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How to Choose the Right Indo Board

There are so many different types of balance boards that it can be hard to choose the right one for your fitness goal and skill level. As of 2018 Indo has 9 different balance boards and each one has unique features that make it a better choice than the others depending on your goal or what sport you want to improve on.Indo Board has many different balance boards to choose from and finding the right balance board for you can be confusing! With balance boards for kids, beginner and all the way to pro athletes, this guide will guide to the right Indo Board for you!

Indo Balance Board for Beginners

Original Foam Roller Package
Original Foam Roller System indo Board Package.

If you are just starting out, you can’t go wrong with The Original Indo Board. The best buying option for beginners is The Original Training Package or Original Foam Roller System. You will want to get is with the IndoFLO cushion and the medium roller. The IndoFLO cushion is a stepping stone to using the roller. Start with first practicing to balance with the board on the cushion. Once you are comfortable with this, you can move on to the roller.For complete beginners to balance training the best option is The Original Foam Roller System. This package includes the Foam Roller Kit. The Foam Roller Kit will give you versatilely for adjusting the difficulty for riders different skill levels.

What’s Included?

  • Original Board (30”x18”)
  • Inflatable IndoFLO Cushion (14”)
  • Exercise Poster
  • Instructional DVD
  • Foam Roller Kit (6.5” diameter 18” long roller, 1 half circle, 2 quarter circles, 2 slivers)

Inflatable Cushion - The cushion is inflatable so by adjusting the air pressure you can modify the difficulty levels and is a great balance training workout for anyone ages 3 to 93.

Non-slip Coating - The Original Indo Board has a non-slip coating applied to the top

Safety Stoppers - Bottom of the board has a stop at each end to help prevent the board from sliding out from under you if you lose balance on the roller.

Indo Board for Kids

Best Indo Board for Kids: Indo Board Mini Original Foam Roller Fit

Indo Balance Board for Kids

Indo Board Mini Original Foam Roller Package. Great for kids ages 3 to 8! Image Source:[/caption]Balance boards are a fun and easy way to entertain kids and give them a fun and active activity that they can do indoors. That's right! With the Info Board Classic Mini, kids as young as 3 years old can enjoy the fun of balance boards.The Indo Board Mini was designed for children 3 to 8 years of age with a smaller board that has a non-slip grip. It comes with an IndoFLO cushion to get kids started and the smaller board and roller reduce the height of the board from the ground which makes it much easier and safer for young riders to learn and get started with balancing.The best way to get kids started with this Indo Board is to first have them practice balancing on the IndoFLO cushion and then move on to the 5inch Indo Foam roller.

Indo Board for Yoga and SUP Yoga Training

Indo Board Yoga Balance Board Exercies
Indo Yoga Board

What is Indo Yoga? Indo Yoga is not a term that many people are mailer with despite SUP Yoga gaining more popularity. The Indo Yoga Board will take your yoga practice to the next level! It allows you to practice yoga on an unstable surface, similar to that of Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Board Yoga but on land instead of water.

Beginners: Indo Yoga Board (Deck Only)If you are a beginner get the Indo Yoga Board without the Cushions and you can always get the cushions separately later on as your skill level increases. (Check Price)

Intermediate/Advanced: Indo Yoga Board Trio PackIncludes:Yoga Board DeckThree 14” IndoFLO CushionsThe Info Board Yoga Pack comes with the 72”x16” wooden yoga board and three IndoFLO cushions. The cushions are placed under the board, between the rockers, for creating different levels of instability.This is a great option for those that would like to improve their balance and further their yoga skills. The best part is that with the Info Yoga Board, you can slowly increase the level of instability. So if you are a beginner or an advanced yoga practitioner, so can use this Yoga Board indoors or outdoors!With the Info Yoga Board, you can practice yoga and balancing without having to go out on the water with a SUP Yoga Board or even wait for nice weather. Here is a video demonstration on how you can use the Indo Yoga Board to enhance your practice:

Best Indo Board for the Gym and Fitness

Top Pick: Original Portable Gym Package

Portable Gym Balance Board
The Gym package makes it easy to transport and it's great for travel.

