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Healbe GoBe 3 is the newest version of the popular Healbe health smart band. Automatic calorie intake and output tracking is the unique feature that sets Healbe apart from other fitness trackers. 

Ever since Healbe GoBe 3 was first introduced at the 2019 CES, I have been anxiously waiting for a chance to try it out and share it with all of you! 

Healbe GoBe 3 is the third generation and most impressive version.

I'm super excited to be writing this Healbe GoBe 3 review! I'll walk you through exciting new updates, cool feathers, and exclusive discounts only for Fitness Junkie readers! 

2022 UPDATE:

I wanted to checkin with you guys and give you an update on how my experience with my Healbe GoBe3 has been going. I'm still in love with it and it's been essential in taking care of my health.

Just like you, I'm constantly busy and working from home has been great but also a challenge for my health. I quickly lose track of time I love that my Healbe GoBe3 reminds me to drink more water when my hydration levels are getting low.

Managing stress has also been a big hurdle that it has helped me with. I love that it tell me my stress levels so I know when it's time to stop and take a breath!

Overall, I'm still very happy with my Healbe GoBe 3 and the improved health it has allowed me to achieve.

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What is the Healbe GoBe 3?

The Healbe GoBe 3 is the third generation of the world's first smart band that automatically tracks calorie intake, hydration levels, and stress levels. But that's not all. Healbe also tracks sleeps cycles and heart rate.

Healbe is a popular choice for a health and fitness tracker for people to lose weight, getting in shape, sleeping well, monitoring stress levels, and living a balanced lifestyle. 

Healbe GoBe 3 uses FLOW technology to automatically track calorie in take and calories burned!

Updates and Improvements

The Healbe GoBe 3 has many improvements and updates that make it totally worth updating if you are still using the GoBe 2. 

This is the Healbe GoBe 3 display and size compared with my Apple Watch 38mm.

Closer display size comparison between the Healbe GoBe 3 and Apple Watch 38mm.

Touchscreen Display: The first and best update of the Healbe GoBe 3 is the touch screen display. The touch screen display will show you the different data, battery life, time, and it can connect with your smartphone to alert you of notifications. 

Smaller Design: This fitness band is much smaller than the previous version.  There was a lot of feedback from users that the Healbe GoBe 2 was rather large and bulky. They listened to user feedback, and this new band is much smaller, sleeker, and about the same size as the Apple Watch 38mm. 

Improved Comfortable Band: The new band is super soft and very comfortable. It is also very breathable. Sweat does not get trapped. All the holes that run down the band allow for easy adjustment on the snugness of the strap. 

Upgraded Sensors: The Healbe GoBe3 has updated sensors for improved accuracy of data. The optical heart rate monitor provides more accurate data on physical activity. The updated bioimpedance sensors allow for improved calorie tracking. 

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Healbe GoBe 3 Features Review

The Healbe GoBe3 is packed with features. Here is a quick summary of the body merits his health band tracks and analyzes.

Calorie Intake/ Calories Burned /Energy Balance 9/10

Since this health tracker measures the calories you consume and burn, it shows you an overview of your energy balance. The energy balance is either a calorie deficit or surplus. There are a few essential things to know about the calorie tracking feature.

First, you have to consistently wear the Healbe at least 22 hours a day for the most accurate results. Since you also have to charge it, it's best to place your Healbe on the charger right after you wake up, before you eat. For example, I charge my Healbe after waking up with I take a shower, and walk my dog. 

Water Levels (Hydration) 10/10

Your body is unique, and this is why Healbe takes a personalized approach to measuring your hydration levels. When you first start wearing your heal, it will begin to gather data to learn and determine your unique "normal" hydration level. 

It can take between 2 days to 2 weeks of consistent wearable use for the learning process to determine YOUR "normal" hydration level. 

This is why it is vital to regularly wear your Healbe, especially in the first couple of weeks, if you want accurate data.  

Suppose your hydration level drops below your normal range. In that case, you get a notification, and this is a great reminder to drink more water! 

Stress Levels 10/10

Healbe GoBe3 can also alert you when it detects possible elevated stress levels. The health band uses a Galvanic Skin Response sensor to measure your sweat gland. Activity. When the body feels emotional stress or anxiously, sweat glands react. If Healbe detects tension lasting more than 10 minutes, it will send you an alert. 

I use this alert as a reminder to recognize that I am stressed and take steps to relax. I used to get these alerts very often, especially in social situations. Since I started using Apollo to help reduce my anxiety and retrain my nervous system's response to stress, I rarely ever get alerts now! 

Some tips for reducing stress are first recognizing what is causing the stress, closing your eyes, and taking a few deep, slow breathes using your diaphragm.  

Sleep Quality 10/10

Sleep is overlooked but is among the most critical part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I love the detail of sleep data that Healbe tracks. 

Healbe tracks movement throughout the night, heart rate and uses the FLOW Technology in its algorithm to identify and track sleep quality and duration. 

