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Hydration Junkie Water Jug

You know how when you go to the gym, and all you want to do is, have a smooth workout, but you end up having to juggle your water bottle, keys, phone, wallet, and keys in the process?All your stuff ends up scattered on the floor around your feet, and you are continually checking to make sure you didn’t leave anything behind!This is precisely the kind of problem Hydration Junkie set out to solve with their Hydration Junkie Transporter Water Jug.

Hydration Jug On The beach
From the gym to the beach and everywhere in between!

In this review, I will go over everything you need to know about this water bottle, cool features, my experience with it, and how you can get $5 OFF your order! My goal is to help you get a feeling on whether this hydration jug would be a good fit for you!  


This is not your ordinary water bottle. Here are some of the cool features this Hydration Jug has that will make your gym life so much easier!

Magnetic Phone Holder

This water jug has a magnetic attachment on the side so you can attach your phone and keep it off the dirty floor. This part of the water bottle is angled up so when you set your phone on it, your phone is at a nice angle for selfies or for following along to a workout video/guide.

3 Liter Capacity

It can hold 3 liters of water! This is amazing! I think this definitely moves it from the water “bottle” category into the water “jug” category! I really enjoy how much water it can hold. You don’t need to stop your workout flow to stand in line for the water fountain station.

ID Card & Cash Pocket

On the side of the water jug, there is a stretchy ID Card/money slot. You can keep your GYM ID, Drivers License, Extra Cash with you and visible.

Keychain Clip

The handle of the Hydration Junkie Water Jug has a detachable carabiner keychain built into the side handle. The clip loops through the handle so it's very secure.

Comfort Grip

3 Liters of water is a significant amount of water, and it can be on the heavy side. The Transporter Hydration Jug has a comfortable four-figure grip handle on the side and on the top. The grip handle on the top is detachable.

Mix & Drink

There are two separate openings, one for you to drink out of and the other for mixing in your choice of protein powder. Its a pain trying to get protein powder inside a regular bottle without making a mess.


Material: The Hydration Junkie Water Jug is made from Tritan, medical grade, BPA/BPS free. FDA-approved, USA made plastic. It’s a high grade, glass-like material that is shatter resistant, odorless and dishwasher safe.Lightweight: This jug is lightweight when it's empty and even when it's full, it's not as heavy as I thought it would be. This is probably because it has a nice handle so it's very comfortable to hold.The pervious water bottle I used could hold 32oz and it did not have a good way to carry it.

Water Jug and 32 ounce water bottle

I would end up having to hold it with only a finger or two through the loop that was connected to the cap. It was awkward and very uncomfortable after a while.

Quick StatsPrice: $34Colors: Black, Pink, Green, Red, and Purple.Capacity: 3 Liters/ 0.79 GallonsDishwasher safe: Yes

One thing I absolutely LOVE is that they made this water jug out of a durable, safe plastic that you can see through! One of my pet peeves when it comes to water bottles is when they are made of solid material or colored so you can’t tell how much water is inside just by looking at it. So you have to lift it/ open it to see how much water is left. And you don’t know how much more water can fit inside as you are filling it up.

Pros & Cons


High Quality: High-quality material that is FDA approved and BPA Free and made in the USA

Affordable: This is a very affordable water bottle for all the features it has and the amount of water it holds.

Easy to clean: Dishwasher safe makes it much easier to clean!


Cap: This is probably just me being a water bottle snob but the only thing I could think of to improve the design would be to make the cap easier/ smoother to screw back on. Sometimes the way it lines up, I didn't screw it shut all the way.

UPDATE: I received an update from Hydration Junkie, they have fixed the issue with the Cap and it will screw on much easier now!

Where to Buy Hydration Junkie Water Jug and Price

You can also purchase this product on Amazon ($29.99Prime) if you are a Prime member you will get free Prime shipping. As of writing this review, only Black and Pink colors are available on Amazon.If you buy the hydration Water Jug from directly from the Hydration Junkie Website, you get free shipping in the USA. You also can choose from a variety of colors: (black, pink, purple, green).Another reason for buying directly from the manufacturer is that if you are not totally satisfied with the water bottle, you have 10 days to return it for a refund. They also have free shipping in the USA, a lifetime warranty.If they are having any sales or special promotions the best place to check is at .You can get $5 OFF your order with the Promo Code: FITNESSJUNKIE ! I hope that by using this promo code, this hydration jug will be even more affordable for you!

Reviews and Testimonials

My Experience:I was so excited when I stumbled upon this large capacity water bottle online. This is a great product to have at the gym, from the 3 liter capacity to all the convent features.What really attracted me to this product was that all the cool features it has would help me solve a lot of the similar problems outside of the gym.I like to workout outdoors (yoga, HIIT, strength training, etc.) and I spend a lot of my time on the beach participating in water sports. Virtually every feature this water jug had, I needed!Here my favorite features and how I just this water jug outside of the gym.

Phone magnet - I now have a place to put my phone, so it stays out of the sand! It’s great for selfies, playing a workout video, and even for changing songs when I have music going. And I don’t have to worry about getting sand and water all over it.

ID & Money pocket - I can leave the wallet at home and bring some extra cash should I need it and store my ID without having to carry a wallet or little purse.

Large Capacity - When going outside in hot tropical weather as we have here in Puerto Rico, it is super important to stay hydrated, and this means bring A LOT of water with you! There isn’t a place to refill on water at the beach, so the fact that this holds 3 liters allows me only to have to bring one water bottle (this one).

DOESN'T ROLL: I didn't even think about this until I started driving but this water jug is super stable and doesn't tip over and roll around the car when I'm driving! I've always had larger water bottles that never fit in the cup holders. If I put them on the seat they would eventually roll on to the floor and I would then have to fish it out from under the seats. I personally find this incredibly annoying and the dirt hand sand on the car floors is not something I want my water bottle rolling around in. The Hydration Junkie Water Jug is VERY stable, the base is a solid square shape! I was very excited to find this out!

Sophie Summers Hydration Junkie Jug
Happy & Hydrated :)

The Transporter Water Jug will come with a 2inch x 3-inch metal plate that you can attach to your phone.

Attach Phone to Jug

If you already have a similar plate, you can use it. This will be similar to how your smartphone attaches to the plates that phone car mounts use.The phone can then be attached to the jug. There are multiple magnets on the jug to ensure your phone will be secure.


I really like this jug, it carries your phone, keys, ID & cash for you. All you have to carry is the Jug and with the comfort grip, it's effortless. It's perfect for the gym, outdoor workouts, the beach, a and travel.

Features: This hydration jug is very multifunctional. It solves the classic problem of where to put the Phone, Keys, & ID.

Design: Holds 3 litter s of water, durable, safe material BPA-free plastic and dishwater safe. They have a great variety of colors to choose from and the handle makes it super easy and comfortable to hold and carry!

Price/Value: $30 is totally an excellent price for this water jug. Considering all the functional features and high-quality material is very affordable. They also have free shipping in the USA and a lifetime warranty. Plus you can get $5 OFF with the Promo Code: FITNESSJUNKIEYou can get your Hydration Jug today, head on over to to choose your favorite color!


Price: $29.99

Where to Buy:Hydration Junkie

Discount Available: $5 OFF w/ Promo Code: FITNESSJUNKIE

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Hydration Junkie*The Fitness Junkie’s primary source of revenue is affiliate links in articles like this one. This means I might receive a small commission on purchases at no cost to you. I was not paid to write this review and I only recommend products I feel are of high quality, worth the investment, and beneficial to my readers. Thank you for your continued support!

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