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The Kumo Board Balance Board Review

Did you know that balance boards have been around since the 1950’s? I didn’t either! The Simply Fit Board was the first “balance” board that swept across the nation and brought attention to the benefits of balance boards.However, the wood and hard plastic that balance boards are typically made from make them intimidating and not something that is friendly to beginners, kids, and older adults. This is what the team behind Kumo Board set out to solve!If you are curious about balance boards are not sure how to get started then you have come to the right place. I was a newbie in the word of balance boards myself not too long ago and the Kumo Board was where I started!

In this review, I will walk you through everything you need to know about the Kumo Board, my own Kumo Board experience, helpful tips for beginners, and how you can get a 15% discount! Let's get started!

What is a Kumo Board?

The Kumo Board is an inflatable balance board that is soft and it not only works as well as traditional balance boards that are made from hard material, but it lowers the pressure in the board and on the roller making it much easier to learn on.The Kumo Board makes it easier for beginners to learn how to balance on a balance board. Because it is soft, it is kid-friendly and better for older adults. It’s been featured in popular sports media like SUP Magazine and in Gear Junkie.

History Behind The Project: Kumo Balance Board Kickstarter

The Kumo Board was an idea that originally launched on Kickstarter. Kickstarter projects that launch are one of my favorite things to review. Its inspiring following the work of people that are obviously so passionate about their product. The founders behind the Kumo Board, Jimmy Blakeney, and Dan Smith are no exception.Dan Smith is the engineer who first came up with the idea for an inflatable balance board. He owns and operates a stand-up paddleboard business in Florida. Jimmy is a former US National Champion paddler, and winner of “Gear of the Year” awards from Outside Magazine and the host of the most-viewed Stand Up Paddleboarding instructional serves on the web.After two years of perfecting the design, Jimmy Blakeney and Dan Smith received their patent and successfully launched the idea on Kickstarter. The name comes from the Japanese word for “cloud” which is Kumo. (Very clever name!)

Benefits of an Inflatable Balance Board

Wooden and plastic balance boards are hard to learn on, have no other uses other than standing and are not convenient for transporting and storage.

Is an Inflatable Balance Board Sturdy?

When I first heard of the idea of an “inflatable” balance board I was skeptical. After all, balance boards are supposed to be rigid and sturdy. The first image that comes to mind was the thought of trying to balance on an inflatable waterbed. When inflated to the recommended PSI, it is just as rigid and sturdy as the balance boards that are made of wood and plastic.The Kumo Board is made with drop-stitch PVC which is the same material inflatable standup paddleboards are made of. This makes the board firm and ultra durable. This material also gives you a firm grip on a variety of different surfaces (hardwood floors, tiles, carpeting, pavement, hard-packs sand, etc). This balance board is comfortable and the grippy EVA pad on top is good at preventing slipping.By using rugged high-pressure inflatable technology, when the Kumo Board is fully inflated, it works just as well as regular balance boards! In fact, I think it’s even better than typical balance boards!The inflatable Kumo Board is portable, adjustable to different skill levels and ages, for all ages, softer for indoor use but also rugged enough for outdoor use, and even waterproof.

Review of the Inflatable Kumo Board
Kumo Board is safe for indoor and outdoor use on smooth surfaces. Its made of very durable material, waterproof and great quality!

Kumo Balance Board Features

Portable - The Kumo Board, Roller, and Cushion can be deflated for easy storage and transport. The compact size makes it easy to travel with or take it with you when you are on the move. All three pieces can be rolled up and secured with a velcro strap that also converts into a built-in carry handle.

Adjustable - Standard balance boards that are made out of hard material are very difficult for beginners, kids, and older adults to learn on. Both the Kumo Board and Roller are inflatable with a standard bike pump or electric air pump. This allows it to be customized for any skill level or rider size by increasing or decreasing the amount of air inside the board. The valve cap features a built-in deflator for easy and quick deflation.

Front/Back AND Heel/Toe balance - Because you can adjust the level of inflation when the board is partially inflated you will also get a heel/toe balance workout. This gives you balance experience has greater similarity to real board sports. Wooden and plastic balance boards only let you practice front to back movement and they must be kept in constant motion. The perk of an inflatable balance board is that it lets you practice static balance so you can hold poses rather than having to be in constant motion.

