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What is the Eat, Drink and Shrink Program and is it a Scam?

There are a ton of weight loss supplement and diet plans as well as workout programs out there. Some just suck, and some are really good. But how do you filter out the crappy ones to find the good ones?

I'm always looking for more products to try and see how they work, if they work well then I love to let my reads know something else I found that I like and recommend it, if not I will tell my readers to stay away from it. I think it's awesome we get to go further on this health and fitness journey together!

About Eat, Drink and Shrink

Eat, Drink and Shrink is a meal plan by health and fitness master Danette May.

Danette's program is revolutionary in the fitness industry because the #1 problem is starving yourself and going to gyms 5 days a week for an hr or two turn most people away or lose interest all together.


Because it's really hard for most people. Like you I have a full time job and when I get home I still have a lot of chores to do. I don't have kids yet but that would only make things harder, I know for sure I can't go to the gym all the time regularly even though I love working out.

Going to the gym and doing a lot of exercise is awesome for your health and you definitely need to do it as much as you can.


It's not how you lose weight fastest. Losing weight boils down to:

Calories in Vs. calories out. If you consistently burn more calories than you take in then you will lose weight. The hard part is eating the right food. The average woman will burn about 1800 calories a day (basic metabolic rate). A regular soft drink can have as much as 500 calories! Or french fries can be over 1,000.

This is exactly what the program is designed to do, in a simple to easy understand e-book format.

Who is Danette May?

Danette May is a Certified personal trainer, nutritionist, author and a fitness model. Which means is not only does she know how to be healthy herself, she has to be. Modeling is serious business. You can be sure that Danette knows what she's talking about.

As a personal trainer/nutritionist she usually charges $250 for an hour of her time in a on- on-one coaching session. The good news is that because of the internet she can reach far more people without using up all of her time so we can get access to her secret recipes and not pay her coaching rate.

One thing I noticed when reading the product page was Danette is really out there. She tells us some very personal information and I really think that speaks volumes about her integrity and character. It makes me respect her a lot letting us know about her miscarriage and divorce.

What's Included in the Program?

Right down to it, the program has 120 recipes to help you shed fat quickly with 5 ingredients or less! There are plenty of other benefits but this is the one thing I bought it for. You can see the other benefits at their official website.

Does the Eat, Drink and Shrink Program Work?

This was my main concern before trying the product. While it's not a miracle, it is a great source of easy to access information on a lot of different, yet healthy meals to make you and your family.

As I alluded to earlier, if you consume less calories than you take in then you will lose weight, so in essence you don't necessarily need this program to lose weight. However because it's quite inexpensive I think it's an incredible resource to have at your fingertips as opposed to constantly searching for more healthy ways to eat.

Not to mention it goes into great detail on the top ingredients to buy at the supermarket to turbocharge your weight loss. I personally find it invaluable.

Works for Both Men and Women

I've been asked this question a lot because I focus on women's health and fitness, but yes this program works for men and women. Men and women have many different needs but not when it comes to the food to eat, this will actually be more effective for men because of how their body uses fat and energy from food. I use the recipes to cook for my husband and he loves it.

How Much Does Eat Drink and Shrink Cost?

This is probably the biggest question anyone has anytime they see a product that piq's their interest. The product is only $27.

After I read that I figured for $27 I mind as well as buy it and see how it works so I can let my readers know. After checking it out I would tell you for $27 I think you will get more than your money's worth out of it.

One thing that shocked me was I was spending less at the grocery store every week even though I was eating better. This is because I was no longer buying junk food and the meals filled my up a lot quicker.

Final Verdict on the Eat, Drink and Shrink Program

Overall I think the program is certainly worth the money. You might even save more money when shopping for your groceries like I did. It's definitely worth $27 especially with the 60-day money back guarantee. There is virtually no reason not to check it out.

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