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Geopress Purifier review - the last water bottle you will ever need?

What is the Grayl Geopress?

Are you concerned about the quality of the water you consume inside or outside your home? Do you think about the contaminants that might be in your water? The Grayl Geopress could be a good investment for you. 

This is a speed-oriented and fast-acting purifier bottle that provides users with 24 ounces of safe drinking water within a matter of 8 seconds. The brand boasts of safely drinking from any place – regardless of their level of cleanliness – without having to worry about getting sick. 

Are you intrigued? Does this water bottle work for your needs? If you're not sure, read more of this Grayl Geopress review to find out!

How Does the Grayl Water Bottle Work?

Now you must be thinking about how this purifier bottle works, right? Luckily, it is amazingly simple.

Scoop water up to the fill line. Twist open the cap to vent. Press really hard using your body weight, it helps to lock my elbows to keep my arms in a straight position.

All you have to do scoop water into the outside cup, vent the cap, and press it down leveraging your body weight.

Pro Tip: If you are pressing down and water is spilling out over the side, first check to make sure you opened the cap to allow air to vent out. If you did, then you are not pressing down hard and fast enough.

This purifier removes all potential waterborne pathogens, which can include viruses, bacteria, and protozoan cysts. Not only does it eliminate these microorganisms, but it also helps in the elimination of rotavirus, Hepatitis A, Norovirus, Giardiasis, Cryptosporidium, E. Coli, Cholera, Salmonella, Dysentery, and many other bacteria.

How Long Does the Filter Last?

As effective and powerful as the purifier is, it requires certain maintenance to keep up performance. The filter is relatively long-lasting, and it only has to be switched out every few years. The website suggests that the filter keeps up with its reliable performance for 350 cycles, so users might need to switch it out less frequently if they don't fill it quite as often. 

If three years have elapsed since you first used the purifier bottle, it is time to change or replace your purifier cartridge.

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Benefits/ Pros

  • Improves taste: it improves the smell and taste of water
  • Fast filtering
  • Great for traveling, adventures like hiking, and getting water from sketchy water sources
  • Removes water-born pathogens including bacteria an viruses
  • Filters particles like micro plastics, sediments, pesticides, and heavy metals
  • Save money by not buying disposable water bottles
  • Great for the environment since it reduces plastic waste
  • Great reviews


  • It's hard to think of a con other than maybe the price. But realistically, it's an amazing deal!

Price and where to buy

The Grayl water bottle is 24 ounces in size and is available for $89.95.

The website currently shows that it comes in various colors, including blue, maroon, black, green, and brown.

Unboxing- what's included?

Your Grayl waterbottle will come with the filter and an informational pamphlet.

Filter is already installed in the water bottle.

You can purchase additional and replacement filters from their website.

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Grayl Coupon Code /Discount

You can save 15% off your purchase by signing up for the Grayl email list! Visit this link to sign up and get your 15% off coupon!

Reviews and Testimonials

Customers feel incredibly positive while using this purifier bottle. They think that the advertising is honest and accurate, ensuring that others will get the product as it is promised. Customers also say that this bottle is straightforward to use and recommend it to everybody they know!

My Experience

The Grayl Geopress bottle is impressive, and there are soooo many reasons I  recommend it! 

First, I live in Puerto Rico. During hurricane season, stocking up on water bottles is a MUST. Grayl is my backup. While I also have a supply of water bottles in my condo, what if it's not enough? 

During hurricane Maira in 2018, many people in Puerto Rico died. Not from the hurricane direly, but those that live inland did not have access to clean water and died from drinking stagnant water in puddles.

Grayl would have literally been a lifesaver for them.

I also use my Grayl Geopress when I go on hiking trips on the island. Puerto Rico is very hot and humid. Staying hydrated is crucial but bringing a gallon of water on hiking tips is not practical.
When I go hiking, I get my Grayl bottle and my Ecovessel to keep my water out of the sun and cold.
I always fill up on water at rivers and waterfalls. 

It's crazy how much of a different Grayl makes even with tap water. My sis and her friend came down to visit over spring break.

They both commented how the tap water did not taste good at all. (I didn't notice, probably because I am used to it). In fact, they even said it tasted "moldy!!"

I showed them how to filter it with Grayl, and they couldn't believe the difference it made! 

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How convenient would it be to have a cleaner that you can take with you wherever you go? You don't have to worry about the potential that the water could be contaminated and that you would catch some infection from it because the water is totally clean.

I hope this Grayl Geopress review was helpful and that you can decide if the purifier bottle is a good match. If so, click here to grab yours!

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Price:  $89.00
Where to Buy: Grayl
Discount Available: none
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Grayl.

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