Versatile - With the Kumo Board, you only need one board! The typical balance board is made with just one setting and for one purpose. Often they are for expert users which makes it very difficult for beginners to master. While the Kumo Board is just as sturdy as regular balance boards, it provides you with many customizable options making it great for any age and skill level.

Durable & Waterproof - You can take this board to the beach, lake, ocean or pool! It can even be used as a kickboard or boogie board. This balance board works on any smooth surface both indoors and out.

How to Get Started Using the Kumo Board?

The Kumo Board can be inflated with a standard bike pump or electric pump that would work on a bike. Air compressors are also an option and will inflate the board quickly.I strongly believe that the Kumo Board is the best balance board for beginners! The Kumo Board has a variety of settings and the difficulty of each setting can be increased or decreased depending on how much air you put in.There are 4 different levels that make this board great for any age and skill level.

Level 1: Built-in rockerThe Kumo Board has a rocker built in. When you fully inflate it, you will see that the board curves from end to end. As soon as you step on it provides a user-friendly workout. The Kumo Board itself can be used as a standing desk cushion. And it also has physical therapy applications. If this is your first time on a balance board, start out with the board completely inflated and as you get more comfortable, reducing the amount of air will increase the balance challenge.

Level 2: Adjustable Air cushionAfter you have mastered the Kumo balance board on its own, you are ready for the next challenge. Add the round Kumo cushion underneath and in the center of the board. I highly recommend practicing with the round air cushion underneath the board before attempting the roller. The air cushion is user-friendly and will give you a great balance workout without the risk of the board being unexpectedly swept from under you. Want a greater challenge? Increase the air pressure in the cushion.

Level 3: Roller + Upside Down boardThe Kumo Board is the ONLY balance board on the market that allows you to lower the inflation of both the board AND the roller. This is an amazing feature for those that are starting out as beginners. When I moved from the Kumo Air Cushion to the Roller, I did not inflate the roller to full capacity. This allowed me to "sink" into the roller as I balanced which gave me more stability. As you practice and get better, start adding more air to the roller to increase your balance skill.PRO TIP: When you are first starting out balancing the board on the roller, place the board on the roller upside-down. This greatly reduced the chances of the board slipping out from under you.

Level 4: High-Pressure Board and RollerThe ultimate challenge is fully inflating the roller and the board. This should only be attempted after you have mastered the other levels and settings. When the board and roller are fully inflated they are as rigid and high performance as traditional balance boards that are made from wood and plastic.In the video below you can watch a demonstration of the different levels and setting and how to get started practicing on the balance board.

Video: How to Use the Kumo Board

You can view the other videos on different ways to use the Kumo Board on the Kumo Board website or the Kumo Board YourTube Channel.

Who Should Use the Kumo Board?

I’m not kidding when I say this inflatable balance board is for virtually any age or skill level. With all the different levels and combinations of inflation, you can customize the Kumo Board to fit your skill level.The Kumo Board doesn’t have to be used solely for the purpose of a balance board either. It can be used for:

  • Yoga
  • Physical therapy
  • Boardsports training
  • Massage roller
  • Standing desk cushion.

It can be used as a fitness accessory for a variety of works from building core strength to balance and agility.(They even created a YouTube video outlining dozens of exercises including squats, presses, planks, plyometrics, and weighted ball exercises. Additionally, it can be used as a yoga block, a physical therapy tool, a standing desk cushion, a boogie board, a pool toy, and a massage roller.)

Indoor and Outdoor Use - The soft and inflatable feature of the Kumo board makes it safe to use indoors as it reduces the risk of dings and damage to furniture. But its also for outdoor use. The durable material allows you to use the board on any smooth surface.

Kumo Board Weight Limit - The Kumo Board has been successfully tested with people up to 260lbs without compromising performance. The board will start to bend at above 300lbs. This doesn’t change the functionality of the board but it does reduce the top end speed/performance.

Is the Kumo Board a safe balance board for kids?

