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Etekcity WiFi Smart Body Fat Scale


A bodyweight scale can be an excellent tool for managing weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight if used correctly. If you have an everyday old scale in your bathroom that tells you your total body weight, it is time to upgrade.

The truth is, just knowing your total body weight is not a good indicator of your overall health. Knowing your total body mass will not give you an insight into your total fat content or even your progress toward your weight loss goals. It's essential to know other body composition factors to get a better picture of your physical health and development toward any weight and fitness goals.

Because of these shortcomings, I highly recommend investing in a high-quality smart scale. Not all Smart Scales are equal in quality, function, technology, or price.

While there are endless brands and models, determining what features your Scale should have can quickly become a challenge. After all, you don't want to overspend, but you also don't what to end up with a cheap, inaccurate scale.

So how do you find the perfect balance? Well, in this review, I will share with you one of my favorite smart fitness scales that I found is an ideal balance of features and price!

Here is everything you need to know about the Etekcity WiFi Smart Fitness Scale and why it's even better than the $100+ scales from other brands!


The Etekcity Smart WiFi Body Fat Scale is currently available only in white. One design feature that is great about this Scale is the wide platform.

I enjoy the wide platform because it is easier to stand on and step on and off. I've found out the hard way that when a platform is small, it's easy to accidentally step too close to the end, which can cause it to tip. You're probably thinking, "how hard can it be to step on and off?" Well, when I'm half-awake in the morning, and my eyes are only half-open. It can be a challenge!

Here are a few of the design features that I think make this a great choice for a Smart Scale!

Accuracy: The Etekcity scale has four sensors. Many other scales will have only two. Four sensors improve the accuracy of the measurements.

Display: The Etekcity Smart Scale has a bright, large LCD running down the middle of the platform. The large display is perfect because you do not need to have your phone or open the App to view your different body metrics at a glance. The display is bright and comfortable to read from a standing position.

Rechargeable: This is a unique scale with its ability to be charged with a USB cable! You don't need to buy and replace any batteries. Plug it in with the USB charger. The Scale comes fully charged so you can use it right out of the box. If you use the Scale daily, the battery will last about half a year before recharging.

WiFi and Bluetooth: The Etekcity Smart Scale can connect via Bluetooth and WiFi.

Durable design: The large platform makes this a sturdy scale, but the solid design makes it very durable. The large platform features 8 mm of tempered glass that can support up to 400 lbs.



There are a total of 12 different body composition measurements that this Scale will measure and record.

body composition measurements

These essential measurements include:

  • Weight: Total body mass
  • BMI: (Body Max Index) Calculated by dividing the weight by height
  • Body Fat: Body fat percentage is the percentage of your fat compared to your total body weight.
  • Fat-Free Body Weight: This is the total weight of your body without fat, including water, bone, organs, and muscle. Another name for this is lean body mass.
  • Subcutaneous Body Weight: This is the fat that is under your skin.
  • Visceral Fat: This is the fat that surrounds and protects your internal organs.
  • Body Water %: The body water is the amount of fluid in your body. This percentage will vary and is dependent on several factors and is essential to helping regulate body temperature and keeping your skin hydrated.
  • Muscle Mass: Muscle mass is the percentage of muscle in your body compared to the total body weight. A person's height and body type.
  • Bone Mass: Bone mass is the percentage of bone compared to total body weight. As you age, your bone mass can decrease, so it is essential to keep track of this body metric.
  • Protein: Percentage of protein in body cells
  • BMR: (Basal Metabolic Rate) BMR is the number of calories that are burned in one day while your body is at rest. BMR is the minimum amount of calories that your body needs and burns to perform necessary, day to day functions.
  • Metabolic Age: Your metabolic age is a comparison between your BMR and the average metabolic BMR for your age.

Just from the measurements listed above, you'll notice that this Smart Fitness Scale can record measurements that not found on other smart scales.


The App used for this Scale is called "VeSync" and is available from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. It is free to download and easy to set up.

Once you download the App, you will be asked a few standard questions to set up your profile and create a secure account to store your data.

Up to 16 different user profiles can be set up with this Smart Scale. This feature is excellent for the whole family or if you have roommates. One impressive feature is the privacy of your profile. Once you set up your profile on your Smartphone or tablet, only you will have access to your information and data. Other scales do not have this feature, and they make all the different profile information available to all scale users.

However, you can share your data if you choose. To share information, you can add friends.

