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GRIPBELL Free Weights

What do you get when you combine kettlebell, weighted bar, and dumbbell? You get a GRIPBELL!

As you may already know, I am a huge advocate of strength training. I make it a point to encourage women to add strength training as a part of their fitness routine. However, without going to the gym, I can be expensive and inconvenient to purchase and store workout equipment like dumbbell and kettlebells at home. Especially if you are already limited in space and storage.

This is why I was so excited with I heard about GRIPBELL free weights!

GRIPBELL weight set and design
In this GRIPBELL review, I will share my experience using GRIPBELLs, what you should know about the design, and what to expect before you buy!

What are GRIPBELLs?

GRIPBELL is a handheld weighted workout equipment with a revolutionary new design. It can effectively replace kettlebells, dumbbells, and any other weighted handheld piece of workout equipment.

GRIPBELLs can be used for yoga cross-training, weight lifting, yoga, interval training, and even physical therapy.


How to use GRIPBELL weights

With so many applications, GRIPBELL weights can be used by people of all fitness levels. Here is an excellent video that talks about how to use the weights. The video also goes through a great workout sequence that is perfect or beginners!

Design and Features

The weight distribution design makes this a unique product that outshines the completion

One Size: Each GRIPBELL is the same size, regardless of the weight. Unlike regular dumbbells or kettlebells, GRIPBELL weights are evenly distributed. You do not have to adjust to a larger piece of equipment to work with heavier weights.

GRIPBELL weight design
Weights are designed for a secure grip and each weight will be labeled with the actual weight in pounds.

Secure Grip: With GRIPBELLs, it’s all about the grip! While the weights made of recycled cast iron at the core, the complete surface area wrapped in a grippy, polyurethane material that is hypoallergenic.

Safer: GRIPBELLS are significantly safer than traditional weights. There are no metal edges or weighted points. If it should slip out of your had, it is safer than the conventional dumbbell or kettlebell.

Travel: If you travel frequently, the GRIPBELL design allows you to pack a pair in your suitcase easily. Since GRIPBELLs lay flat, they are easy to pack and transport on long trips. You can also add a GRPBELL to your backpack the next time you go for a hike or run for an extra challenge!

Pros & Cons


Easy to store: GRIPBELL weights are flat and stackable. They do not take up much space and are easy to store.

Best Design: Of the dumbbell and kettlebell sets you can get, GRIPBELL is like having a dumbbell and kettlebell set all in one. The overall design is significantly better in comfort, grip, and versatility across different workouts.

Grip: Every GRIPBELL weight is the same size. The entire exterior surface of the free weights is wrapped in grippy material. These two factors make GRIPBELL weights easier to hold and allow for a secure grip.

Limitless: The GRIPBELL free weights are unlimited in their applications. They can be used in a wide variety of workouts. From yoga, cross-training, and even physical therapy. It is an “all-in-one” set.

Price: I firmly believe that GRIPBELLS is the best value you can get for the price. Considering they can replace dumbbells, kettlebells and take up less space, GRIPBELLS are worth the investment!

Great Value: This is a great choice for a food scale. It has many features that more expensive scales have but this one is at a more affordable price point.


Price: Some people will find the price more than they think it should be. However, the great thing about GRIPBELL is that you do not need to purchase a complete set with all the weights right away. You can buy them individually and build your completion over time.

Where to buy GRIPBELL and price?

The best place to buy your GRIPBELL set is directly from the manufacturer at Amazon might also have sets, but they are not always in stock.

GRIPBELL free weight sets

You can order any GRIPBELL weight individually, or you can get them in pairs. Ideally, I would recommend getting the GRIPBELL Full Set, which is the best deal.

You can get individual, sets, or full sets all on the GRIPBELL website!

Reviews and Testimonials

My Experience:

GRIPBELL free weights are my favorite part of my home gym and I love using them during my workouts. I try out many different workout programs and often I like to increase the intensity by adding GRIPBELLs to my workouts.

I used to have kettlebells and several dumbells. They took up a lot of space. GRIPBELLs are so great! They save a lot of space and now I feel like I have a complete home gym by replacing my old equipment.

My favorite part of the design is the different ways I can get a secure grip. When I am in the middle of an insense speedy workout I don't have to give my grip a second thought. I can be confident that the weights won't slip from my hands and land on me!  

One of my favorite ways of using these weights is to make my ab workouts harder, stay tuned because I will be posting my favorite workouts featuring GRIPBELL weights!!


Overall, GRIPBELL free weights are an awesome addition to a home gym. There are so many reasons I reviewed above that make GRIPBELL weights a better option than traditional free weights and kettlebells!

Design: Since all the GRIPBELL weights are that same size (even with differing weight amounts) they are easy to switch out during your workout. The flatness makes them easy to store when you are not using them and they do not take up much space.

Quality: GRIPBELL weights are a high-quality product and it's easy to notice this when you hold them.

Usability: These weights can be used for all sorts of workouts. From yoga, cross-training, and even physical therapy, the uses and applications are limitless!

Safety: The design of these free weights was based on improving user safety. Using these free weights can be much safer than using traditional weights. GRIPBELL weights are shaped so it is easy to hold the weights from all angles. The material that is used also helps ensure a secure grip.

Price/Value: The price might be an area that makes these weights a little expensive. While you are paying a premium price, you are getting a premium product. The price is very competitive in terms of other free weight sets on the market. Considering these are so versatile and can be used as dumbells and kettlebells, at the end of the day you are getting a great deal!

You can get your GRIPBELL set today by going to!

Price: $279.99 full set
Where to Buy: Amazon or GRIPBELL
Discount Available: None
Source: The sample for this review was provided by GRIPBELL

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