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In-depth review of FitVille shoes

Sore feet will wipe out a lot of your energy and distract you from your intended goals. Finding a pair of shoes that allows you to forget about your foot pain can truly give you your life back. If your feet often feel constricted or stuck inside your shoes, the information below can help.

FitVille gray women's shoes
My review of Fitville shoes!

In this FitVille Rebound Core shoe review, we will look at a lot of factors to figure out if FitVille can provide you with the right fit and comfort.

What are FitVille Shoes?

FitVille shoes are wideset shoes. Wideset shoes are also great for people who have shoe issues. Because of their larger size range, they provide a far more fitting option than standard slim-fit shoes.

When it comes to finding a comfortable shoe, it is important to find a shoe that fits well. A shoe that is too tight or too loose will not be comfortable. You should also consider the width of the shoe. A shoe that is too narrow or too wide will not be comfortable.

FitVille shoes are designed to fit a wide foot, so they are a good option for people who have trouble finding comfortable shoes. FitVille shoes come in different widths, so you can choose the width that is best for you.


  • Lots of sizes and styles for both men and women
  • Different widths to choose from
  • Affordable prices
  • Sustainable shoes with eco-friendly materials
  • 30 free trial

Sustainable and human focused

FitVille shoes are constructed from the sole up using eco-friendly materials. Their products are made in factories that meet ISO 9000 inspection standards, which cover not only energy efficiency and safety standards but pollution-reducing equipment.

Every aspect of FitVille shoe creation is focused on wellness. Workers are paid a living wage, shoes are made to last and the manufacturing process is monitored to protect workers and the environment.

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My FitVille Women's Rebound Core Shoes review

The Rebound Core is designed to help people with wide feet or foot ailments like Plantar Fasciitis and hammertoes. The large toe box and high instep help to minimize friction between your feet and the shoe. The dual-density soles provide arch support as well as cushioning comfort thanks to their two-layer construction.

These shoes have over 230 reviews and an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Wearing Fitville Shoes
I read a ton of reviews from customers that have had issues with footwear and finding comfortable shoes. So many have said that FitVille is the most comfortable shoe they have ever worn!

I tried them on and I have to say that they are right! I've always had issues with finding shoes that I could walk in for long periods of time without getting blisters. It feels like I'm walking on a cloud when I wear my FitVille shoes!

Yesterday I went on a 5 mile walk and I did not feel any pressure points or discomfort!

Don't just take my word for it, here are a couple other people that have had life-changing shoe experiences with FitVille!

"I have two pair of Fitville shoes and i LOVE both of them. I wear the walking shoes daily and my new Fitville tennis shoes for working out. They are the most comfortable shoes I've owned since I have wide feet and have found trouble in the past finding comfortable shoes to fit correctly." - Tracy T. (Verified Purchase)

"I walk 20000 steps a day - but my feet are so arthritic that the joints barely fit in a pair of shoes. The toe bed accommodates even my joints." - Mary H. (Verified Purchase)

It is safe to say that FitVille shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear. With a wide fit and a variety of sizes and styles, these shoes are perfect for people with foot issues or those who simply want a more comfortable shoe.

The dual-density soles provide arch support and cushioning comfort, while the large toe box and high instep help to minimize friction between your feet and the shoe.

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Who Are FitVille Shoes For?

FitVille shoes are designed to give your feet a little room to move. These are available specifically for wide feet and offer a wide toe box.

Unlike many designs that feature a wide, flat shoe, the FitVille Women's Rebound Core Shoes have a high instep to protect your ankles and prevent your feet from tiring over the course of the day.

How do I know my size?

FitVille shoes have your typical shoe sizes but also an option of wide or extra-wide. To measure your foot length and girth, follow the instruction on the FitVille Shoe guide.

Where to Buy FitVille Shoes

Finding great shoes isn't difficult if you have access to the right brands. This brand has gone above and beyond by not just having a full inventory on, but also partnering with several vendor shops including Amazon and Walmart.

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Comfortable shoes for specific health conditions

No matter what health issues you have, your Fitville shoes can help you stay comfortable.


Those with diabetes often suffer from limited circulation. Additionally, diabetics tend to heal more slowly after an injury. If you commonly develop blisters on a long, healthy walk, you will really appreciate the dual-density cushioning down the sole.

As you stride, the pressure moves from your heel to your toe. Because these cushions rebound and support your foot as it rocks from heel to toe, rubbing will greatly decrease.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the tough tissue on the bottom of your foot that can be incredibly painful.

Wearing shoes with poor arch support can overstress this tissue and increase irritation. Because your Fitville shoes have removable cushioning, you can customize your fit until you have exactly the cushioning you need.


Those with rheumatoid arthritis often have a great deal of inflammation at the ball of the foot. There may also be swelling in the toes.

A wide shoe with a nice wide toe box will give you the room you need. If you have osteoarthritis and find that your feet puff up as you walk or start out extra stiff, you will also love having this extra space.

Flat Feet

Those with flat feet need a sturdy arch that bounces back. Flat feet tire easily and may start to hurt quickly if you don't have the arch support you need throughout your stride.

If you already have insoles that work for your feet, you can remove some of the cushioning inside your Fitville Shoes to make room for your custom arch support.

Heel Pain

Strong walkers who take long steps can actually be putting a lot of weight into their heels each time they step down.

If you find that you're shortening your stride to avoid this pain, updating your shoes to something with more cushion at the heel can allow you to boost your stride and speed back to where it was.


Bunions are bony protrusion that forms where your big toe attaches to your foot. They are often genetic; you may have worn flats your entire life and can still develop this condition.

Pressure from the outside can increase the discomfort caused by bunions. If you have narrow feet but can't get shoes to fit, a wider shoe with plenty of cushions can lower your pain level and help you get moving again.

Hammer Toe

Those with hammer toe have one toe that crosses over the one beside it; often, the second toe crosses over the big one.

FitVille shoes have a wide toe box and are made of a breathable mesh, so the top toe has room and the covered toe can breathe.


Neuropathy in your feet can be a standalone condition. It can also be tied to diabetes. While some with neuropathy suffer from numbness, others feel a "pins and needles" pain.

The supportive design of the FitVille shoe allows you to have consistent support no matter the length of your stride or the stretch of your foot. The base of the Fitville shoe is also very helpful for anyone with neuropathy; your risk of rolling your foot will be much less with a wide base and a great grip.

Morton's Neuroma

While bunions impact the ball or inside of the foot, Morton's Neuroma flare-up between the third and fourth toe. Many women's shoe designers add a point at the big toe, which will crowd the outside of the foot.

Should you develop this condition, FitVille shoes can get you back on the track thanks to the nice wide toe box. No pointy shoes from FitVille!
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Final thoughts

Many different types of foot pain can be alleviated by wearing FitVille shoes, which have a wide toe box and adjustable cushioning. The shoes are designed to support the foot throughout the stride, and can be customized to fit individual needs.

I highly recommend FitVille shoes as a good option for those suffering from foot pain and for anyone looking for comfortable shoes!

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