3rd- Party App Syncing: The data collected can sync to Apple Health, Google Fit, and even the Fitbit app.

dat and trend graphs

Inside the App, your data will be stored and you can view the individual data points and see weekly, monthly, and even yearly trend graphs.

Pros & Cons


App Use: The App is available for Apple and Android devices and will connect to and sync with Google Fit, Apple Health, and the FitBit fitness apps.

Large Display: The Large display will list a summary of some of the important measurements. The text size is large enough to see the data from a standing position.

WiFi: You do not need to connect your Scale to your phone to record and transfer the data. While you can connect with Bluetooth, the WiFi connection allows your data to upload to your profile from the Scale automatically. Later you can open the App on your phone to view the data.

16 User Profiles: The 16 profiles are a large number of possible profiles, and it a great way to allow the whole family to measure and track their body composition measurements throughout the years.

Data Privacy: Your data is secure on your profile and only visible to you unless you choose to add a fired and share data.

Great Value: This is a great choice for a food scale. It has many features that more expensive scales have but this one is at a more affordable price point.


After using the Smart Scale for a month, I have not found any faults. The scale has been consistent with the measurements and easy to use. The results are very fast and the app has been easy to use. I don't have any complaints and overall, it's a great scale! If any issues arise in the future I will update this section.

Where to buy the Etekcity WiFi fitness scale?

Etekcity is a well-known brand for designing home and health tech-based products. I also have their Smart Digital Kitchen Scale that tracks and displays the nutritional data of food even with measurement information. You can read my full review on the Smart Digital Kitchen Scale if you are interested in learning more.

The Etekcity WiFi/Bluetooth Smart Scale that I tested and reviewed is the Etekcity ESP00+ model. It is available on Amazon, and at the time of this review, the price was $59.99. I am recommending checking the Amazon listing for the current price and to see if there are any coupons or discounts available.

There is another model that is similar in appearance but does not have WiFi capability and does not have USB charging and only supports eight users. This review is based on the ESF00+ Smart Scale.

Inside the box you will find:
ESF00+ Smart Scale
1 USB Charging Cord
User Manual

Reviews and Testimonials

My Experience:

What I love about this Etekcity Smart Scale is WiFi connectivity. If I don't have my phone near me, so I can step on the Scale and all my data will be sent to my account through the WiFi connection. At any point later, I can open the App on my Smartphone, and the data will already be there.

I love the large display that shows me so much more information than just my total body mass. It's easy to get a summary of my BMI, Fat %, etc. just from the display on the scale.

I'm very happy with the features and the App is super easy to use! I highly recommend this smart fitness scale!

Setting up the Smart Scale and using the Scale is simple and easy. To get started, take it out of the box and download the App. After you create your profile you can connect to the scale via Bluetooth and set up a Wifi connection.

The Smart Scale will come fully charged right out of the box so you do not have the charge it before using. The instructions for setup are also outlined in the User Manual that comes with the scale. Here is a quick start guide:

Quick start guide for scale

The Etekcity Smart Fitness Scale is the latest and newest model in their long line of smart scales. The four sensors on the face of the Scale improve the accuracy of the measurements. I have a few tips to help make sure you are getting accurate readings:

1. Do not move while your measurements are taken and try to stand still.
2. Make sure that the Scale is on a flat, smooth, and level surface. (Do not use it on carpeting or similar soft surfaces.)

After using the scale for a few weeks, the measurements have been consistent and accurate.


Overall, this is a great Smart Fitness Scale that is loaded with features many other similar scales are lacking or at a higher price. The scale and App work together seamlessly to help you manage view and understand your body composition statistics and help you reach your fitness and dietary goals.

Design: The sleek and modern design makes this Smart Fitness Scale a stylish addition to your home. The 8 mm of tempered glass makes it a high-quality smart scale that will last over the years. The large display will list a summary of some of the important measurements. The text size is large enough to see the data from a standing position.

Functionality: There are a total of 12 different body composition measurements that this Scale will measure and record. The display on the scale is easy to read and the platform is wide for easy use. Up to 16 user profiles can be created and the data for each user is private unless you choose to share.

App: The App is free to download from the App Store and Google Play. All the metrics are viewable in the App. The user experience is great. It is easy to navigate and gives a good visual representation of your data.

Price/Value: The price of this scale is affordable and cheaper than the same price range as other Smart Fitness Scales. It does have features that the average scales do not and with all the features and high-quality design, its a good value for what you pay for.

If you are looking for Smart Fitness Food Scale for your kitchen, this is a great choice! You can shop for this Smart Fitness Scale on Amazon for the best deal!

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