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Fat Shredder Kickboxing (FSK 12) Review

If you don’t have time to go to a gym, find regular workouts boring, have stubborn fat that just sin’t going away, or any combination of those problems than you are going to love the Fat Shredder Kickboxing program. I’ve been struggling with a stubborn 15 pounds around my mid section for the last 3 years. I’ve hard success losing weight but the last few pounds have been impossible! This is what prompted me to look into this workout program.

In this review I’ll cover everything that you need to know about the program before getting started as well as my experience with the program.

What is Fat Shredder Kickboxing

Well the name basically gives you a general idea of what this workout program is about. Fat Shredder Kickboxing is also known as FSK 12 (12 stands for the number of weeks the program requires). Many people, including myself, make the mistake of thinking that the longer they exercise the more weight they will lose.

This is not true! The reality is that long cardio workouts can even end up making you store more fat. FSK 12 replaces long boring workouts with shorter, funner and more effective workouts that will significantly boost your metabolism.

Who is Mike Zhang?

Mike Zhang
is the creator of Fat Shredder Kickboxing, a kickboxing campion who has over ten years of experience being a personal trainer. Mike has the experience in the fitness industry to know what works and what doesn’t.

He created a system that not only helped him stay in shape but thats helped thousand of men and women lose weight and tone up. Now he is offering his exclusive proven system to you and anyone else who has the determination to change the way they look for good.

How does Fat Shredder Kickboxing Work?

With this program you can go ahead and cancel that gym membership you never use anyway. This is a complete 12 week program that include all the workouts you’ll need in one system. The workouts outlined in this program are designed to help you burn fat and build muscle.

However, you don’t have to worry about building “bulky” muscles. That won’t happen, instead you’ll build lean strong muscle that is suitable for your body.Using the unique approach in this system you will be doing short, fast workouts that will greatly increase your body’s metabolism.

Instead of focusing on specific muscle groups, these workouts will work out your whole body!The Fat Shredder Kickboxing program just requires you to make the commitment to do three to four times a week and the workout sessions are no longer than 30 minutes.

Unlike a lot of workout and weight loss programs, this one is simple and very easy to follow. Everyday you will know where you are at with the program and exactly what you need to do. FSK 12 is broken down into three distinct phases:

  • Phase 1: Foundation Pre-Burn - In this phase you will kick start your metabolism and boost your fat burning hormones so that you can start burning more fat. Mike says that he has had clients that have lose 21 pounds by the time the were finished with phase 1. You will be learning how to do basic and low impact movements that you will incorporate during the rest of the program.
  • Phase 2: Metabolic and Hormone Boost - By this phase you will be ready to start intermediate level workouts. metabolic surging work-outs are introduced to increase your fat loss and body transition. This is the stage that you will really start seeing your body being to transform.
  • Phase 3: Fat Burning Machine - Here movements are now modified to be the advanced variation. You will be burning fat 24/7 all while enjoying the food that you love.

Benefits of Fat Shredder Kickboxing

  • No equipment - You do not have to go to a gym or buy expensive equipment to do these workouts. All you will be using is your body weight.
  • All fitness levels - You level of fitness is not a excuse with this program. You will start this program as a beginner and as you get better and progress through the phases you will do more advanced workouts. All fitness levels can do this program, especially beginners.
  • Burn Fat and Build Muscle - You will start to increase your metabolism and fat burning hormones starting with day 1 of the program.
  • Easy to Follow - This program is very easy to follow and you’ll always know what you have to do next.
  • Affordable - This program is very affordable and much cheaper than having to pay for a monthly gym membership. You’ll also get a better workout here than you would at a gym.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee - If you do not like the program for any reason they will give you a refund within 60 days of your purchase.

Fat Shredder Kickboxing Price and Whats Included

The complete FSK 12 system is available for instant download for the low cost of only $19.00. I’ve never seen a workout program include so much content for this great of a price! Here is everything that is included in the Fat Shredder Kickboxing Program:

  • 12 Week FSK Blueprint - This is the easy to follow, visual guide with lots of instructional photos. This is the complete roadmap of how to be successful with the program. Each work-out is shown clearly with a photo and name description along with information on reps/sets.
  • Introduction to Fitness - If you are a beginner you will benefit from this part. Here you will learn fitness basics and exercise fundamentals. Some of the things Mike highlights here are how to prepare for your work-out, a introduce to diet and how your body reacts when your work out. You’ll also learn how to workout and prevent injury.
  • Coaching Videos - The videos will shows you how to do each technique. Mike will demonstrate each technique so that you will know exactly how to properly execute each moment. There are over 100 videos in this video library that you will have access to.
  • Exercise Guide - This is a detailed exercise guide that offers an in-depth explanation of each technique. You will learn what muscles are being targeted and how to perform the technique properly to avoid injury.
  • Bonus 1: Recovery/ Stretching Plan - teach you the proper way to recover after your work-out and avoid injury.
  • Bonus 2: 33 Habits and How to Apply Them to Your Life - Mike identified 33 habits that were common in elite fighters, successful business owners, and accomplished academics. Learn what they are and how to apply them to your life.
  • Bonus 3: FSK Warm Up Plan - warm-up are often overlooked, but it is the most important step in injury prevention. This document shows you the exact movements that is the most effective at activating specific muscles and helping you reach a full range of motion.
  • Bonus 4: Lean Body Hacks - Here you will find scientifically proven secrets that kick-boxers follow to help maintain a lean and fit body.

The Fat Shredder Kickboxing program can be purchased and downloaded by going to the official FSK 12 website. Only by purchasing the program through the official website will you get the 60 day money back guarantee.

Fat Shedder Kickboxing Reviews and Testimonials

So many people have see great results with this program and I’m one of them. This program has helped me address those program areas that I was struggling with like my stomach and thighs. Here are some of the FSK 12 reviews other people have given about the program:

"I needed a great work-out routine to help me build muscle and keep my weight down for fights, I used the FS Kickboxing stage 3 in addition to my normal training. I immediately noticed a different in my performance and figure. I became stronger, leaner, and was able to stay on my target weight. Michael Zhang has a lot of knowledge and I can’t believe how cheap his program is! Honestly, other people charge over 2000 for this type of coaching." - Melissa Karagianis

"As an executive operating a non-for profit charity I am always on the move. I travel up to 2-3 weeks every month so it can be hard to always get a hotel with the proper equipment. With this program, all I need are my files on my laptop and some very basic equipment (advanced version) and I can get an intense workout in 30 minutes. I feel better at work, I have more energy, and I feel confident when on stage presenting to thousands of people" - Elly Pham

Final Verdict

The Fat Shredder Kickboxing workout program is high quality and can help you get the body you dream of. Like all weight loss and workout program you will have to be motivated and actually do and follow the workouts to see results. The program is based on scientifically proven principles and Mikes in-depth knowledge really gives you a advantage.

One of the things I like best about this program is that you won’t be bored doing the workouts. You will be doing a variety of high energy and fun exercise so there isn’t any boring repetition. Get started with FSK 12 today by ordering through the official FSK 12 website.

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