Healbe tracks and displays a sleep efficiency ratio, the "estimated ratio between sleep duration and total resting time." The sleep quality measurement includes:

  • Duration of sleep time
  • How many time you woke up and how long you were awake
  • Restlessness (amount of movement and heart rate changes)
  • The level of "normal" sleep  

Smart Sleep Alarm: One feature I absolutely love is the Quality Alarm. I set the amount of sleep that I aim to get for the night. Healbe racks my sleep cycles and wakes me up at the best time in my sleep cycle. It also has sleep recommendations. These recommendations take into account your previous night's sleep and your activity levels of the day! 

Image source:

Pulse & Heart Rate Monitor 9/10

Healbe measures your heart rate continuously throughout the day and night. When you are resting, the optic-sensor determines your heart rate. When you are moving or exercising, the accelerometer tracking your movement to help accurately measure your heart rate. 

Healbe GoBe 3 Design

  • Comfortable band: the band is soft, and very flexible. It's soft and more flexible that the Apple Watch bands. The design of the holes for adjusting the tightness make this a "one size fits all" band. It's very breathable
  • Colors to choose from: there are currently 3 colors to choose from: Burgundy, Yellow, and Gray
  • On screen display: the display is a touch screen. You can rotate to previous your health stats for the day so far. It has a backlight that can be activated. On the display you will also have the time.

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How do Healbe GoBe 3 hydration and Calorie tracking work? 

Healbe developed FLOW technology. Using an impedance sensor, it measures the body's glucose concentration through the skin. The sensors send safe, high, and low-frequency signals through the skin issue o measure the build levels moving in and out of cells. 

You can learn more about how the metabolism works, FLOW Technology, and the calorie tracking algorithm on the Healbe website here. 

Here is a quick visual on the process: 

Image from

Pros and Cons 


  • World's only automatic Calorie intake tracker 
  • Apple & Google Play App
  • Fitness tracker and smartwatch features 
  • Get 10% off with code FJBLOG3 by clicking here


  • No support for fasting or high-protein/high-fat diets: The Healbe team improves the calorie tracking algorithm. They do not currently have support for facing or high-protein / high-fat dies but are developing a "diet" mode and hope to introduce this soon. It's something to look forward to!  

Healbe GoBe 3 Price and Where to buy

The best place to get your Healbe GoBe3 is through the official website at for $199

The color options are Gray, Yellow, or Burgundy . 

This health band has been in very high demand and has even sold out!

Check the website for availability and put your name on the pre-order list asap if it's not currently available.

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Healbe GoBe3 Coupon Code

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In the box you will get the Healbe GoBe3, user guide book, and USB charging cable.

In the box, you get:

  • The Healbe GoBe3 smart band
  • USB charging cable
  • User Manual 
  • Warranty Certificate

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Healbe GoBe 3 Reviews and Testimonials 

There are lots of reviews across the internet from people that are using the Healbe GoBe 3 band. I've read tons of them, and here is when the most significant positive and negative talking points from the reviews. 

Many have said the using their Healbe band has helped them lose weight and that the calorie racking has been especially helpful. 

Some people have said that getting a vibration when their hydration levels are low has helped them drink more water throughout the day. 

Overall the positive feedback has greatly outweighed and negative feedback. 

A couple of the negative comments are that the battery life is too short and that sometimes syncing the data can take longer than expected. 

I did see a couple comments that the measurement are not accurate. One person said that the data was not accurate, but they only wore it for 2 days. Healbe states that for accuracy, you need to wear the band at least 22 hours a day consistently for up to 2 weeks to get the most accurate data.

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My experience 

It's no secret that the Healbe GoBe2 was my favorite wellness tracker and the most recommended band. 
I feel like a lot of fitness trackers do not take a look at your overall health and this is where Healbe GoBe 3 excels.

Sophie sitting outside next to her German Shepherd wearing the Healbe GoBe 3 fitness tracker.
Healbe GoBe 3 is about the same size as an Apple Watch 38mm. The band is soft, flexible and comfortable to wear while sleeping.
Display information can provide you information on all the different types of data Healbe measures: calories, hydration, stress, sleep, heart rate, etc.

I found my Healbe to be very accurate and I want to stress that to get the most accurate data, follow the instructions and wear it for at least 22hours a day!

Healbe is also the ONLY fitness tracker that measures calorie intake and calories burn AUTOMATICALLY! This means no more adding what you eat at very meal to a calorie tracking app on your phone!

Healbe is also my favorite fitness tracker for measuring my sleep quality and sleep cycles. The sleep data takes into account your previous day's activity and previous sleep history.

You can learn more about the awesome features and order your Healbe GoBe3 at!

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After a long but worthwhile while, the Healbe GoBe 3 is still the best balanced-lifestyle band I have used! There is no other health band that I know that tracks calorie intake, calories output, hydration levels, stress levels, sleep quality, AND heart rate! 

The Healbe GoBe 3 is the fitness tracker I prefer to use to track my health and get to my fitness goals! True health is more than use the number of steps you take per day or the number of runs you went for this week. It's your sleep, your hydration, stress management, nutrition, and so much more.

Healbe GoBe 3 is the best health and fitness tracker for tracking all the major areas of living a balanced lifestyle. It's worth every penny and it's the ONLY way to automatically track your calories and nutrients in your daily diet.

The demand for this one-of-a-kind fitness band is growing faster than ever! If it's currently available order TODAY! Otherwise, get on the pre-order list asap!! Visit to check availability and use code FJBLOG for 10% off!

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