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Hyley's Tea Review

Using teas as a supplement to lose weight has been becoming more and more popular. However, drinking a tea that has harmful ingredients can lead to some unpleasant side effects. If you are looking at a “slimming” tea or a tea detox you need to make sure that you are getting a high quality product. One of the best indicators on whether a tea detox will work is the ingredients that it uses. Hyley’s Tea is a slimming/detox tea that I will review so you can decide if this is a worthwhile detox to try. 

What is Hyley’s Slim Tea?

Hyley’s Slim tea is a 100% natural tea that is formulated to help users increase their metabolism, burn more fat, detox the body and improve overall health. The overall goal is to promote healthy weight loss by using a blend of all natural ingredients. They claim to have sold over 5 million units world wide and that people will see real results with this product. Hyley’s Slim tea isn’t the only tea that the company offers. Here are all the teas available: 

  • Slim Tea - This tea is used in promoting weight loss. The green tea used in the blend promotes a boost in metabolism and increase in fat burning. It also works to detox the body and clear out the digestive system to improve overall health. 
  • Hyley’s Wellness Tea - The Wellness tea is formulated to improve the immune system and improve the overall health with the antioxidants that the tea contains. There are several different blends based on user goals such as anti-aging, cleanse, and detox. 
  • Hyley’s Garcinia Cambogia - This tea is to improve digestive health and also promotes fat burning in the body. 

Hyley’s Slim Tea Ingredients 

  • Senna Leaves - The senna leaves used in this tea act as a natural laxative and promote bowel cleansing. Studies have shown that dieters who drink Senna tea reported less food cravings. Also can support nutrient absorption. 
  • Green Tea - Green tea is a very common ingredient in weight loss teas and supplements. It has a long history of promoting weight loss. Green tea can help you suppress your appetite and reduce hunger and sugar cravings. It has also been shown to boost the metabolism and promotes fat burning. 
  • Natural Flavoring - The ingredients used in this tea are all natural and the natural flavorings are used to give this tea a good taste. There are five different flavors including Acai Berry, Blueberry, Goji Berry, Pomegranate, and Raspberry

Hyley’s Slim Tea Benefits:

  • Contains high quality ingredients that have been proven to promote weight  loss
  • All natural ingredients
  • Very affordable
  • Can Suppress your appetite
  • Can boost your metabolism and increase fat burning
  • Can detox the body

Where to buy Hyley’s Tea and Price

You can purchase ​most Hyley’s tea product through ​Amazon. That is my go to place to buy Hyley's because it is cheaper than their official website and it's amazon prime eligible. This tea is ​very low cost compared to a lot of other slimming and detox teas on the market. ​Hyley's tea on Amazon is about six bucks.

​In fact if you buy from Amazon you can get a lower price. For example you can get Hayley’s Slim tea Acai Berry flavor for $5.99 instead of paying $9.99 on the official website. You can view all Hyley Slim Tea flavors available on Amazon. 

Hayley’s Tea also offers unique detox “kits” to help you really kick start weight loss:

  • Hyleys Ultimate 25 Day Detox - $29.97
  • Hyleys 14 Day Detox - $19.99

Hayley’s Slim Tea Reviews and testimonials - Does this tea work? 

Hayley’s tea has high quality ingredients that have been proven to help support weight loss. If you are looking to really use weight you should also be eating a healthy diet and be on a workout plan. If you don’t change your diet and aren’t making an effort to exercise than this tea will not give you noticeable results. Best results have been seen when accompanied by a healthy diet and workout plan. This tea has gotten great ratings by past customers. On Amazon Hayley’s Slim Tea has a4.5 out of 5 star rating with over 170 people leaving reviews. 

Final Verdict - Is Hyley’s Slim Tea a good product?

Overall I think that this is a high quality product and you won’t find a lower price for a detox tea. The ingredients are all natural and research has shown that the ingredients do have a positive effect on weight loss. As far as detox teas go, this tea has great flavor as well. I would recommend giving this tea a try, especially since it is priced so low. You can order your Slim Tea through

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