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Healbe GoBe 2 Fitness Tracker Review

Fitness trackers are everywhere and there are so many options but they all seem to track the same things which typically consists of heart rate monitoring, tracking steps, and “estimating” the calories you burn based on the workouts you record, track sleep or some combination of those things. Healbe GoBe 2 can easily do this too but what makes this fitness tracker stand out from the rest is that it is the only fitness tracker that automatically counts calories (both calories burned AND consumed) and assess hydration levels 24/7.

Imagine never having to mentally count calories or record calories on your calories tracking app after every meal and snack! That was the most attractive feature about the Healbe that peaked my interest. But the real question I’m here to answer is “does it work?”

I’ve recently tried to take up tracking my calories again and have failed over and over. Life just gets in the way, I forget to track a meal and by the time I remember I totally forgot what I ate and how big my portions were! Weight loss is a numbers game and Healbe GoBe 2 is aiming to help you track your calories effortlessly so let’s see how well it lives up to it’s hype!

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What is Healbe GoBe 2?

Healbe GoBe 2 is a update to the original Healbe and if you are unaware of what Healbe is, it’s a fitness band that you wear on your wrist and it tracks your calorie intake/output and a wide variety of other health information.

When the Healbe originally launched people were very skeptic and while the device had some pretty cool features it was still early in it’s development and had some rough edges to smooth out.

The Healbe GoBe 2 is the new and improved version of the wearable tech with awesome features that are very accurate. Read on to learn more about all the cool features this fitness tracker has to offer... I promise you won't be disappointed!


In the box you will find the GoBe 2 fitness tracker, fitness band, charging cable, charging dock and a instructional booklet to help get you started.

The band comfortable, flexible, adjustable and made out of a soft rubber material, similar to the sport Apple Watch straps. The new and improved design is still rather large, even for a wrist wearable. It measures about 2.25 inches across your wrist and is about 1.5 inches wide. While the style and visual design of the fitness tracker is an improvement over the original Healbe, it is still rather bulky and large making it very noticeable.

For a fitness tracker that you wear 24/7, I am hopeful that in the future they will come up with a more stylish solution. But for now, you do have additional color options for the fitness band.

These options include: Black, White, Purple, Red, Blue and Yellow and can be viewed on the Healbe website.While the style is a sporty and rather large on a small wrist, the fitness tracker is very comfortable and light.

You will get used to it after the first few days. The face of the fitness tracker is off by default to help and conserve battery but if you press the physical button on the side a bright blue colored dot display will display the time.

You can continue to press the button and the display will cycle through time, battery level, current heart rate, calorie balance, steps, and your hydration level. I found it really easy to read the display, even in bright sunlight. To get more details about the information displayed you can quickly open the app on your smart phone or the web desktop.

If the band becomes loose or if you are not wearing it highly or correctly, the fitness tracker will vibrate and the display will read “NO-CONTACT”. At this point you can make adjustments but if after 15 seconds it is not adjusted it will turn off.

Healbe advertises a two day battery life but I found I would have to charge is every 1.5 days (very similar to my Apple Watch).​

Healbe GoBe 2 Features

Healbe GoBe 2 Calorie Tracking

The most impressive feature of this fitness tracker is it’s crazy ability to track calories and nutrients automatically. It takes all this information and will display whether you are in a calorie credit or deficit for the day.This is calculated by subtracting the calories you’ve burn through various activities throughout the day from the total number of calories you’ve eaten.

This little gadget does more than just track calories, it also tracks the fat, carbs and protein in your diet. One major improvement from the first generation Healbe is that you no longer have to tell the device when you are going to eat, it will know this automatically.

All this information will be displayed in a graph and you can see spikes in the day when your body starts to burn more calories.

While automatically tracking the calories you consume is impressive enough, Healbe takes it one step further and tracks the calories you burn as well. This might not sound impressive at first since a lot of other fitness trackers can track the calories burned during a exercise.If you’ve ever tracked your calories with apps like My Fitness Pal or Lose it! you know that it can be a lot of work. A couple years ago when I really needed to lose some weight I started tracking my calories with the Lose It! app.

Every bite I look I recorded in my daily food journal. It was a lot of work and a hard habit to build but it really paid off. Over the course of three months I tracked everything I eat and weighted myself every week. The results were there, over those three months I lose about 14.5 pounds!By tracking the number of calories I was consuming and burning I was more aware of what I was eating. Simply having a visual was soooo much help in helping me make better choices and eat healthier.

I know that people can have success losing weight if they tracked their calorie intake and output. The problem is that it’s really difficult to keep track of that information!

However, Healbe tracks your calorie burning 24/7! Here is how the Healbe gives you a more accurate number on the total calories you burn throughout the day... It tracks the following:

Calories Burned During Digestion + Basel Metabolic Rate (calories burned while body is doing basic functions) + Calories Burned During Physical Activities = Total Calories Burned!

While all this sounded really cool to me, I wanted to know how accurate calorie tracking actually was? To answer this question, a independent clinical research study was conducted by the Saint Petersburg Institute of Health's Medical and Sports Clinic.

Here are the impressive results that show how accurate Healbe is:

  • Calorie intake and Calories burned had up to 93% accuracy
  • Heart Rate error was only between 0%-8%
  • Accuracy for tracking calories burned during physical activity was up to 98%
  • Error in sleep duration and efficiency was only 3-5%

These are crazy awesome results and I was impressed to find a fitness tracker that has been put to the test in a independent study!

