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Hydra Tech Bottle Review

There are a ton of “smart” or “hydration” water bottles out there that will track your water intake and help keep you properly hydrated throughout your day. But one thing that I can guarantee is that there isn’t a bottle out there than can do all the things that a Hydra Tech Bottle can do!

What is a Hydra Smart Bottle?

What started as a Kickstarter project that nearly tripled it’s needed funding has now launched the coolest water bottle around! There are water bottles that will track how much you drink or start glowing to remind you to drink but nothing can compare to all the features Hydra Tech Bottle has. This smart water bottle can be a Bluetooth speaker and a lantern - it’s like the Swiss Army knife of water bottles!

Hydra Tech Bottle Design and Features

Lets first take a look at the design. This smart water bottle is made of high quality plastic so it’s light and durable. The “bottle” part is clear so you can easily see how much water is in it. I hate filling up water bottles that are not transparent - I always overfill and spill the water all over the place so this is a huge plus in my book! It also fits standard cup holders, backpack, and water bottle holders on bikes!

Hydra Tech Bluetooth Speaker & Speakerphone

The features of this water bottle are elegantly integrated with the design so let’s start at the top. The top of the water bottle can pop off and has extendable legs so you can remove it and use it as a cool speaker to jam out to your favorite tunes. You don’t have to remove the lid to use the speakers, you can play music with the lid attached and the sound quality is fantastic. The speaker also has a auxiliary port and a Mirco-USB port for charging.

I think that this speaker design is especially great for bikers! Wearing earphones when you ride can be very dangerous so now you can play your favorite music and still be aware of your surroundings when you ride!

Not only can your new water bottle function as a sound system but you can active the microphone and use it as a speakerphone.

Hydra Tech Bottle Lights

While we are on the topic of bike safety I also want to mention that Hydra Tech Bottle has LED lights embedded on the bottom. When you fill u your bottle and switch on the lights the entire thing glows and changes colors. Put this water bottle in your bike’s water bottle holder and you will be much more noticeable to others on the road, especially if you are cycling at night!

The light in this smart bottle can also be used as a lantern if you are out hiking/camping or if your power goes out.

Hydra Smart Bottle Power Bank and Storage

If those features weren’t enough, the Hydra Tech Water Bottle also has a 4,000mAh power bank. This should be enough to change the average smart phone not once but twice! This bottle features a hidden little storage compartment that you can use to hold your keys, money, or other small valuables.

How does the Hydra Smart Bottle work?

Here are the steps you need to take to setup and and what you need to know before using your hydra bottle:

  • Activate - When you hear the bottle say “Bluetooth active” this means that it will search for a device to pair with. Once linked it is ready to be used
  • Power Button - you can press the power button quickly to see four LED lights flash, this is a indicator of how much battery is remaining.
  • Charging - on the back of the bottle you can flip up a rubber flap to get access to the 5v IN to charge the bottle and a 5v OUT to charge your phone through the phone back. They are clearly labeled so you will know which is which
  • Light Bulb - You can click the light bulb image to active the light and circle through the different light effects
  • Plus and Minus Buttons - on the top of the bottle there are a plus and minus buttons that can be clicked on to skip between tracks or hold them down to adjust the volume.
  • Phone - under the plus/minus button you will see a phone button. you can hold this to activate the radio and see what stations are available. Using the plus or minus buttons you can change radio stations. To return to Bluetooth mode you simply hold the phone button
Hydra Bottle Care Instructions
  • Dishwasher - you can run the bottle through the dishwasher only after removing the speaker and charger
  • Refrigerator - You can put the bottle in the fridge after removing speaker and charger.

Where to buy Hydra Tech Water Bottle and Price?

When I heard about all the cool features that come with this bottle I expected a steep price. After all, most of the other smart water bottles on the market didn’t have even half these featured and were between $50-100.00. You can buy this bottle on the official website for $60.00 but i recommend NOT doing so since you can get it much cheaper on When I saw the price for this smart bottle was only $29.99 and free shipping on Amazon I had to have it!

Hydra Smart Bottle Pro’s and Feature Summary
  • BPA Free
  • Has App - to control lighting and effects
  • Many color options
  • Hidden Storage
  • Non-spill lid
  • Low battery indicator
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Speakerphone capabilities
  • Light features
  • Only holds 20oz of water
  • It doesn't remind you to drink water or track your water intake

Final Verdict - How Smart is Hydra Smart Bottle?

Ok so you have to admit that this water bottle is packed with awesome cool features. But wait. There is something that seems to be missing. This water bottle can do come crazy things but what about reminding you to drink water or tracking your water intake? Yikes. That is a main feature people are looking for in a “smart” water bottle. So for $29.99 on Amazon its a cool bottle and if you need a water bottle that has these awesome features than you should buy it!

But if you are looking for a water bottle to help you stay hydrated and track your water intake this is not the one for you, you should be looking at Trago or Hydrate Spark 2.0. But if you are really in LOVE with all the features this smart water bottle you can make it smarter with Ulla, a silicon band that goes around any water bottle that can sense when you drink and will remind you to drink throughout the day. You can read more about it in my Ulla Review. Do you already have a Hydra Smart Bottle? Leave a review of share your experience below!

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