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My number 1 tip: keep a bottle with you at your desk, car, or bag. You’ll drink more if you have easy access to it.

​How to choose the right water bottle and why it's important?

Things to keep in mind when choosing a new water bottle:

  • Choose high- quality, durable materials
  • Make sure it wont leak
  • Get something easy to use
  • Does it carry enough water?
  • It is the right size/weight/fit?
  • Taste? Taste of water can change depending on the material of the vessel.

Choosing the right water bottle is extremely important to your health. Many bottles are lined with potentially harmful liners. Many plastic bottles leech the plastic chemicals into your drink - especially when warm or with acidic drinks. Such as lemonade.

Liberty Bottleworks Takes Your Health Seriously.

Keeping these questions in mind there is a brief, fact based review of the water bottles Liberty Bottleworks has to offer:

​About Liberty Bottleworks

This is a honest, trustworthy company that is very environmentally focused (using recycled materials) and the only aluminum bottle being made right here in the USA.

Liberty Bottleworks Logo

On their website they say: “We promote people, not profit; we protect the environment, not harm it; we make high quality, long lasting, artistically enhanced bottles we all can be proud of. With Liberty, life is better.”


Are Liberty Bottles durable? Will it leak? Are the materials safe?

Liberty Bottleworks bottle are from deep-drawn recycled aluminum, coated with food-grade material. The coating is flexible, which means it does not chip if the bottle gets dented. Liberty Bottleworks uses Digital Cylindrical Printing, which puts the finish on accurately and consistently.

The powder in the finish is BPA-free and they bake using energy-saving IR light ovens.They do use solid, high quality materials. I’ve dropped mine many time in the house or when I’m out hiking and have not had any dents.

Bottles are made with recycled materials and are entirely recyclable. They continue to develop new processes in design and fabrication to make the products last longer and leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Whether it is bottles made from recycled aluminum cans or the bottle caps made from recycled milk jugs, they leave no stone unturned in search of new recycled content technology. Liberty bottles will not leak.

Liberty Bottleworks Bottle Example

Many water bottles contribute to non profit organizations. TAP works to educate travels on the harmful effects of plactic bottles.

"BPA FREE POWDER Both our internal and external powder are BPA free. They do not contain any epoxy or resin compounds. Safer for you and the environment."

​Is it easy to use and style? Right size/fit/weight?

Yes. These are as simple as you can get, which is great. I want to take a drink of water, not complete a rubix cube while trying to open a water bottle.

There are three different options for the tops: Standard (twist off) , sport (straw that flips up) and Navi Cap. (like standard twist off but with with a built in compass).

Liberty Bottleworks Cap Types

You can also customize your size, color, design and even create your own!They have many different colors, designs, and styles to chose from including bottles for kids, seasonal, artistic among other categories. For full options visit the official website here.

Liberty Bottleworks Bottle Colors

Choose sizes between 16oz, 24oz, or 32oz. Made of light weight aluminum so it’s not heavy like a steel or glass bottle. Very portable and travel friendly.

Benefits or “Pros” of Liberty Water Bottles

  • Flexible food grade coating insures no chips or bacteria build up
  • Simple cap and easy to drink from
  • Wide opening for easy clean up and ice cubes
  • Exceeds FDA requirements, non toxins, BPA free
  • Digitally printed art gives the graphics on the bottle a 3D feel
  • Aluminum for less dents, greater durability
  • Customizable- upload your own design or image

Cons I can think of for Liberty Bottles:

  • You'll have a hard time picking out the design
  • Recommended Hand wash only. Not fully dishwasher safe.

Are Liberty Bottleworks Bottles Dishwasher safe?

I would not recommend running these bottles through the dishwasher. Washing instructions that the manufacturer recommends is to hand wash with a little  soap. Your bottle will last longer. If you want to risk it you can run the bottle and cap through the dishwasher, it won't destroy it but over time it will take a toll on the bottle. The insert in of the bottles states that dishwasher soap is generally a lot harsher and therefore they recommend hand wash only.

Where can I get replacement caps and Sport Caps?

If you want a different cap than you originally ordered or if you want a new style you can get replacement caps and sport cap then you can find them here. They have all kinds of replacement sports caps, standard caps, and Navi-caps.

Liberty Bottleworks promo and coupon codes?

Here are a few promo codes that are active as of October 2016:

  • ​Free Shipping use coupon code HolidayShip
  • For 30% off your order, use the promo code 4Dad during checkout
  • Get $6 off your purchase, use promo code LIBERTY100 during checkout

Hopefully these discount will save you a little bit of money. As we find more promo codes, we will add them to this review.

Final Thoughts:

This company and the bottles they produced really impressed me. I love the company’s philosophy and they have the perfect bottle for what ever your needs are. As a avid water drinker, I am proud to say I finally found the perfect water bottle and will only buy these from now on.

If you are in the market for a quality, functional water bottle, look no further and customize your perfect water bottle on their website. The manufactures website is where you’ll get the best deal. Click the link below to visit Liberty Bottle works official website:

>>>>>>>>Click Here to Visit the Official Website ​<<<<<<<<<<<

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