There are a wide variety of body strength training workouts you can do with Indo Board products. The info Board is used in gyms across the country as it is a great tool for fitness trainers of all skill levels.The IndoFLO Cushion is perfect for fitness and strength training workouts at home or at the gym. They also have a Carry Bag to make it easy to transport to the gym. If you are going to be doing the workout on a hard surface like tile or hardwood you will want a mat underneath like the Indo Board Padded Carpet which is included in the Total Gym Package.The Original Indo Board has a non-slip coating applied to the top and the bottom of the board has a stop at each end to help prevent the board from sliding out from under you if you lose balance on the roller.

Best Choice: Original Portable Gym PackageOriginal Indo BoardOriginal RollerIndoFLO CushionIndo Gym BagExercise PosterInstructional DVD

Portable - With the carry bag you can easily take transport it to the gym or take it with you when you travel.

Storage - The carry bag also makes storage simple and you don't have to worry about damaging the board.

Workout Guide - You can look at the instructional poster as a guide reference guide or watch the instructional video

Non-slip - The original board has a non-slip coating on the top for extra grip

Safety Stoppers - The bottom of the board has stoppers at the end to help stop the board from slipping out from under you.

IndoFLO Cushion - This is great for body strength training at the gym or at home

Check out this video for an introduction on how to use the Indo board to enhance your body strength workouts:

Choosing the Right Indo Board for Boardsports Balance Training

The most popular Indo Board for fitness trainers in across all board sports is the Indo Board Pro Series. This is a great option for surf training, snowboarding, wake sports, and for general balance, core and stability training.

Indo Board Pro Training Balance Board
Pro Training Package

You can’t go wrong with the Indo Pro Training Package. This package is the best choice for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users can also benefit.If you are an advanced user in your board sport and are looking for a board designed specifically for your sport for a more realistic experience and to practice jumps, spins, trick, there are Indo Boards designed specifically for your sport.

Pick your board sport below to see recommendations:

Indo Balance Board for SurfingDid you know that the Indo Board was first created it was intended to be used to help train for surfing? You can’t always go out to surf and sometimes the waves and weather just aren’t in your favor.With the Indo Board, surfers were now able to get balance training and develop core strength that is essential for riding the waves. And all this could be done indoors, regardless of the weather or where you were.

Beginner/Intermediate: The Original Training Package

Indo Balance Board for Surfing

Indo Board Original Training Package. Image source:[/caption]Indo Board Deck (42”x15”) w/ Non-slip grip coat appliedRoller (8.5 inches)Inflatable Cushion (24” Gigante’)Exercise PosterInstructional DVDBalance boards are an amazing way to get started with surfing! If you are looking for surfing lessons, the first thing you should master is the balance. Using a balance board will help you build the stability and balancing skills that you will need if you want to be able to surf the waves.Intermediate/Advanced: Indo Pro Training Package

Indo Board Pro Training Balance Board
Pro Training Package.

Experienced surfers benefit from balance board training too! With a balance board, they can perform advanced surf workouts out of the water and anywhere they go!Fitness trainers have created specific balance board exercise that is ideal for surfers. These balance board surfing workouts can help you improve stability and your overall surfing performance.With the Indo Board, surfers can improve their ability to shift weight from one foot to the other, something you need to master if you are standing and keeping your balance on a moving surface like a surfboard.The Indo Board will help you improve your balancing skills but also your stability and core strength.

Advanced/Pro: Indo Rocker

Indo Rocker for advanced balance training, 180 and 360 spins.

The Indo Rocker takes balance training to a whole new level! The board is slightly curved making it a "reverse chamber" deck bottom. Since it is not a flat board, less of the board is in contact with the roller which makes balancing more challenging and makes it possible to practice advanced board tricks like 180 or 360 spins.Indo Board vs. Surf TrainersYou might be familiar with surf trainers that only proved side to side movement. This is a skill you need to have as it will help you change the direction of your surfboard. The Indo Board has this covered too!You can master rail to rail movement by balancing your Indo board on the IndoFLO cushion instead of the roller. Basically, with the Indo Board, you can front to back AND side to side balance training!

View All Blanace Boards For Surf Training

Indo Balance Board for SUPTake it from me, the best way to get ready to learn and prepare for Stand Up Paddleboarding is to practice outside of the water. Balancing on top of the water on a surface that is not stable is fairly challenging, especially for those who might not have great balance, to begin with.So if you would like to spend more time on your SUP than in the water, balance board training is a must! With the Indo Board, you can stimulate lat water conditions and ocean conditions. It’s the best way to learn how to paddle board for beginners and advance your skills.To get a realistic effect on dry land, you can use a paddle and practice strokes while you balance. This will emulate what it will be like to paddle through water when you are standing on a surface that is not stable.In fact, there are specific SUP training methods for the Indo Board.

