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I don't know about you, but one of the "excuses" I used for not working out is that I won't have time to wash my hair! 

Well... Hairstory crushed that excuse with their Fitness Kit! 

What is the Hairstory Fitness Kit? 

Don't have time to wash your hair after a workout is no longer a problem! The Hairspray Fitness Kit helps keep hair looking fresh!

The Hairstory Fitness Kit includes Hairstory Hair Balm and Hairstory Powder. 

Hairstory Hair Balm and Hairstory Powder. 

Hairstory Hair Balm

If you have time to wash your hair but not enough to blow-dry, the Hairstory Hair Balm is for you! 

How does Hair Balm work??

After your wash your hair, work Hair Balm through your damp hair with your fingers or comb and let it air dry. You can also use Hair Balm on dry hair to touch up fizz. 


  • Save time by not needing to blow dry your hair
  • Save your hair from heat damage blow-drying would cause
  • Small and portable, perfect for taking to the gym locker room or even while traveling
  • Easy to use

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Hairstory Powder

Hairspray powder is perfect for those days where washing your hair is not going to happen. After your workout, apply Hairstory Powder to your roots, and it will suck up that sweat! It also adds a bit of texture to your hair. 


  • Skip washing your hair 
  • Absorbs sweat after a workout and oil from your scalp
  • It gives your hair volume and texture
  • No white residue 

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Price and where to buy? 

You can buy the Hairstory Fitness Kit from the Hairstory website. The total cost of a Fitness Kit is $69.00. Buying your Fitness Kit will also get you free shipping. Another perk is the money-back guarantee!

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Reviews and testimonials

My experience

I always like to air-dry my hair. I prefer not to use a blow dryer because I want to avoid heat damage. The only problem with air-drying my hair is the longer my hair gets, the more and more time it takes to dry. 

Hairstory Hair Balm is magical! It helps my hair air-dry very quickly, and I love how soft my hair feels. It's also super nice not have my hair drip water everywhere while I'm scrambling to get ready.

I love Hair Balm because it does NOT give hair that crunchy feeling or gelled look. I'm very picky with my hair and do not typically like to add product to it. This Hair Balm is the only exception to me!

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The Hairstory Fitness Kit is a must have for me. It's the only hair product that I actually use multiple times a week. I highly recommend it to every girls regardless of your hair type.

If you workout or even if you are someone with limited time, Hairstory Fitness Kit is the best hair product that saves so much time and makes my hair feel weightless, softy, and just amazing!

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Price:  $69.00
Where to Buy: Hairstory
Discount Available: none
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Hairstory.

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