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If you're working to reduce the plastics that you use, reusable shopping bags are pretty easy to find.

However, trash bags can be a concern; you need something that will last and tolerate the weight of your garbage, but such plastics do not break down effectively. HoldOn Bags will.

How Regular Plastic Bags Work

Regular plastic bags, both trash and shopping bags, are made of petroleum products. They will break down in terms of size, but they will never break down chemically. Instead of decomposing, regular plastic bags break down via photodegradation.

Sunlight is critical to the process of photodegradation. Because most landfills aren't really set up to allow plastic bags to sit in the sun for the time necessary to start the breakdown process, most plastic bags get buried. Once they're out of the sunlight, plastic bags are a forever problem.

Even if discarded plastic bags do fully break down into small shards of plastic, they move into the environment as petroleum products. The animals that ingest these plastic shards may move into the food chain, which will eventually add to the toxin load of creatures up the food chain, humans included.

What are HoldOn bags?

The HoldOn bag line offers much more than trash bags. You can also get zip-close storage bags from HoldOn that you can use for snacks and lunches, travel containers, and small trash runs.

If you have little ones and need to stash a used diaper in the diaper bag, carrying a few of these zippered storage bags can make your life a lot easier and tidier. You can also use these for homemade clean-up wipes for trips and fun family picnics.

You can also use small 4-gallon HoldOn bags for your compost bucket. Not only is this triple-ply for durability, but even the short bags have a tie top.

Their large 13-gallon trash bags are tall enough to fold over the edge of the trash can and is made of multi-way flex biodegradable products for strength.

Many of us are trying hard to reduce our waste, which can lead to compressing our trash to try to make the best use of our bags.

If you've ever had a bag fall apart as you headed for the bin, you know how important those extra layers of strength and stretch will keep your life tidier as you do your bit to reduce the plastic in our environment.

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Problems with other earth-friendly trash options

If you choose not to shop with a reusable tote and instead get your groceries in paper bags, these can serve as a one-time trash bag with a little luck and some planning. If your trash contains any moisture at all, your paper trash bag may not make it all the way to the garbage. Worse, paper bags take specific microorganisms to help them break down, and most landfills don't have enough oxygen to break down the paper into a usable form of compost.

To keep moisture out of your paper trash bags, you may need to compost. The HoldOn line of products offers a small trash bag that can fit inside your compost bucket and go right into your bin. If you have the space, try maintaining two composting bins. You can

  • use one composter for vegetables, composting only organic products
  • use the other composting for fruit trees and flowers, where you can compost dryer lint and other non-food products

For those who don't have the counter space to set up two composting bins, check out trench composting to see if this process will work for your area. Many gardeners have good luck starting a trench compost setup in the fall, filling it over the winter and covering it in the spring. Cover this with a biodegradable mulch for the summer and turn it over in the late fall so you're ready to plant in the spring.

Dry garbage will be much easier to get rid of in a biodegradable bag. If you can't get the moisture out of your garbage, HoldOn bags will keep your bin clean and make it easy to get your trash to the dumpster.

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How HoldOn bags work?

The layers of biodegradable plastic that go into your HoldOn bags are not permeable. If you have children, please be aware that these bags can still be a hazard and should never be used as a toy. These bags are watertight; they will not leak and they do not breathe.

Polybutylene Adipate Terephthalate: PBAT is a polymer comprised of biodegradable materials. Not only does it break down much faster than plastic products, but it requires less crude oil to form in the early stages. No methane is released as PBAT breaks down. Polymers are single repeating molecules that give your HoldOn bags their strength across the stretch as you fill the bag.

Polylactic Acid: PLA is a monomer or simple molecule that can repeat or can be combined with other molecules to create a thin, strong film. PLA boosts the strength of your HoldOn bags and reduces permeability so you have no surprise leaks at the bottom of the bag.

Cornstarch: If you've ever made homemade pudding, you know that that cornstarch is a binder. Added to a liquid, cornstarch works as thickener. In your HoldOn bag collection, the cornstarch in your trash bags provides strength against punctures and boosts strength over the stretch.

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Final Thoughts

Once you get your HoldOn bag collection, you will find many ways to use these versatile bags. Moving? Wrap your breakable items in towel, then snug it down in a HoldOn trash bag to protect your keepsakes from jolting and breakage.

These bags will allow you to continue to reduce your footprint while safely getting rid of your trash bag.

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