All Levels: Pro Training Package

Indo Board Pro Training Balance Board
Pro Training Package.

For SUP training, the balance board that is most recommended is the Pro Training Package. This will give them the most variety of training options.You can start with basic stability and balance training if you are a beginner or for those that are more advanced, you can focus on core strength training.With the Pro Training Package, you can alternate between the Gigante’ cushion or the Pro Roller under your board do mimic different types of instability.

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Best Balance Boards for Wake SportsIf you are into wake sports like wakeskating, water-skiing, wake surfing or wakeboarding than you will be happy to know that Indo Board has balance training for both newbies and advanced skill levels.In fact many top professional are boarders and, wake surfers have said that an Indo Board is a perfect way to “warm up” before going out on the water and as a training tool to for stabilizing the legs and core.

Beginners/Intermediate: Indo Pro Training Package

Indo Board Pro Training Balance Board
Pro Training Package.

Advanced/Pro: Kicktail Pro

Balance Board For Wakesports
Kick Tail Pro Balance Training.

There are actually a couple models that Indo has designed but the Kicktail Pro is the model that is the most recommended for all wake sports advanced riders. This balance board has unique features like kick tails which make is awesome for practicing skateboard flipping tricks and ollies.

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Indo Balance Boards for Snowboarding and SkiersIndo Board has balance boards that are specifically created for snowboarding or ski training for beginners through advanced and pros. Not only will balance training help you strengthen your core and leg muscles but improving your balance has the added benefit of reducing your risk of injury on the slopes.Indo Boards are some of the best balance training devices available and have reportedly even been endorsed by the U.S. National Ski and Snowboard Team.Indo Board Balance Board will allow you the train indoors so you can improve your performance outdoors.

Beginners/Intermediate Snowboarders: Indo Pro Training Package

Indo Board Pro Training Balance Board
Pro Training Package.

Indo Pro Training Package Includes:Indo Board Deck (42”x15”) w/ Non-slip grip coat appliedRoller (8.5")Inflatable Cushion (24” Gigante’)Exercise PosterInstructional DVDAdvanced/Pro Snowboarders: Mini Pro

Indo Board Mini Pro Balance Board
Mini Pro Balance Trainer.

Mini Pro with RollerIndoFLO 24” Gigante CushionThe IndoBoard Mini Pro series was designed for snowboarders and are perfect for advanced snowboarders who want to practice tricks! With the Indo Board, Mini Pro snowboarders can practice tricks like grabs, air drops, spins, and many more!The Mini Pro lets you practice with easy spin transitional and you can experience a 360-degree range of motion that allows for rail to rail or toe to toe movement with the IndoFLO Gigante Cushion. If you already have the Indo Pro Training Package, the Gigante Cushion is included so you can just buy the Mini Pro Deck separately and you are good to go.

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Best Indo Balance Board for SkateboardingBeginners (Kids/Teens): Kicktail Pro Mini

Kicktail Mini Balance Board
Indo Board Kicktail Mini.

The Indo Kicktail Pro Mini is a great option if you are looking to improve your skateboarding skills since it chooses to the same size as a standard skateboard deck but it also has double kick tails for practicing flip tricks, ollies, and learning new kicking tricks right at home.Dimensions: 32”x8.75”Weight Limit: 140lbsAdvanced/ Over 140lbs: Kicktail Pro

Balance Board For Wakesports
Kick Tail Pro Balance Training.

If you are already know how to skateboard or you are over 140 rounds that the Kick Tail Pro is the board you will want to get. There are no stops at the end of the board so it is not the best option for beginners to learn on but its a great option for those looking to advance their skills.

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Indo Board for Advanced Balance Training: Rocker
Indo Rocker for advanced balance training, 180 and 360 spins.

If you are skilled at balance training and have mastered the Original Indo Board or a similar balance board then the next challenge is the Indo Rocker. The IndoRocker Training Package is the best option for advanced users.

