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How to find the right vitamins personalized for you

hundred is a new subscription service that can help you find the right vitamins to improve your health while giving you access to a Nutrition Expert - all at an affordable price!

hundred is a fantastic service that customizes a personalized daily vitamin pack to fit your unique needs.

I recently tried the service which starts when you take their holistic quiz on their website. It’s very easy to do and the questions are used to create your own personalized recommendation.

Questions that I answered followed the four pillars of wellness, ensuring that my vitamin plan is aligned to my specific health goals.  Questions included:

  • The Basics: Name, age, gender, allergies, current medication being taken
  • Movement: exercise habits, workout intensity, time spent in sunlight, general health habits
  • Nutrition: Eating patterns, whether you follow a specific diet (vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo, etc.), how often you eat meat, seafood, dairy, fruits/veggies, alcohol consumption
  • Stress Balance: Day-to-day stress levels and symptoms
  • Sleep: How much sleep you get a night, how you typically feel in the mornings
  • Goals: You can choose your top three health goals along with followup questions based on those goals. I choose Energy Levels, Skin, and Sleep.

After I completed the quiz, I got recommendations on the vitamins that would best help me reach my goals for Energy, Skin, and Sleep.

Choose your daily vitamin pack

Once I got the results of the quiz, I was able to add personalized vitamin recommendations to my cart. I liked this because I can add or remove vitamins to stay within my budget.

Since you can only choose up to 3 health goals at a time, you can also retake the quiz if you have other health goals and want to see the recommendations for other health goals which I liked.

I was recommended:


hundred vitamin delivery


Things I liked

I really like that when you retake the quiz the original vitamin recommendations get saved in your cart!

You can add any new vitamin recommendations after retaking the quiz to your cart.

It is very easy to adjust the quantity and add/remove items from the cart.

I retook the quiz because I wanted to change one of my original goals of “Skin” to “Stress” to see what supplement would be recommended for improving my stress levels. The supplement that was recommended was Ashwagandha and I ended up adding this to my daily vitamin pack!

I really liked the amount of information hundred gives you about each vitamin they recommend. This was very helpful in helping me choose the vitamins that I wanted to try.

What are your health goals? Take the quiz to find your perfect vitamin pack

Consult with an Expert Nutritionist

With your membership, you get ongoing support from Expert Nutritionists that sit in-house at hundred.  You can even get recommendations from your nutritionist to help tailor your vitamins to any upcoming lifestyle changes.

A few awesome perks of being a hundred member are:

  • Personalized health consultation
  • Quarterly health assessment
  • Ongoing support from a Nutrition Expert
  • Daily vitamin packs
  • Adjust your plan at any time

I thought it was very helpful and reassuring to be able to ask questions and get honest feedback backed by science from Nutrition Experts.

My Experience: Why I love hundred

There are lots of great things about choosing hundred for a personalized and holistic approach to your health!

I love that this service is totally personalized and the recommendations are tailored to me.

Convenient & Travel-Friendly Daily Vitamin Packs

The daily vitamins are packaged together in daily vitamin packs with your name on them.

Vitamin delivery from hundred
The daily vitamins are packaged together in daily vitamin packs with your name on them.

This is super convenient and saves a ton of time. You don’t have to open multiple bottles, and the right dosage and vitamin are packaged together.

I travel often and it’s annoying to have to bring full bottles of vitamins on trips! They take up room in my carry-on, so it’s awesome that I can just take enough daily vitamin packs to last the length of my trip!

What’s the best vitamin subscription service?

There are a few different vitamin subscription services to choose from. This might make choosing the right vitamin subscription service confusing so I’ve broken down a few key differences that separate hundred from the other services like Care/Of, Ritual, and Persona.


Hundred v.s. Care Of

Care/Of is a vitamin subscription service, and while they also offer a subscription-based vitamin delivery, the personalization is only based on an algorithm. You also do not get access to a nutrition expert or any human interaction.

I feel like this makes it less personalized. I think that hundred is a better option because you can consult with a nutritionist to determine the right vitamins for you and get your questions answered by a qualified professional.


Hundred v.s. Ritual

Ritual is nowhere nearly as personalized as hundred, or many of the other vitamin services. Ritual lacks personalization based on your goals, diet, or nutrient deficiencies. They also do not screen the vitamin recommendations with interactions with medications or other vitamins you might be taking. The dosages are also not personalized to your individual needs.

hundred fills in all these personalized services that Ritual does not offer. Hundred is very personalized and tailors your recommendations based on things like your nutrition, health goals, diet, lifestyle and medication interactions.


Hundred v.s. Persona

Persona is a personalized vitamin subscription that also offers a quiz to find out which vitamins could benefit your health. However, Persona does not give you regular access to consult with a nutritionist.


Hundred v.s. Baze

Baze is different than other vitamin services because it gives recommendations based on a blood sample you send into their lab. While this is a unique method of recommending personalized vitamins, Baze is not as accessible in terms of price.

It’s expensive to start. Just a nutrition test and lab analysis are over $120 and this does not include any vitamins. They offer subscription-based testing starting at $99 which only includes 4 weeks of supplements.

Hundred is significantly more affordable and includes regular consultations with a personal nutritionist, starting at just $5.00.

Is hundred the right choice?

With an affordable monthly cost and ongoing support from a nutritionist, hundred offers a personalized service with high-quality vitamins. The dosages they recommend are back by science and they continuously check on the quality of their vitamins by publishing a third-party chemical analysis on each pill

hundred makes it easy to manage your subscription and they don’t make you jump through hoops to pause, change, or cancel your subscription (big plus).

I love that they believe in a holistic approach to health and the recommendations are designed to improve your overall health based on your personalized profile and health goals.

Get started and try hundred yourself by taking their online quiz - Click here to get started!

Price: $5 and up
Where to Buy: hundred
Discount Available: 30% off the first 2 months w/Promo Code HUNDREDFITNESSJUNKIES
Source: The sample for this review was provided by hundred.

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