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What is the FeetUp Trainer?

FeetUp is an inversion trainer that helps people of all fitness levels with handstands and other inversion exercises. 

It was initially invented to help beginners; however, it is useful for both beginners and experts at yoga. 

The FeetUp community has created various exercises that use free weights and ones requiring nothing more than your own body. 

Whether you are an amateur or an expert, one thing is for sure: FeetUp makes certain poses easier than ever without sacrificing the positive aspects of the exercises. 

Inversion poses have tons of benefits including, better circulation, increases immunity, reenergizes the individual, increases core strength, and improves balance. 


I was surprised to find that the trainer was not an eye-sore. It can be tucked away in the corner of your room without the feeling that it has been lazily put away. It looks similar to a footstool. 

Its base is natural wood, and its shoulder padding is white, providing an excellent aesthetic for any room.

I don't have a designated space for yoga, yet the trainer doesn't look out of place, no matter which room I place it in. 

The trainer doesn't just look great; it is designed with ergonomics in mind as well. I didn't experience any weird pressure or pinching when I started using the device. In fact, I've never had an easier time with specific upside-down postures than I have with the FeetUp device. 

The FeetUp device isn't only easy on the eyes and ergonomically sound. It is also designed with an eco-friendly goal in mind. The wooden base is created from a pure, utterly renewable resource, and the cushioning is made and designed by the best professionals by hand. Vegan-friendly faux-leather is used in the cushion as well. The trainer accomplishes all this without sacrificing aesthetics. Some could even say that the trainer's aesthetic design embodies everything that yoga is all about - a natural lifestyle. 

How does it Work?

The FeetUp device can be used by everyone, provided a person doesn't have a severe health issue. 

The trainer works by making headstands easier. You simply place your head below the shoulder cushions and their shoulders on top. 

As previously stated, the FeetUp device is not only for beginners. I personally got interested in an inversion trainer because headstands can be dangerous. The purpose of the FeetUp device is to make headstand positions safer, not easier. In fact, unassisted headstands make up a large portion of the injuries suffered during yoga exercises. 

One of the most significant advantages that I've found with my trainer is that it motivates me to try things I wouldn't have otherwise.
I can try new positions that I would have never been confident enough to try on my own

The FeetUp App

This FeetUp Trainer review would not be complete without taking a look at the functions of the app. In fact, I could do a separate write up just for the FeetUp app review. 

The first thing I noticed when I booted up the app is just how much content there is.

I found complete video tutorials for dozens of different exercises and quickly found that I'd never had time to try everything shown here. 

One useful feature of the app is personalized notifications. The app itself can notify you when it is time for a work-out. You could use the phone's standard calendar app to notify you; however, you'd be missing out on countless features. 

There is also a coaster available for the FeetUp device. This coaster holds your phone at the base of the device to view content on the app while you are upside down in the trainer. 

Price and Where to Buy

The FeetUp Trainer is available for $169.99 on Amazon (visit Amazon to check the price.).

It comes in two other standard models other than the original beige and white. It comes in a chocolate/black variation and a version with just the black cushion. All three models are the same price. There are also variations on the cushion-like red and purple.

FeetUp comes with a few accessories inbox as well. I love the yoga pose poster that comes included. It has various yoga poses to try out with the trainer, even a few that I've never seen before. It also comes with a manual and beginner's guide for people new to yoga. There is also an app available on both Google Play and the App Store. 


There are many alternatives to the FeetUp device, some of the high quality and low quality. The FeetUp was the original; however, some inversion trainers hold up well against the original. Here are a few alternatives: 

THUNDESK Inversion Bench - $69.99

Check price on Amazon.

This inversion trainer comes in at about one hundred dollars cheaper. However, the one thing that worries me here is how the front rails are positioned. I could see some severe injuries happening on this one when your hands slip. 

Collapsible Inversion Trainer $75.99

Check price on Amazon.

This device introduces a dangerous gimmick to the inversion trainer - it collapses. This means it is not nearly as safe and sturdy as FeetUp. You don't want to be upside down in a device that could collapse at any moment. 

C/N Headstand Bench $49.99

Check price on Amazon.

This inversion device comes with useful handholds. This is a great feature; however, I wouldn't feel safe in a product like this. Its legs are made of thin metal. It doesn't look as secure as the original FeetUp inversion trainer. 

There may be plenty of cheaper alternatives; however, none compare to the original FeetUp inversion trainer.

To put it simply: the FeetUp is made with much more care and precaution than any of the imitators.

The FeetUp is definitely worth the bigger price tag, and I, personally, am happy to have the original and not a cheap copycat. 

FeetUp Trainer Coupon/ Discount

At this time I don't have an exclusive Fitness Junkie coupon codes to share. If that changes, I'll update this article.

In the meantime, check Amazon as periodically they do have some of the FeetUp Trainer colors at a cheaper price. You can also check if they have used FeetUp trainer's fo sale. FaceBook marketplace might also be worth checking out if you are looking to save a few bucks :) 

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent neck and shoulder support make it beginner-friendly without creating an uncomfortable experience.
  • Comes with a poster and an app to get beginners started in yoga and inversion exercises.
  • The design of the product is elegant without sacrificing the functionality of the inversion trainer. 
  • The original product. It was designed from the ground up to provide yoga enthusiasts with a positive experience.


  • There are cheaper options available if you want to risk an inferior product.
  • It is difficult to put together. I had a lot of trouble getting it sturdy; however, I finally got it put together.

Reviews and Testimonies

Don't take my word for it. Check out the FeetUp Trainer reviews on Amazon to see for yourself what people are saying. Most Amazon users are quick to tell others how happy they are with their purchase, even sharing videos of themselves using the device.

One longtime yogi mentioned on her Amazon review how other knockoff models she has owned have not been as comfortable as the original feet.

Another user, who has chronic neck and shoulder pain, expressed how happy they were that they finally found an inversion trainer that doesn't flare up their injuries. 

Final Thoughts

The FeetUp inversion trainer isn't only the first inversion trainer of its time; it is the best. It is ergonomic, eco-friendly, and sturdy. It contains all the elements that any yogi or inversion beginner looks for in an inversion trainer. It is also very styling, meaning it will make the perfect addition to any room in your house. Don't hesitate anymore. Try one out today to see if you like it as much as I do.

Price: $134.00+
Where to Buy: Amazon or FeetUp
Discount Available: none
Source: The sample for this review was purchased by Sophie Summers

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