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A Review on Knockaround Sunglasses and Coupon Code

I am always wearing sunglasses. Literally, always. There are a lot of health benefits of wearing them, but for me its mostly a comfort. My eyes are quite sensitive to the sunlight.I used to like to wear Maui Jims or other premium sunglasses, but I always found a way to end up losing them.Always.In fact, I just lost a pair I just bought a few weeks ago! I set them down at the beach, went for a swim and they were gone :(.And back in August I lost another pair.It wasn't really my fault. I am just not careful with them.Needless to say I don't buy expensive ones anymore since I can't keep them longer than a few months. And I am not able to treat them nicely either.This leads me to sunglasses by Knockaround.I was able to get my hands on a pair of these and holy crap! I am in love with them! They are awesome, easy to figure out what size you need but work amazingly well. And they are reasonable priced!

Knockaround Sunglasses Fit

One thing I was worried about when ordering a pair of the sunglasses from was that I have an odd face. I have always bought my sunglasses in person.However, I found the fitment chart they had awesome and I ordered ones that said they would fit me. When I got them I was pleased to find out they fit super well! Not bad!So ordering online was quick and easy and the chart they give you really helps to make sure the glasses will fit your head.

How They Look

This is super important to me, I want to look good while taking care of my eyes.I think, and my Husband thinks they look very good on me! And I think my Husband's looks great on him! I think the sunglasses look really nice. They definitely look a lot more expensive than they are!

How Much Do they Cost?

Knockaround makes a large variety of sunglasses. But the ones I got are $20 a pair and $25 for polarized!I believe that is a steal!For one, I am used to paying significantly more for the polarized version, but $5 bucks is nothing.I was really surprised how affordable the sunglasses were, and there are a ton of options!

Where is the Best Place to Buy Knockaround Sunglasses?

The best place to buy the sunglasses are directly from the company themselves. This is because scams have popped up a lot where you get other sites who end up scamming you. It's unfortunate but its something that seems to get getting more popular.Also by buying directly from the company you have the best customer support you can.

Knockaround Coupon/Promo Code

I was also able to get my readers their own coupon code for $5 off an order, this buying from the official site and using my special promo code is going to make these sunglasses very affordable and super stylish and, good for your eye health!

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