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Flow Core: Salt & Electrolyte Supplement

Hydration and staying hydrated are critical when you are active, especially in hot weather where you are sweating more. Most of us resort to water by default, and while water is necessary, electro lights are a powerful enhancer that can help us stay more hydrated and for more extended periods. (1)Gatorade and similar sports drinks immediately come to mind when I think of how to get electro lights. This is mostly because of Gatoraids successful marketing at sporting events. Gatorade does indeed have, but it also has a ton of sugar and other artificial ingredients that I would not feel comfortable putting in my body. A new way to stay hydrated with the benefit of electro lights is in the form of electro light tablets.

What are Flow CORE Salt & Elecrolyight Supplements?

Flow CORE is a 100% natural pure asks and electro light supplement. Many similar hydration tablets are refined, process and lose much go their natural trace menials in this manufacturing process.Flow CORE was formulated by a world champion triathlete, Dr. Stuart Porter, and it is used by division 1 athletes across the country. The Redmond Real Salt that is used in Flow CORE is entirely unrefined and unprocessed.It contains over 70 natural trace minerals.


Flow CORE is 100% natural and has the following ingredients:

  • 700mg Pure Real Salt
  • 20mg Magnesium
  • 70mg potassium
  • Over 70 Trace minerals

If you are at all active outdoors, Flow CORE can help you stay hydrated and improve your performance. While this is a great electrolyte solution for runners, and all endurance athletes, it should also be used if you are doing any outdoor activity was you will be sweating. I personally use it before hiking, suffering, paddle boarding and before workouts. If you are an outdoor worker, hydration capsule like Flow CORE can go a long way towards preventing heat stroke, cramps, and muscle exhaustion.Did you know that most sports drinks do not have enough sodium to replace what is lost during a challenging workout entirely? For endurance athletes, the recommended range of sodium replacement is 750mg to 1000mg per hour! Extra salt water is needed to reach these recommendations.Due to the real salt in its formula, Flow Core supplements help your body unlock cellular energy production during physically demanding activities. This can help your body perform at its optimal level.Take 1 capsule at least 30 minutes before your workout. This will ensure that all micronutrients and rehydration salts have enough time to be absorbed by your system.


  • Prevent cramps during workouts
  • Improve nerve impulses
  • Improve digestion
  • Increase energy
  • Metabolize nutrients
  • Control blood sugar

Pros & Cons


Keto friendly: This is an easy way to get sodium, magnesium, and potassium for the ketogenic diet.

100% natural: All natural ingredients

Highly nutritious, contains a wide variy of essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients

Real Salt Contains real salt, not processed or made synthetically in a lab.

Taste: Does not have any taste or after taste

Non-GMO, gluten-free and made in the USA.


These capsules might need to be taken quite frequently by some people to get the desired results. The rate at which you should take more capsules will depend on the instensity of your workout.

Price and Where to Buy

You can buy Flow CORE rehydration capsules from or from the Flow CORE website for $16.95.1 Bottle = 60 Tablets ($0.28 per Tablet) This is a very affordable price at only $0.28 a tablet.

Reviews and Testimonials

Flow Core is used by division 1 athletes across the country and also by regular, everyday people. It has over 130 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.7/5. This is an excellent indicator that Flow CORE is a high-quality product and that many have had great results.

My Experience:I started using Flow CORE a few weeks ago, and it has been fantastic at keeping me hydrated. For me, being in a tropical climate, workouts are always going to be very sweaty, and I had had moments where I start getting dizzy even when I thought I was drinking enough water.I have a very sensitive stomach, so I am always cautious when trying new supplements. I had no issues with this salt & electro light supplement.When I take Flow CORE, I notice the improvement in endurance and energy. It’s exciting to have an electro light solution that is a better alternative to sugar-filled sports drinks.It was also a pleasant surprise that this capsule has no noticeable taste. I hate when supplements have a chalky or bitter aftertaste! This made Flow CORE that much easier to take.

Final Thoughts

Flow CORE is 100% natural and not refined and processed like many other hydration slat tablets. They are Keto friendly for those that follow the Keto diet.Flow CORE is a solid choice for a electro-light supplement. Electrolight supplements can help prevent cramping, boost energy levels, improve digestion, and boost overall athletic performance. They are a healthier alternative to sugary electro-light sports drinks.

Product Purity: This salt rehydration supplement is 100% natural. Flow Core only uses Redmond Real Salt. Many other salt tablets are made synthetically in a lab. Real Salt is completely unrefined and unprocessed.

Effectiveness: People often doesn't realize that they are dehydrated until the symptoms are very noticeable.

Ingredients: This supplement has high-quality ingredients that are effective in helping to keep you hydrated. Each serving contains 700 mg of Pure Real Salt, 20 mg Magnesium, 70 mg Potassium, and over 70 other Trace Minerals and Electrolytes

Value: 1 Bottle has 60 tablets ($0.28 per tablet) and you should take 1 tablet 30 minutes prior to your workout and depending on your workout, you should take 2 more tablets per hour of sweaty activity. There are other salt hydration tablets that are "cheaper" but they also might have low-quality ingredients.

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