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EcoVessel Boulder insulated water bottle review

I never leave my apartment without water. I've always used BPA free plastic bottles. There are several things that make plastic water bottles a horrible choice when you live in a hot tropical climate. For starters, that cold refreshing water will stay cold for maybe 15 minutes if you keep if in the shade.

It finally occurred to me that a thermal insulated water bottle would be perfect.  

After some research I came upon EcoVessel and really liked their BOULDER bottles!

What is the EcoVessel Water Bottle?

If you are looking for a container that would keep your drink's preferred temperature throughout the day, the EcoVessel water bottle might be the right pick for you. Its Trimax triple insulation technology keeps drinks cold up to 90 hours and hot up to 19 hours.

The EcoVessel Water Bottle's dual-opening lid is lined with stainless steel and enhances temperature but does not let your beverages touch the plastic. The bottle also has a soft silicone spout to give you a comfortable drinking experience.

These bottles' lids are connected to sturdy straps, featuring leakproof material, making them an excellent product for your beverages to stay hot or cold.

Not only that, but these bottles also include removable strainers for tea, fruits, and ice cubes. These bottles are, moreover, reusable, which is a perfect choice for the environment.


  • Strainer included, great for tea, fruit infused water, ice cubes (This is genius, love that I no longer have ice cubes attacking my face lol)
  • BPA free
  • Best tea thermos
  • leak proof top
  • Duel use top (Wide opening for easy filling and a small opening for easy drinking)
  • Soft silicon top for comfortable drinking
  • Perfect for any activity (Daily bottle, hiking, paddle boarding, beach, office, running, etc.)
  • Many colors and sizes to choose from (16oz to 64oz)
  • Great price!


  • I didn't find any notable cons. I couple people said the cap broke but if a bottle has any manufactures defects the customer service team will help resolve the problem

Reviews and testimonials

Customers have been mostly happy with this product. They both love it but recommend it to everyone! One of the customers gifted it to his wife, and she loves it, he says. She loves the fact that the product is exactly as advertised and that the screening for her tea is perfect.

Some other customers who live in cold temperatures are highly impressed that the bottle keeps their drinks perfectly warm for them to enjoy in the chilled air outside. The customers have also been praising the company's customer care teams, who sent them a replacement as soon as a defect was detected.

Some users have found room for improvement. These customers say that the bottom bumper pad comes off sometimes. Another concern is the lid, which sometimes does not seal properly. This could be due to human error and not lining up the lid correctly.

My Experience

The EcoVessel BOULDER 34oz Blue bottle
And most of you know, I live on the beautiful tropical island of Puerto Rico. Until I got my EcoVessel bottle, I was using plastic reusable water bottles. As you can imagine, they did not hold their temperature!

Three things that are super annoying about plastic bottles in a hot place: 
  1. The condensation that builds upon the outside making everything the bottle touches wet
  2. After about 15 minutes, you now have lukewarm water. After 30 you have hot water (yuck)
  3. You always have to keep it away from sunlight because UV light can break down plastic and contaminate the water.
Taking water to the beach was a struggle. Not sure why it took me so long to consider thermal water bottles, but I'm glad I have my EcoVessel water bottle. Every time I leave the house, I take it with me. My 24oz EcoVessel also fits perfectly in the cup holder of my car. Which is so much better than having it roll around the car! 
I take my EcoVessel 24oz Boulder with me on hikes and to the beach. LOVE it!

Another minor design detail that I love is the rubber lid attachment is long enough that I can drip it while holding the bottle so that when I take a drink, it doesn't smack me in the face! 

Overall, this is a must-have everyday bottle that is perfect for any adventure! You can beat the price! 

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Price/Buying Options

The EcoVessel Boulder water bottles offer two different sizes – a 32-ounce (946 ml) bottle and a 24-ounce (729 ml) bottle. The larger bottle can keep the beverage cold up to 90 hours (or hot for up to 18 hours). The smaller container offers up 72 hours of coldness or 14 hours of heat.

Users can purchase the 32-oz. bottle for $39.95, choosing blue, black, and silver. The 24-oz. bottle, however, is available for $34.95 in yellow, sea green, blue, pink, and black (among others).

EcoVessel has many other bottles and products. Be sure to check out their website for the latest deals, coupons, and new products!

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Other bottles that could be considered alternatives to EcoVessel include the YETI Rambler.

The YETI Rambler is more expensive, the cap is not attached so you need both hands while you drink and it does not have a strainer. But it is also available in different colors and it's a double-wall vacuum insulated water bottle. However they say the cap is not intended to be used with hot beverages.

Another EcoVessel Alternative is the Iron Flask vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle.

Lots of color options and a comparable price to EcoVessel. However, it can not keep beverages hot as long as the EcoVessel Boulder. Iron Flask does come with a couple interchangeable lids but they are not as high quality as EcoVessel. A few customer complained that their Iron Flask bottle was made using "very cheap material" and that the paint chips easily.


EcoVessel Boulder bottle is the perfect solution to keeping your cold beverages cold and your hot beverages hot. With many sizes and colors to choose from you can customize your bottle to fit your needs and personality. All at a great price! Choose your favorite design by visiting the official EcoVessel website.

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Price:  $30.00+
Where to Buy: EcoVessel
Discount Available: none
Source: The sample for this review was provided by EcoVessel.

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