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In general, tea can be a great way to lose weight naturally and without harming the body.  I always advocate for natural weight loss. Kou Tea is one of the many weight loss/slimming teas out on the market. It can be hard deciding which one is the best choice for your goals. Here is an unbiased review of Kou Tea: what you can expect, how to drink it, and costs associated with it. Enjoy!


What is Kou Tea and Kou Tea Ingredients?

Kou Tea is a mix of four different herbal teas aimed at promoting weight loss, claiming up to 5 pounds of weight loss per week. However, this is dependent on the user, your life style, and health habits. Four teas included are as follows:

White Tea

  • This is the tea behind the delicious taste of Kou Tea. White tea can help you look younger and eliminates the toxins present in your bloodstream and cells.
  • White tea also has high antioxidant qualities. white tea helps restore fluid balance, contains some natural caffeine, has antibacterial properties, accelerates metabolism, lowers sugar intake & detoxes harmful substances!

Tea has incredible natural, weight loss and other health benefits.

Oolong Tea

  • Oolong tea has many great benefits. Oolong tea is very effective as an aid in weight management. Some of its many benefits include increased weight loss, oolong tea helps to lower cholesterol, can increase mental alertness, helps to improve digestion, helps your skin to stay healthy & strengthens the immune system.

Green Tea

  • Green tea is used in a lot of weight loss products because it has the ability to boost the fat burning in the body. The weight loss and health benefits are publicized in many research papers and studies. It contains antioxidants that can make you look more radiant and that help your body stay healthy. The antioxidants are also good in eliminating the free radicals in your body and can boost the metabolism.

Pu-erh Tea

  • Pu-erh Tea is an extremely highly valued tea in Chinese herbalism for its many awesome benefits. Pu-erh Tea helps to reduce bad cholesterol, detoxes the body, aids in digestion, aids in weight loss, reduces stress, helps sleep better & helps to fight illnesses by helping to boost the immune system. It does not have any side effects because it is 100% natural. Pu-erh tea also works to help increase blood circulation.

Read More About Ingredients Here

How it works and benefits of Kou Tea

You drink one cup of tea per day. You can pick when drinking will fit best in your day. Morning, just before meals, or evening. The real power behind Kou Tea is the synergistic blend of: White Tea, Oolong Tea, Green Tea and Pu-erh Tea. Their power is magnified when used together.

  • Weight Loss – with the combination of 4 powerful teas, Kou Tea can help you lose up to 5 pounds a week.
  • Improves Metabolism - tea ingredients in Kou Tea have been shown to boost metabolism.
  • Improves Energy - specifically Green Tea can boost energy
  • Stops Cravings - can stop craving to help the body lose weight
  • Removes free radicals - free radicals can contribute to health problems such as cancer and heart disease.

It is also packed with vitamins and minerals – Vitamins A, B1, C, E, K, P, Folic Acid, Coper, Potassium, magnesium, Calcium, amino acids and detoxifying alkaloids.

Price and Cost

This is a well known and trustworthy company so you can be confiendt your information and payment is secure. 1 box is equal to one month’s supply. If you buy more than one box you do get discounts. Here is a break out of price per cost and daily cost

1 Box $34.95 divided by 30 days​ = $1.17

2 Boxes $69.27 divided by 60 days = $1.16 per day

3 boxes plus 1 free $104.85 divided by ​= $0.87 per day (Best Value)

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Where to buy Kou Tea?

The best place to buy Kou Tea is directly from the manufacturer. Go to the official website to make any purchases. Sometimes you might see discounted Kou Tea products on third party selling websites but this is risky because you don't really know if you are buying the real product or if it's been tampered with. Since this is a product you will be consuming daily I would not risk your health by purchasing it anywhere other than the official Kou Tea supplier.

Pro's of drinking Kou Tea

  • All natural and better than taking questionable pills
  • Trusted and well known company
  • Great combination of teas for weight loss
  • No side effects - this is all natural so you should not expect any side effects
  • Great customer support
  • Discounts if you order in bulk
  • Easy to use

Cons and Kou Tea Side effects

  • Make sure you are not allergic to any ingredients before drinking
  • Make an effort to live healthier lifestyle (this product works but is not a miracle)
  • Not a replacment for healthier eating or exercise
  • No notable side effects associated with Kuo tea but it does contain small levels of caffeine so if you are sensitive to caffeine, keep this in mind.

Final Verdict - Does Kou Tea work?

Yes. If you have a healthy lifestyle (eating moderately healthy and physical activity). If you eat fast food a ton and sit on the couch all day I wouldn’t expect any miracles from this. These ingredients speak for themselves.

Another factor that I am impressed with is that there are obviously going to be positive reviews on the official product website. However, I've seen hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials on third party websites.

This is by far the best place to buy White Tea, Oolong Tea, Green Tea, and Pu-erh Tea on the market. I love the taste of the blend and can feel its power!

There are also many testimonials you can view on their website. I would highly recommend trying Kou Tea. You can get the best deal on the tea by buying directly from the official website website.

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Kou Tea Before and After Results

The overall consensus among girls who have tried Kou Tea are mostly positive and include weight loss. They have a few testimonials on the official website and around the web on other websites. Here are a couple that I found to be genuine people...

I’ve been using Koutea for about 3 weeks now and so far am very happy with the progress I’ve seen. I’ve noticed that I feel far better than I did before I was using this tea and have noticed my body looking leaner and more defined.

What I really like about the tea is the fact that it actually tastes good – so many of the other teas I tried that are designed to help weight loss tasted absolutely horrible, so this one has been actually enjoy able to use. I’ve been drinking four cups of tea daily and so far have lost 10 pounds total, which is more than I’ve lost on many other former diets that I used.

Veronica, USA

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the results that I’ve seen using Koutea. I’ve used the product for 6 weeks now and have lost 8 pounds total, so it’s a pretty good rate of weight loss for me. I did struggle at the very beginning to drink it multiple times per day, but now that I have a routine down for drinking it, it’s far easier to get the four cups daily.

Jessica, UK

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