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In-depth Weighted Hula Hoop from Hulahope Review

If you start with one of the hula hoops that your children play with, you can get your form established quickly.

There are also videos that can help you build the skill. However, using a weighted hula hoop can increase the benefits of your hooping workout and give you even more strength and flexibility.

In this review of the weighted hula hoop form Hulahope, I'll first go over the benefits of hula hooping and then we will dive into the details.

Benefits of Hula Hooping

Hula hooping is a fun exercise routine that can be done outside, in your living room, or at the gym. You can do it in a fun class or on your own as you have time. When you first start out, you can burn over 200 calories an hour with a simple hollow hoop. As you get stronger, you can invest in a weighted hoop from Hulahope and burn even more calories.

Hula hoop from Hulahope assembled on the floor.
The parts lock together easily and the foam covering makes it soft and comfortable to use for long periods of time.

You can hula hoop as a family as part of a dance party. For those who have been feeling more than a little isolated due to recent world events, putting on some music and hooping to get your heart going can be a lot of fun. Even better, hula hooping requires focus and deep breathing. If your meditation practice is a bit shaky, the hoop can help.

Can Hula Hooping Slim Your Waist?

Any exercise that gets your heart rate up can slim your waist, and hula hooping can do that in a simple 10 minute session. Even better, hula hooping tightens your core muscles and requires you to pull your navel toward your spine.

This exercise also puts your thighs and glutes to work, holding your stance and swiveling your hips. Finally, hula hooping invigorates the muscles around your spinal column, increasing blood flow and boosting flexibility.

Hula Hope Pros

Burn More Calories

This weighted hula hoop review wouldn't be complete without sharing the benefits of the Hulahope design. This hula hoop is designed with a foam exterior for comfort and a stainless steel center. Fill it with beans or sand and double your calorie burn over the course of an hour!

Fill As You Get Stronger

You can use the Hulahope empty or weighted with any dry product. Add steel balls to boost the weight of this durable hoop up to 3.2 kilograms or approximately 6 pounds each time you work out. You can also fill it with uncooked rice or sand.

Fill it to add weight, take it apart to travel!

Take it Anywhere

Your Hulahope can be broken down into small sections and carried in a durable bag to your next workout, whether on the beach or at your local park. This unit snaps together with hearty metal buckles that will last. Each section also comes with a stopper to prevent the fill materials from rattling around.

No Rust, No Off-Gassing

This unit is soft on the outside and tough as nails on the interior. The steel core will hold the weighting materials that will boost your core strength and greatly increase your calorie burn while the foam exterior actually massages your core.

Breaks Down Quickly and Stores Small

Many of us struggle to find a spot for workout equipment in our homes and our vehicles. Your Hulahope bag has a convenient carrying and hanging strap. You can stash your hoop in a closet or in a corner of your vehicle so it's ready to go when you are.

Budget Friendly Price

This weighted hula hoop from Hula Hope is a great deal! You won't find a better price for a hula hoop of this quality and features.


Fill Ups can be a challenge

You can fill up the Hula Hoop with rice or sand. First, a spout will make the job so much easier and spare you from a mess. I recommend rice because sand partices can be really small and get caught making it very difficult to assemble and dismantle the hula hoop.

Design, Price and where to buy a Hulahope

The Hulahope hula hoops are an amazing value and really priced so that they are budget friendly. Most of the Hulahope hula hoops are under $20!!

Three hula hoops from the Hulahope website.
Most are under $20!!

Plus there are so many cute colors and designs to choose from!

When you buy your Hulahope hula hoop from the official website you will also get:

  • 30-day risk free trial
  • delivery within 7 days
  • Free delivery for the US and Germany
  • 100% secure checkout


Is Hula Hooping a good way to lose weight?

Any exercise can help you lose weight, but any exercise program that feels like punishment will eventually be avoided. If you struggle to find the time to exercise, a program that you hate will quickly fall off your schedule. Hula hooping is a fun way to spend your time and, as a bonus, a way to burn calories and lose weight!

How should I choose the right hula hoop?

A larger hoop will be easier to work if you are a beginner. A heavier hoop can also be extremely beneficial. The smaller the hoop, the harder you have to work to keep it spinning. If you're just starting out, the 9-segment hoop can offer stability and a lower spin rate as you build up the coordination to keep it going.

How long should my training be?

When you first start out, be ready to celebrate the small wins. You may block out 30 minutes and only get four or five consistent revolutions going. To start, consider doing three 10 minute sessions to build up the coordination. When you can keep the hoop going for 10 minutes with no more than 3 drops, you can extend your training time.

How to choose a hula hoop & comparison with smart hoops?

Again, the key to a successful hula hooping workout is to do it. You need a hoop that is big enough that you can easily keep it going. Because the hoop works with your body as the axis and spins around it, a weighted hoop will be easier to move and control the rate of speed.

While smaller smart hoops often offer the no-fall feature, your hooping skills will build much more quickly if you're actually putting a full hoop to work around your core. Smart hoops can also count the number of rotations, which many people find motivating. You can also sync your smart hoop to share your workout data with other smart hoopers.

However, a weighted hula hoop will require you to get better and stronger over time. If you start with a hollow hoop, you can add weight and boost your calorie burn. You can add sections to increase the intensity of your rotations. You can give your low back a massage as you strengthen your core.


Hula hooping is a terrific way to increase your cardio workout and have fun at the same time. Boosting your core strength can increase blood flow to your spine, limber up the muscles across your low back, and strengthen your hips and glutes.

Your Hulahope can be easily carried to the park, the beach or your gym. It's super easy to assemble and take apart to carry it in a bag or backpack. The price is a great value!

Price: $16+
Where to Buy:
Discount Available: none
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Hulahope.

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