Balance Board Training for Athletes

The Indo Board is a balance board that was designed with the purpose of allowing everyone to enjoy the benefits of balance board exercises. Indo Board came out with its first balance board in 1998 and it is still available today, known as the “Indo Board Original”. This board can be used by all skill levels and it is a fun way to improve your balance and strengthen your legs and core.Today they have are many different balance boards for a variety of skill levels and purposes. Whether you are just starting out with balance boards, a board sports enthusiast, or looking to simply level up your strength training, Indo has a balance board you are looking for!

Benefits of Balance TrainingBalance Boards are the best way to improve your balancing skills, strengthen your core, and get a full body workout. Do you want to know the best part? You can do all of this right in front of your TV.Balance Board training is something that has been around for a while but mostly just used by board sports athletes. Today, more and more people are discovering an amazing workout you can from balance boards.Balance boards challenge you mentally and physically. Balance board training can improve your:

  • Coordination
  • Reflexes
  • Balance
  • Reaction time
  • Increase core strength
  • Tone muscles
  • Prevent injuries
  • Improve overall athletic performance

Indo Balance Board for Endurance (Runners, Swimmers, Cyclers)As a runner, I know that running and strength training are the two workouts that we tend to focus on the most. Balance training is not something I used to think of as a part of my workout schedule. But it is actually extremely important that endurance athletes include balance training as it can strengthen your core, joints, and improve hip mobility.

Best Choice: The Indo Original Training Package

Original Foam Roller Package
Original Foam Roller System Indo Board Package.

This makes the Indo Board Balance Trainer the ideal tool to add to your training routine. It has been used for all types of endurance sports such as marathons, triathlons, and speed training.Using the Indo Balance Board is great for strengthening the joints in your hips, knees, ankles, and feet. Because of this, strengthen these points can reduce the risk of injuries. I run to do a lot of trail running and sometimes there are roots or rocks that you just can’t avoid. Having stronger joints will go a long way to preventing injuries.Building up core strength is also extremely important for all endurance athletes. Balance boards are an amazing core workout and with there are a variety of different exercises you can do on the balance board that will target different core muscles.

deas on how you can train your core on the Indo Board check out the Indo Board YouTube training videos

Indo Balance Board for Athletes in Team SportsAgility, speed, balance, and quick reaction time are needed in all sports. Indo Balance Boards have been used in training for football, soccer, hockey, baseball, and lots more. Balance board training is the perfect way to build up your core strength and improve agility and speed.Over the years, the Indo Board has been used in almost every team sports training. It can help you improve your performance too.

Top Pick: The Indo Original Training Package

Original Foam Roller Package
Original Foam Roller System Indo Board Package.

If you are new to balance training with a balance board the best start is with the Original Indo Board and everything that is included in the Original Training Package will allow you to increase the difficulty levels as you advance your balance skills.

Best Indo Board for Motorsport AthletesAthletes in motorsports all know that a strong core and balance is essential to great performance. The Indo Board has been widely used as a balance trainer for those in motorsports. There are three Indo Board packages that motorsport athletes can choose from:The Indo Original Training PackageThe Indo Rocker Training packageIndo Mini Pro Training packageAll three of these are great options because they have broad options for functional fitness training that will help all motorsport athletes strengthen the core and greatly improve their balance skills.

Indo Balance Board Reviews

Indo Board has been around for a long time and it's no surprise that the company has built such a strong reputation with the quality of their products. Indo Board is the brand that many professional athletes turn to for balance training but it is just as popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Indo Board balance boards all have nearly 5 out of 5-star rating on Amazon and it's difficult to find someone that did not have a positive experience. Some of the highlights from user reviews include:

  • Fun and enjoyable workout
  • Responsive customer service
  • Very sturdy and high quality
  • Easy to store and does not take up much room
  • Great for all ages and the whole family
  • Great core and leg workout

From the negative experiences  I could find, the main complaint was an injury. This is a product that you are using at your own risk. This is also why I recommend starting with the Original Package with Foam Kit. The foam kit will let you work your way up and build up your balance ability. If you jump right onto the full-size roller you without prior experience your risk of injury will increase.

Where to Buy Indo Board

You can buy any Indo Board product through I recommend buying directly from the manufacturer rather than a third party like Amazon. This way you can be confident you are receiving a high-quality product and when you buy from you have many more customization options.

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