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ECOlunchbox and Blue Water Bento Insulated Canister review

Eco Lunch Box and Blue Ocean Canister review

What is the Blue water insulated canister used for?

Blue Water Insulated Canister

The Blue water insulated canister is an excellent choice for anyone who loves to enjoy a delicious meal on the go. Whether it's a hearty breakfast, a sumptuous lunch, or a delightful dinner, this canister is the perfect way to store your food and keep it fresh.

But what makes it truly special is its ability to retain the temperature and consistency of soups and sauces. So, if you're someone who loves a good bowl of miso soup or enjoys foamy drinks, you'll never have to worry about them getting cold or losing their texture.

Invest in the Blue water-insulated canister today and experience the convenience and quality of a truly special product.

How Does it Work?

The Blue water-insulated canister is the perfect solution for anyone looking to keep their food hot or cold for extended periods of time. With its advanced insulation technology, this canister can keep your food at the perfect temperature for 8 hours or more.

Whether you're packing a hot lunch for work or storing cold drinks for a picnic, the Blue water-insulated canister is guaranteed to provide you with the temperature control you need. No more worrying about lukewarm soup or warm drinks, this canister has got you covered

Benefits of using it

The Blue water-insulated canister is an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy hot or cold food for an extended period of time. It offers numerous benefits, including:

  • A wide 4-inch opening for easy access and convenient scooping.
  • Durable and environmentally friendly materials that are recyclable and biodegradable.
  • A pressure-release gasket with a pull tab for temperature control.

Price and Where to Buy

The Blue water-insulated canister is affordably priced at $36 and can be purchased from a variety of popular online retailers, including Amazon and eBay.

With its advanced insulation technology and user-friendly design, it's an excellent value for anyone looking for an easy, convenient way to keep their food hot or cold for hours on end.

So why wait? Head to Amazon or eBay today and get your hands on the Blue water-insulated canister!

ECOlunchbox Three-in-One Stainless Steel Bento Box 

eco lunchbox 3 in 1

How Does it Work?

This Three-in-One Bento Box is a game-changer for packing a versatile and organized lunch. Its modular design allows you to easily separate and use the snack container separately, giving you more space to pack more food. 

No more cramped or squished lunches, this bento box provides you with the flexibility to accommodate a variety of food items.

Say goodbye to boring and cluttered lunches and say hello to a stylish and functional bento box.

Watch the Eco Lunch Box 3 in 1 product tour video to learn more

What they are used for?

The ECOlunchbox Three-in-One is the ultimate solution for packing a delicious and well-organized lunch. With its three-piece nesting design, this bento box allows you to separate and carry multiple food items without the risk of squishing.

Whether you're packing a salad, sandwich, and snack or a hot main dish, side dish, and dessert.

Benefits of using it

The ECOlunchbox Three-in-One Bento Box offers numerous benefits, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to pack a healthy and organized lunch.

  • Three separate sections keep food items separate and prevent mixing.
  • The collapsible design makes it easy to control portion sizes and saves space.
  • Made with non-toxic materials that are free of estrogen-mimicking toxins commonly found in plastic, such as BPA, BPS, and phthalates, this bento box is safe for you and the environment.

Price and Where to Buy

The ECOlunchbox Three-in-One Bento Box is priced at $38, making it an affordable and attractive option for anyone looking for a versatile and functional lunchbox. The best place to buy is directly from the official website. You can purchase this product from popular online retailers like Amazon.

ECOlunchbox Blue Water Bento Splash Pod - Leak-proof Stainless Steel and Silicone Snack Container

Blue Water Bento Splash Pod

How Does it Work?

The ECOlunchbox Blue Water Bento Splash Pod is designed to stack up multiple snacks in one compact container. The leak-proof lid ensures that your snacks stay secure and fresh, and the tight design makes it easy to carry with you on the go. 

Whether you're packing a snack for work, school, or a road trip, this container is perfect for accommodating a variety of snack items that may not fit in traditional lunch boxes. 

What they are used for?

The ECOlunchbox Blue Water Bento Splash Pod is a must-have for anyone looking for a convenient and leak-proof solution for packing snacks on the go. Whether you're packing fruit, nuts, crackers, or any other snack, this set of 4 stainless steel and silicone containers will keep your food fresh and secure.

Its unique design makes it perfect for stacking, allowing you to easily pack multiple snacks in one convenient container. 

Benefits of using it

  • This is the perfect solution for anyone looking to pack a variety of snacks in a compact and convenient way. The set of 4 Splash Pods is ideal for packing multiple snacks, and the stackable design allows for easy storage. 
  • The tight lid design of the ECOlunchbox Blue Water Bento Splash Pod provides you with peace of mind when packing your snacks. You can easily toss it in your lunch bag, backpack, or briefcase without worrying about any spills or leaks. Enjoy the convenience of being able to take your snacks with you wherever you go, without having to worry about the mess. 

Price and Where to Buy

This can be yours for just $26! With this affordable price, you can enjoy the convenience and quality of this amazing snack container. It's available for purchase on popular retailers such as Amazon or, better yet, you can purchase it directly through the official website

Don't miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your snack game and invest in a sustainable, reusable, and leak-proof solution. Order your ECOlunchbox Blue Water Bento Splash Pod today!


When it comes to making purchasing decisions, it's important to consider not only the impact on your wallet, but also on the environment. By choosing products that are sustainably made and have a longer lifespan, you can save money in the long run while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Think about investing in high-quality products like these that will benefit both you and the planet. Your wallet and the environment will thank you! Visit the official Eco Lunch website and place your order today!

Price: $36
Where to Buy:
Discount Available: none
Source: The sample for this review was provided by ecolunchboxes.

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