Healbe GoBe 2 and Blood Pressure

Healbe was full of surprises and it’s accurate ability to track blood pressure is yet another remarkable feature of this fitness band. Healbe has a heart rate monitor which is pretty standard in fitness trackers these days.

I found that the Healbe heart rate monitor was very accurate, even more accurate than my Apple Watch. One feature that I have yet to see in another wearable is the ability to monitor blood pressure.While this feature still is technically in “beta” testing I was curious to see how accurate it really was. Since the feature is still in testing they report that it can be off as much as 20% but when I did a test on it, it was only off by 3%.

So what other tricks does this spiffy like fitness tracker have up it’s sleeve? Well, calorie and nutritional tracking might be the star of the show but this fitness tracker can also track information like water intake, stress levels and sleep quality!

Stress Level Tracking

I thought the stress indicator was really cool since sooo many American’s lead stressful lives without even knowing it and stress can be detrimental to your health. Healbe GoBe 2 keeps a constant record of your heart rate.It detects stress when it notices a significant rise in your heart rate but you don’t appear to be doing any physical active that would explain the rise. Healbe will show you your stress level on a 5-point scale.

Another feature related to stress level tracking is that it can also track your emotions. What I mean by this is when you go through different emotions your sweat glands will react accordingly.

Using their Galvanic Skin Responder sensor the GoBe can track the changes in your sweat glands and if your emotional tensions last for more than 10 minutes it will send you an alert.

Hydration Tracking

I thought that I was drinking enough water throughout my day but according to this fitness tracker I have room for improvement.

Healbe will monitor your hydration levels automatically and when it senses that you could use more water it will buzz and give you a nice reminder.

This is really helpful when I have a ton of stuff to do all day and don’t have time to constantly think about how much water I drank. It feels good that Healbe has my back!

Hydration reminders where a little annoying at first because it would remind me in the middle of the night.But than i figured out how to set up reminder window so it only reminds me to hydrate during the day.

Sleep Tracking

I am in love with how advanced the sleep tracker is on this fitness band! Not only does it simply track when you are sleeping but the data goes far more in depth.You are able to see your REM sleep cycles throughout the night and track how your heart rate responds in each cycle.

This is a big deal because most fitness trackers only measure movement to determine your quality of sleep which will not give you a accurate representation of your sleep quality.

Healbe is probably the most accurate sleep tracking device that I've seen.

How does Healbe GoBe 2 work?

How is Healbe able to track all this information, especially tracking the number of calories you eat?! To put the science into simple terms, Healbe has a impedance sensor that is able to calculate he volume of water both inside and outside the cells in the skin on your wrist. It is constantly tracking the movement of water within your cells.By doing this it is able to track things like your consumption of calories, sugar, carbs, and protein. By tracking this information over the course of 24 hours it is able to build your nutritional profile for the day and allows you to view this data on the app.

Where to buy Healbe GoBe 2 and Price

You can get your hands on a GoBe 2 by ordering through the brand’s official website at for a reasonable price of $199.00. When you order your fitness tracker, you’ll receive the Healbe GoBe 2, a charging dock and a charging cable.

This device is compatible with both iSO and Android devices. This device is also waterproof for up to 3 meters but it should not be used in salt or chlorinated water.I think the price is a very good deal. Especially if you compare all the features that Healbe has and other fitness trackers that cost the same or even more have less features.

One thing that Healbe offers that I haven't seen ANY other fitness tracker offer is a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!It's crazy awesome that you can try this fitness tracker out for a whole month and if it's not for you, you can get a refund! You can get free shipping by going through this link.

On top of Free Shipping you can also get 5% off with Promo Code JUNKIEBLOG.

What I like about Healbe GoBe2 (Pro's)
  • Automatically tracks calories you eat and burn
  • Automatically tracks Macros (Protein, Carbs, Fat) you consume
  • Tracks hydration levels and can give you reminders to drink water
  • Monitors stress levels AND emotions!
  • VERY accurate Heart Rate readings
  • App has a great design and is very easy to use
  • Great Price (Get 10% off with PROMO: FJBLOG3)
  • Free Shipping in USA
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Waterproof up to 3 meters
  • Up to 2 Day Battery Life
2018 Summer Update!!

Hey guys! I wanted to give everyone a update - I have been using Healbe GoBe 2 for a little over 6 months and absolutely love it! I'm so excited to share this fitness/health tracker with you - I have not doubt it can help you improve your health.

Healbe Review 2018 Update

Fitness trackers should be so much more than "tracking steps." If you want to take control of your health or lose fat, sleep, hydration, and managing stress are just as important as exercise and eating healthy.

So many people fail to realize that and it keeps them from achieving their fitness goals.I want to give a huge shoutout to the Healbe GoBe team for taking a 360 view on what health really means and giving us a fitness tracker that does so much more than track workouts and calories burned!If you read this review and decide to give Healbe GoBe 2 a try, don't forget you can get 10% OFF with the PROMO CODE: FJBLOG3

Final Verdict - Is Healbe GoBe 2 a good fitness tracker?

Healbe GoBe 2 is packed with awesome features that other fitness companies can only dream of having.

It is defiantly one of the most advanced and sophisticated health and fitness trackers available on the market and considering everything that it’s capable of, the price is extremely competitive.This fitness tracker is a little bigger than others but this makes sense since it has MANY more features than most of the other trackers. If you want accuracy and amazing tracking features and if you don’t mind the size, this fitness tracker is definitely worth getting!

If you are still not totally sure if this is the right fitness tracker for you, you can try it for a full 30 DAYS and if it's not a good fit, you can get a refund!! Get 10% off your Healbe GoBe2 with Promo code: FJBLOG3

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