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Fit Lifestyle Box Subscription Review + Coupon

Of all the monthly subscription boxes to choose from, Fit Lifestyle Box has been my favorite and a "must-have" for any fitness junkie!

What's included?

Every month you will get:

  • a full-size product (Examples: Tshirt)
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Fitness Challenge
  • Supplement Samples

The Fit Lifestyle Box is a monthly subscription box that includes a combination of healthy snacks, supplement samples, and products for either men or women (you can choose).

It's only anout $25 a month, and considering that every month includes some "full-size" product (example: t-shirt) it's a great deal!

What do you get in each Fit Lifestyle Box?

This is what was included in the September Fit Lifestyle Box!


Here is October's FLB! The theme for this box was "Protein" and it was fantastic!


Full-Size Products:
Every month the box will include some type of full-size product, usually a t-shirt. It's not some cheap, low qualify shirt, either.

I think the t-shirt alone is almost worth the $20!


Healthy Snacks:
The Fit Lifestyle Box is an excellent way to try out different healthy snacks that I otherwise would not have heard of before.

It's often hard for me to try new products because they are usually pricy.

Combined with the chance that I might not like it, it is difficult to commit to trying something new.

With this monthly subscription, I can sample new healthy snacks and buy the new snacks I love the best.


In the September box, I tried Protein BBQ chips and a healthy Protein peanut butter Cookie. It was freakin delicious.

Protein BBQ Chips and a Protein Peanut Butter Cookie?! I'm in love.

I can't believe how long I have avoided "junk" food when these "healthy protein-packed" versions of my favorite junk food exist! And I would have never even known if it wasn't for The Fit Lifestyle box!!

Fitness Challenges:
I love that a fitness challenge is included every month. It's a great way to add a new component to my workouts and exercise routine.

Supplement Samples:
The supplement samples include things like hydration drink mix, healthy energy shots, drinks, etc.


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My Experience:

My favorite thing about FLB is the variety of products that make it a great way to try new products and T-shirts!

Sophie Summers holding the Fit Lifestyle Box.
I'm a huge fan (if you can't already tell!)

I have found many of my favorite healthy snacks and supplements by first trying them from a Fit Lifestyle Box. My favorite has been the Protein Cookie and the BBQ Protein Chips!

The October box was "protein" themed. There was an awesome variety of protein-packed snacks but also a healthy "Hawaiian Shaved Ice" energy drink that was super good.

I love the T-shirt designs, quality, and fit! I'm relatively tall for a girl (5 ft 9in), and I always have a hard time finding t-shirts that are long enough. Medium t-shirts have been an absolutely perfect fit.

I love the unique designs and colors.

Wishing you love and happiness,

Where to signup for the Fit Lifestyle Box subscription and cost?

You can sign up for The Fitlifestyl box by going to their official website. Sign up options include:

  • Monthly Plan for $24 per month
  • 3-month Plan: $69 every 3 months
  • 6-month Plan $ 132 every 6 months

The 6-month plan is the best "value" as it brings down the monthly calculated cost to $22 per box!

Get 20% OFF your first box by using the coupon code: FITNESSJUNKIE

Final Thoughts - Should you get the FLB?


I would 100% recommend getting the Fit Lifestyle Box if any of the information above makes you interested or curious.

Overall, a Fit Lifestyle Box is a low-cost way to try new healthy snacks and supplements. It also makes an excellent gift!

If you don't know what to ask for your birthday, Christmas, holiday, etc.

The Fit Lifestyle Box can be ordered in 1-month orders, 3 months, or 6 months.

On the flip side, if you know someone into fitness and are unsure what to get them, The Fit Lifestyle box makes for a great gift! 

If you still have questions that you would like answered or something I didn't cover in the review, please comment below. I check comments daily and will get back to you asap.

Price: $25
Where to Buy:
Discount Available: 20% off w/ code FITNESSJUNKIE
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Fit Lifestyle Box.

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