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LYFEfuel Daily Essentials Shake Review

Eating a well-balanced diet filled with nutritious whole foods is important. Getting everything you need can be tricky, especially if you have a busy day ahead. Supplemental nutrition is the perfect way to fill in the gaps and get the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients daily. 

However, with so many supplemental products, powdered drinks, pre-mixed shakes, and protein bars available, it can be hard to decide which options are best for you. For that reason, I have created this helpful review that goes over the ins and outs of one top-rated supplemental shake product: the LYFEfuel Daily Essentials Shake.

If you have been looking for an effective way to supplement your nutrition, LYFEfuel Daily Essentials is a great place to start.

This clean, whole ingredient solution can help you keep your energy up and refuel your body. LYFEfuel shakes are formulated with the perfect balance of nutrients no matter how busy your day is. 

My review of the LYEfuel daily essential shakes :) 

Here, I will review LYFEfuel Daily Essentials Shakes so you can decide whether this is the perfect supplement solution for your life. 

About LYFEfuel Daily Essentials Shakes

LYFEfuel Daily Essentials Shakes are meal replacement products with nutritious, whole ingredients.

The shakes come in a powdered format, which gives you more bang for your buck.

Mix the powder into a drinkable shake to promote a healthier lifestyle, control your appetite and get the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed to nourish your body. 

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LYFEfuel Daily Essentials Key Ingredients and Servings

LYFEfuel shakes have numerous ingredients made using whole foods or natural products. These shakes contain minimal fillers and no gums. Each scoop of LYFEfuel powder is rich with nutrients to keep you through the day.

A container has 24 servings, at just 110 calories per serving. Per scoop, there are also only 6g of carbohydrates with 1g of fiber and 3g of natural sugars. The total fat content is 2g as well. 

Vitamins and Minerals 

Vitamins and minerals include vitamin A, C, D, E, K, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12, biotin, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, magnesium, chromium, and potassium. 

Selenium is a particularly important nutrient to have in your body.

With antioxidant and cancer-fighting properties, selenium usually comes from Brazil nuts.

LYFEfuel shakes have 35 micrograms of selenium.

One scoop of LYFEfuel also contains up to 83% of your daily vitamin A, 153% of your daily vitamin E, 111% of your daily copper, and 85% of your daily folic acid. 


Life fuel shakes also have plenty of fiber. This is important for digestion and immune health.

Fiber can also help you regulate your metabolism and reduce water weight. Moreover, these shakes are jam-packed with nutrients for natural goodness that you will be able to feel all day. 

Antioxidant Fruits 

LYFEfuel shakes are also formulated with a variety of antioxidant-rich natural fruits.

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These include wild blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, grape seed extract, prune, pomegranate, grapefruit, and tart cherry.

Additionally, the vitamins and nutrients in this shake powder are sourced from natural ingredients like cabbage, kale, broccoli, parsley, kelp, oat grass, and alfalfa sprouts. 

Plenty of Protein

Apart from the fact that these shakes are rich in vitamins and minerals, they are also rich in protein.

You will get yellow pea protein, wheatgrass protein, sprouted brown rice powder protein, and oat grass protein.

Moreover, every scoop of powder has other superfood ingredients.

Superfood ingredients include raw cacao, cinnamon, flaxseed, vanilla bean, and sea salt, to name a few. 

Naturally Sweetened and Free of Gums and Fillers

These shakes are also naturally sweetened.

Each Shake uses organic coconut sugar and Stevia leaf extract for sweetness.

This creates a pure and natural flavor you can taste in every sip. Natural sweeteners are one of the main reasons that LYFEfuel shakes are so popular. 

Many other shakes on the market have similar nutrients but aren't sweetened naturally.

Moreover, LYFEfuel shakes are free of fillers and gums as opposed to other products loaded with fillers or unnatural thickeners. 

Advantages of LYFEfuel Daily Essentials Shakes

LYFEfuel Daily Essential shakes have many advantages.

From being completely natural to offering various weight loss benefits, these shakes are perfect for people looking to lead a healthier lifestyle.

The shakes taste great, are easy to make, and come formulated with impressive antioxidants and superfoods. 

Chocolate flavor!

100% Natural Ingredients

Although various food products are labeled in a way that suggests they use only all-natural ingredients, an array of these items still contain multiple ingredients that are not regularly found in nature.

However, Daily Essential Shakes are genuinely all-natural. 

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You can find every single ingredient of LYFEfuel Daily Essentials shakes in nature!

So, if you have been seeking an all-natural meal replacement shake that won't let you down or mislead you, LYFEfuel Daily Essentials Shakes are a good choice. 

Great for Weight Loss

Apart from the fact that these tasty shakes are loaded with nutrients and all-natural ingredients, they may also help you lose weight.

Two food ingredients aiding weight loss are sprouted brown rice powder and Chlorella.

Stevia and selenium may also aid in weight loss. With plenty of protein, you will stay full and have a less ravenous appetite. 

So, if you have been looking for a natural meal replacement shake that can help you lose weight, this is a good choice.

When you drink these shakes as part of your daily health routine, it is easier to lose weight. 

That's not to say you can skip exercise or expect this Shake to help you lose weight on its own magically.

However, these shakes have weight loss properties with a healthy lifestyle, diet, exercise, and proper hydration. 

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Nutritious Low-Calorie Solution

If you are counting calories, these shakes are seriously helpful. Every scoop of LYFEfuel Daily Essentials powder only has about 100 calories (110 to be exact).

Despite containing only 100 calories, give or take, LYFEfuel shakes are jam-packed with minerals, vitamins, and essential nutrients.

So, you get the most out of every scoop without going over your calorie count. 

Downright Tasty

Meal replacement shakes can be hit-or-miss when it comes to flavor.

Some meal replacement shakes have a chalky taste, while others are bitter and will make you wish you tried something else. Luckily, LYFEfuel Shakes have good customer ratings in terms of flavor.

These shakes are known to have a satisfying, creamy taste. This is especially true if you mix scoops of LYFEfuel powder with milk or blend a scoop of ice, yogurt, or fruit in. 

Vanilla chai flavor!

You can choose from two tasty LYFEfuel Essentials shake flavors.

The most popular is probably LYFEfuel Chocolate. However, the LYFEfuel Vanilla Chai flavor is also really delicious.

These flavors go well with a range of fruit ingredients, coconut milk, whole milk, almond milk, yogurt, peanut butter, or whatever else you want to mix in. Between the two flavors Vanilla Chai is my personal favorite but it is a hard choice!

LYFEfuel Daily Essentials Shakes: Final Thoughts

All in all, LYFEfuel Daily Essentials Shakes are formulated with all-natural ingredients, loaded with antioxidants, and jam-packed with vitamins and minerals.

Each Shake has lots of fiber and protein. This shake mixing powder is also low in calories, carbohydrates, and fats. 

With a creamy, delicately sweet profile, LYFEfuel shakes taste good and come in two flavors: Vanilla Chai and Chocolate.

These shakes have excellent customer ratings and are perfect for getting better nutrition, losing weight, or staying fueled throughout your busy day. 

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