is one of the smaller under-desk ellipticals in terms of height. This is a benefit because you are less likely to bump your knees on the underside of your desk while using it.

Cubii Pro Design with Built In Handle
I tried the Cubii Pro on tile, hardwood flooring, and carpet. It's very stable and the built-in handle made it easy to move around.

It weighs a little under 28 lbs. It also has a built-in handle between the peddles. This makes it very easy to move around under your desk.

Overall, the weight is even, which means it's stable and won't easily slip. I use my Cubii on a carpet. If you have a slippery floor or you want to protect your floor - you can get a Cubii Mat to go under the Cubii Pro.



The visual appeal of office exercise equipment can be important in professional settings. Cubii has a very sleek and modern visual design. I think looks very professional.

There are also a few colors to choose from. The colors available vary based on if you select the Cubii Pro or Cubii Jr.



If there is one thing that I am confident that it is the quality of the Cubii Pro. This is a high-end and high-quality under-desk elliptical. It doesn't get any better than this.

Right out of the box, I can tell that the Cubii Pro is built to last.

I looked at a bunch of reviews online and on Amazon. I could not really find any quality complaints from customers.

I also wanted to test the comfort and overall experience.

So I used my Cubii Pro while wearing different shoes and footwear!

Working while using Cubii Pro
This is my current home workstation set up. The footpads are grooved and grippy. Even when I wear my soft slippers my grandmother made for me, my feet do not slide around when I paddle.


Cubii Pro with Heeled Shoes and sneakers
If you wear heels I recommend moving Cubii further away from your seat. I thought it was comfortable to use with heeled shoes, sneakers, flats, and even barefoot!



Adjustable Resistance

Cubii Pro has adjustable levels of resistance. In total, there are 8 different resistance levels.

I personally found that when I was actively using the Cubii, I was sitting up straighter with a better posture. I could also really feel my core muscles working.


Bluetooth connection with your smartphone is only available with the Cubii Pro (not the Cubii Jr.). It is one of my favorite features!

Setting up the connection was very easy.

Cubii Pro App Dashboard
Here is a sneak peak at the App dashboard! I can leave it open to see real-time data.

Cubii App

The Cubii app is free to download from the App Store and from Google Play. I can adjust the resistance level right from the app.

The app also tells me how many calories per minute, I am burning at the current resistance level.

Even at a low resistance level, the calories add up quickly.

After I downloaded the app, I made a profile and named my Cubii. From there I could join different “Teams”. If your workplace has a Cubii Team you can join and compete with your coworkers.

I joined the Cubii Team which includes Cubii members all over the world. As I use my Cubii through the day I see my overall ranking.

Other stats I liked to see are the total number of steps and estimate of calories I burned.


Pros & Cons


Quiet: The Cubii Pro is almost silent. It is not distracting to people nearby. The best description I can think of it that the noise can be compared to a low-powered fan. No whirring or squeaking like other desk ellipticals.

Discreet: With the Cubii Pro, I do not have to make any physical changes to my workstation. It fits well under a desk, and I can use it without drawing attention.

Resistance: I can adjust the resistance level by turning the nob on the front of the Cubii or from the Cubii App. There are 8 levels to choose from.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth connects quickly to my smartphone. From the free Cubii app, I can control the resistance and keep track of steps, distance, and calories burned.


Price: Other than the price, I haven't seen many completes from people. But for the price, it sure is a high-quality elliptical and arguably the best.

Software: Just a heads up but so connect Cubii with your smartphone, the phone needs to be running iOS 9 or above. Or Android OS 4.4 and up. If you have a very old smartphone, the app might not be compatible.

Reviews and Testimonials

So what's the problem with other similar ellipticals that would make people opt to spend this kind of money on this one?

My research on other similar ellipticals was very detailed.

And the main problems and complaints people had with other products included:

  • Too loud
  • Some of them dripped oil (image explaining that to your boss!)
  • Some of them were awkward to use, and you would end up hitting your knees on the underside of your desk.
  • You don't get an app to track your stats
  • You can't control the resistance from your phone

The Cubii covers all the issues that other ellipticals failed to address.

While other cheaper options might look acceptable, you won't regret choosing Cubii!



My Experience:

I'm a huge tech junkie (and obviously a fitness junkie!!). Especially when it comes to health fitness gadgets if you can't already tell!

So my absolute favorite thing about the Cubii Pro is the stats I can see when I connect it to the Cubii app.

I love that I can track my steps and calories.

It's awesome that I can connect it to my Apple Health app.

I have a really active lifestyle. Even though I workout multiple times a week, I still find myself seated for hours at a time.

Sometimes I just have a ton to do, and taking breaks is a huge interruption when I'm focused in my zone.

Now I can have a mini-workout while I work.

Personally, I like to use lower resistance when I need to focus on the task at hand.

If I am doing something creative, I boost the resistance.

Also awesome: Compare and compete with your coworkers, friends, and Cubii users world-wide!


Where to get a Cubii Pro (Price + Discounts)

You can get a Cubii Pro online through Amazon or directly through the Cubii official website.

At the time of this review, the price is $349.00.

I've seen discounts and coupons occasionally so be sure to check the current price.

Cubii Pro vs. Cubii Jr.

$349.00 is a large investment so a more affordable option is the Cubii Jr.

The Cubii Jr. is about $249.00.

However, Cubii Jr. does not have Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone.

Instead, the Cubii jr. has a display screen. The realtime display will give you information on steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burnt.

Personally, if you like to track your stats I would pick the Pro over the Jr. I love the dashboard view on the Cubii App. I can see so much data and it syncs with Apple Health on my iPhone.



The Cubii Pro isn't limited to just office use. Many people have found Cubii an excellent way to get exercise while watch the game or catching up on the latest episode of their favorite series.

Stability: The weight is evenly distributed throughout the base. This makes it very stable and hard to slip around while using.

Customer Experience: This is one of the highest-rated products in the market. Cubii Pro has excellent reviews on Amazon and few to no significant complaints.

Quality and Aesthetics: Sleek, modern, and professional design available in several colors. The high-quality design is built to last.

Ergonomics: The shorter height means it takes up less room and fits better under a desk. It is comfortable to use. Unlike other ellipticals, with the Cubii Pro, you won't hit your knees on the underside of your desk while using it.

Value: For the higher price tag, the Cubii Pro offers amazing and one-of-a-kind features. The value is clear in design and comfort. There is a reason these are so popular and flying off the shelves!

Features: This is the only under-desk elliptical the has Bluetooth connection to your smartphone. You can adjust the resistance from your phone. You can also set goals and view stats as you use the Cubii.

The bottom line is if you the best under-desk elliptical, then the Cubii Pro is the right choice for you. The best design, quality, and features will come at a higher price.

In my opinion, Cubii Pro is totally worth the investment!

Price: $349.99+
Where to Buy: Cubii or Amazon
Discount Available: Check Cubii Amazon store for current coupons
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Cubii.

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