Yes! The way that the Kumo Board lets you progress into mastering makes it safer to use and lowers the risk of injury.I think that this is a great way to keep kids active and engaged in a fun activity that also gives them a workout. I love that the soft material makes it safe to use indoors since it won’t dent or ding walls and furniture.This is one of the few activities that kids can do to stay active without going outside. If you live in the side west you know first had how harsh winter can get, and it’s difficult to get exercise when you go outside and the air hurts your face!What makes the Kumo Board even more appealing to kids and all video game lovers is that it is compatible with tilt-based cell phone apps. You simply place your phone in the middle of the board and sync it with your big screen TV.

Best Place to Buy The Kumo Board, Price, and Discounts

As with anything these days you can purchase the Kumo Board Set on Amazon but I recommend purchasing it from the official Kumo Board Website. Through the Kumo Board website, you have a variety of buying options. You can get the Kumo Board complete set or each component individually. Here are the different sets you can buy and whats included:Kumo Board Complete Set ($165.95):Kumo BoardKumo RollerRover CoverKumo Cushion DeflatorCompression Strap (1)User ManualI recommend buying the Kumo Board Complete Set (this is what I started with) if you are a beginner with the goal of working your way up to master balancing. This set includes the Kumo Disc that is a HUGE help before moving on to balance on the Roller itself.If you are not new to balancing and your goal is boardsports training than the Performance BoardSport Training Set is the best option:Performance BoardSport Training ($149.95):Kumo BoardKumo RollerRover CoverCompression Strap (1)User ManualThe Kumo Board functions great for home fitness, physical therapy and as a standing desk cushion. For those purposes, you can buy just he Kumo Board ($119.95) or the Kumo Board + Disc ($129.95).Please note that the inflation pump is sold separately (PRICE) but any bike of car tire pump can be used to inflate the Kumo Board and accessories. I ordered mine off of Amazon, they have a number of small portable air pump options.

Kumo Board Promo and Discounts

A big reason I recommend buying the Kumo Board from the official website is that this is where you will typically find the best deal. If they running promotions the official website is where it will be offered.As a special thanks to all my readers, I have a promo code just for you! You can get 15% OFF your order with the Promo Code: JUNKIEBLOG

The Kumo Board Reviews

All the reviews I’ve come across from other people that have used this inflatable balance board have been extremely positive! At the time of this review, it has a rating of 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon and 5-star reviews on the product website. Here are a few highlights that people have liked about the product:- Great core strength and balance workout- Fun and safe for the whole family and kids- Great balance board for beginners- Easy storage, and great for travelThe feature that people seem to like the best is that you can change the air pressure in the board or roller lets you customize the difficulty for the individual user.

My Experience With The Kumo Board

Before the Kumo Board, I had never been on a balance board. I found the ability to slowly increase the balance difficulty very helpful! The first day I used it I primarily practiced on the Roller (partially inflated) with the board upside down.I found the Air Cushion to be more challenging than the partially inflated roller. This was because I had the air cushion inflated too much, to begin with.  I feel like both the Roller and Air Cushion give you different degrees of balance training.I absolutely love using this balance board. Who knew that balance board training could be this fun!! I keep mine inflated, I often hope on throughout the day.I have a stand-up paddleboard and I want to get into surfing so having the Kumo Board to practice balancing is awesome! The more time I spend balance training on the Kumo Board, the less time I spend in the water when paddleboarding!

Here is my Kumo Board on the beach - follow me on Instagram @thefitnessjunkieblog where I will add pictures of my balance skills as they improve!

Since it's so portable and light I like to take it outdoors and especially to the beach. It's a fun activity when we are outside the water and I have even used it as a seat cushion.

Pros & Cons


Change the air pressure to adjust difficulty

Very light and portable, easy to travel with

Best balance board for beginners


Inflation pump sold separately

Shipping is not included in the price, it is an additional cost


Out of all the balance boards available, I think the Kumo Board is the best deal in terms of all the features it offers and the price. The price of the Kumo Board is cheaper than many of the hard wooden balance boards that only have one function and are not adjustable.Especially if you are a beginner, the Kumo Board is hands down the best option. I love how versatile is it and they don’t compromise on the durability or quality.

would love to know what you guys think! So get your Kumo Board, try it out yourself, and let me know how you like it!


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