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My in-depth review of Microlayer sleep and performance patches

What is a Microlayer patch? 

There are so many things in the world that can stress you out, causing you to deplete your physical and mental performance alike. However, when you’re constantly feeling tired, the sleep that you get each night can be the reason. That’s why the Microlayer patches are so helpful and practical. 

If you want to get the most energy possible in the daytime, you need to sleep better at night. 

Microlayer says that it has only one motive - the wellness of its customers.

The makers only want you to be ready for anything that would need you to excel during day or night. They offer different patches, helping users choose to have more energy in the day or better sleep each night. 

They only use the best ingredients, and they are all backed by science with the best safety and efficiency marks. Microlayer also boasts that their patches are made using natural ingredients like minerals, herbs, and other plant-based resources.

The microlayer patches stick to your skin easily, allowing you to just focus on your wellness, sleep, performance, and relaxation. Their patches are efficient and have been designed for 24-hour use. However, they are not meant to be worn quite this long - Microlayer recommends that the patches be used only for 8 to 12 hours. 

If you want to determine if this product is right for your energy needs, all you have to do now is to read further to find out all about the product in the following Microlayer patches review!


  • Natural ingredients
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • easy to use


  • Sometimes when you peal it off it can leave a sticky outline that will need some washing to remove

How does it work? 

Whenever you put something new on your body, you want to know if the product is safe. You might be concerned about the natural ingredients or the appropriate directions for use.

The Microlayer sleep patches and Microlayer performance patches might sound complicated, but they are actually very simple. Here are a few questions that you might want to know more about to better understand the Microlayer patches. 

Here are the answers to some of the initial questions I had when trying these for the very first time:

How long can the patches be worn?

The Microlayer patches are efficiently designed for 24-hour use, but they should be worn just for a fraction of the time. They can safely be applied for 8-12 hours. No one should attempt to keep their energy up for a full day, and no one should use the sleep patches to rest for that same amount of time.

That being said, they can be worn back-to-back. 

Are the ingredients natural?

Absolutely! Microlayer explains that it uses all-natural ingredients in its products, making it much safer than products that use hormones. The ingredients include herbs, minerals, and other botanicals. 

Do you need medical approval to use the patches?

Microlayer patches are known to be made of natural ingredients. However, it is always safe to speak to your doctor before using anything on your body. So, Microlayer also recommends that medical experts be consulted before using the patches.

How many Microlayer patches can be used at a time?

The company suggests that only one Microlayer patch should be used on your body at once. However, they can be alternated. If the patch is not strong enough, speak with a doctor to learn more. 

Do these patches expire?

Every patch has a long shelf life, and it is labeled to show the latest that the patches can be used. 

Where do you apply these patches?

Microlayer patches are to be applied on lean and predominantly hairless areas of your body. They are safe to apply to the hip area, biceps, triceps, stomach, below the stomach, calves, and back. Excess hair may need to be removed before application. 

Can you use these patches during pregnancy?

There is not enough research to support the use of the patches during pregnancy. 

 Are the patches vegan?

 Both patches are non-GMO and vegan.

Why would someone need the patches?

The purpose of these patches is to relax you and help you sleep better, helping substantially with performance and energy needs. If you are someone who deals with sleep issues, Microlayer’s sleep patches are for you. 

On the other hand, the performance patches help anyone that struggles to maintain their energy and stamina through the day, giving them a boost without any unwanted chemicals absorbing into the body. 

However, these patches cannot and do not serve as a cure to any underlying problems.

Where can I get Microlayer patches?

You can purchase Microlayer patches by visiting

This is the official retailer website so you can be confident your information is secure and that you are getting the real product, not a knock-off.

Price is $49.00 for 28 patches.


There are a few alternatives that are patches. A alternative sleep patch is Klova available on Amazon. The amazon reviews for Klova are only 3.5 stars as for this article.

An alternative energy patch you can get on Amazon is a Vitamin B-12 patch from Veru Wellness. The Veru Wellness patch is only $15 for a 60 day supply but it seems kinda questionable considering the super cheap price and the overdoes warning instructions to contact poison control 😬

I have personally not tried either of those, but thought I should mention them in cause someone was interested in comparing Mircolayer to alternatives.

Reviews and testimonials 

Both the Microlayer sleep patches and the Microlayer performance patches have a 4-star rating (out of 5 stars), showing the satisfaction that customers generally have for them.

Users have suggested that they fell asleep way faster with the patches on and that they woke up highly energized the next day. 

Other customers praised the patches for helping them to reach their full potential and relax every day.

My Experience

I love how easy it is to use Microlayer patches. They are all natural and easy to take with me when I travel.
I notice a increase in energy ever time I use the Microlayer Energy patch.
One thing to note in that you should remove the energy pathc 4-6 hours before you go to bed.

I am a little forgetful.. I placed a energy patch on my rib area under my shirt and totally forgot about it untilI started to change into my PJs 😅


Overall, Microlayer patches is a good match for anyone that wants to manage to improve sleep and performance at any time. They are made up of natural ingredients and can stay on for a long time. Each of these patches comes with a long shelf life, and they are even non-GMO and vegan - which is another plus point for this product. If you’re ready to see their power, check them out today!

Price: $49.00
Where to Buy: Microlayer
Discount Available:
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Microlayer.

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